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paloma hangs with allstar weekend

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by Paloma

Paloma and Xanat stopped at the small water fountain, making sure their water bottles were filled. "Alright. Let's start hiking." Paloma said, starting up the trail. It was only a few minutes into the hike when Paloma starting groaning.

"Tired already, Palomita?" Xanat laughed.

"Don't judge me, I have asthma." Paloma said.

"Excuses, excuses…" Xanat smirked.

Eventually they reached flat ground and were walking and talking normally. Paloma was taking pictures with her camera when she stopped, listening to her surroundings.

"What? What is it?" Xanat asked.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Paloma screamed, flailing her arms and running far down the road.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" Xanat yelled, running after Paloma.

"THERE WAS A SNAKE. IT WAS RATTLING, YO." Paloma said, completely fine now.

"Oh, okay."

"Here! Take a photo of me!" Xanat said, handing Paloma her camera and running inside of a creepy looking shed.

Paloma snapped a picture and looked at the tiny screen to see how it turned out.

"Well that's weird." Paloma said, scrunching her face up.

"What?" Xanat asked.

"I took the photo and I wasn't covering the lens but it came out all black…"

"Just take it again." Xanat said, posing.

"We should go." Paloma said, peeking at the picture and walking away quickly.

"What's wrong?" Xanat asked, catching up with Paloma.

"The picture. It's blank again." Paloma said, giving the camera to Xanat.

"That's a little creepy." Xanat said, stuffing the camera in her bag.

"Come on, let's hurry up to the beach."

Paloma and Xanat immediately tossed their shoes off and ran into the sand.

"Xanat. Allstar Weekend. My Chemical Romance. They're over there." she said, smiling a huge smile. Xanat ran towards MCR and Paloma walked over to ASW. Be cool. Paloma thought.

"Hey, it's the chick from the boat." Nathan said, waving at Paloma.

"Hey babygirl." Michael smirked.

"Sup, Paloma." Cameron laughed.

"Uh, Hi. Enjoying the beach?" Paloma smiled, inching her way into the water.

"Yes! But it's kind of cold." Nathan said, his dreads flowing in the wind.

The small talk continued and the time passed. Eventually the groups made their way to the sand.

"We're gonna hang out over there. See ya!" Cameron said, walking with the band and MCR to the other side of the beach. Xanat and Paloma went farther up the sand to sun-tan.

"This is like, a dream come true." Xanat smiled, watching Gerard.

"This is a once in a life-time thing." Paloma replied, slipping her sunglasses on. All of a sudden another group came to the beach. She recognized them as the people that were on the yacht. There was a group of three boys and a girl. The girl was glued to one of the guys side, obviously feeling awkward. She looked around as ASW came up to them and started talking. Suddenly, the girl walked this way. She introduced herself and asked them to join a volleyball game. Paloma shrugged and walked with her, Xanat following.

"You're all dead. I'm boss at volleyball." Paloma laughed. They divided into teams: MCR & the Girls and VIN & ASW.

"Good, because I kind of suck." Kennedy shrugged.

The volleyball game continued and the girls were winning. But barely. Eventually everyone got tired of playing and went to hang out in the water and on the beach. The girls went into the water and talked more about themselves.

"It's really nice to meet you, Kennedy." Paloma smiled.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll all be great friends." Xanat said.

"Well, if we see each other again after this." Kennedy said.

"Guys, we may or may not be making an illegal bonfire later tonight. You in?" one of the guys from Vegas is North asked.

Paloma and the rest of the girls looked around, shrugging.

"Sure." they all said. Bonfire. Should be fun.
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