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Bob's here, Yay!

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This chapter's a bit of a filler, but I needed to include this to make the next part of the story make sense.

Gerard's POV

The rest of the school week flew by, probably due to me being with Frank. Time just passed when I was with him - as cheesy as that sounds. Bob hadn't been to school all week, although we'd invited him to come to our first official 'band practise.'

I sat in my living room with Frank sitting on my lap. Ray was in the kitchen making the three of us coffee, whilst Mikey was out choosing the movie for later. He'd already been out an hour, although, no doubt he'll be lurking in the comic book store.

Knock, knock.

Frank's POV

Knock, knock.

That must be Bob. I was meeting him for the first time today, and truthfully, I was pretty worried in case he doesn't like me. What would happen if we didn't get along? Would Gerard still want to be my boyfriend? And would Mikey and Ray still want me to hang out with them? I didn't want them to have to choose between Bob, there friend for many years, and me, someone they'd literally just met. And would they not want me in the band either? They already have Ray, so why would they need another guitarist?Especially if I didn't get on with the drummer.

Moments later, Ray walked into the room, coffees in hand, followed by whom I assumed was Bob. He was taller than me, probably the same height as Ray minus the 'fro. He had short blonde hair pushed to one side, and piercing blue eyes. He also had a lip ring like me.

"Hey, I'm Frank." I said nervously, holding out my hand for him to shake. He didn't take my hand, instead he pulled me in to giant bear hug.

"Bob." He said excitedly. "It's great to finally meet the face behind the gossip."

"Hey Bob, hands off he's all mine." Gerard said. I blushed.

Hands off he's mine.

I liked the sound of that, it made me feel special that Gerard wanted me.

Bob chuckled and let me out of the hug.

"Yeah, Ray told me that you had a boyfriend" He said happily. Gerard smiled at him. Bob turned to me.

"So, how'd you turn Gerard?" He asked.

", I..." I stuttered. Bob laughed.

"I've been throwing hints at Gerard ever since I met him. Imean just look at him! The sexy devil - you're not too bad looking yourself. How 'bout you ditch the vampire and hook up with me?"

I felt myself going bright red. Gerard and Ray were holding back laughs, yet Bob looked deadly serious.

"Errm... it's not...errm... Gerard's my..." I didn't really know what I was trying to say. Bob suddenly burst out laughing.

"I'm just fucking with you dude. Straight as a pole me -well a straight pole. Not that you get many bent poles but whatever!" He laughed. "Besides, I'm happy for the both of you; Gerard's been a miserable sod for ages."

"Hey!" Gerard whined, throwing a cushion at Bob playfully.

The front door suddenly flew open as Mikey ran into the house.

"Looks like he stopped off at the coffee shop on his way back." Ray joked.

"Guys! Oh, hey... Bob!" Mikey said, extremely out of breath."Anyway, I have... the best name... for the band..." He managed.

"What is it?" We all asked in unison.

"Before I tell you, do you all promise to put one hundred and fifty percent into this band? I don't want a name as awesome as this going to waste."

"Mikey! We promise okay. Now tell us the goddamn name!" Bob shouted impatiently.

"Okay, sheesh, keep your wig on." Mikey said. "Well I was in the comic book store and I saw this book. I just happened to glance at the blurb and the words 'Chemical' and 'Romance' caught my eye. So I was thinking about it the whole way home. But I don't think calling our band 'Chemical Romances' is quite right. It seems to be missing a little something."

"Yeah I know what you mean." Gerard said. "Chemical Romance can relate to anything, like drug addiction, alcoholism, things like that. We could save lives with this band. I can already see the kids now." He held his hands in front of his face, as if he was conjuring up some sort of spell. "I can see us all on stage, the kids with their banners saying we saved their lives. Could you imagine being approached by a fan saying 'Your band saved my life.'"

"My." I said suddenly. "My Chemical Romance."

I didn't know where that came from but I looked up to see four pairs of eyes staring at me.

"It's perfect!" Mikey shouted.

"So," Ray began. "Are we going to start this 'Band Practise?'?"

"No Ray, we're just going to sit here all night and magically become great musicians" Mikey said sarcastically.

"Okay, so... What song do you wanna practise first?"

Gerard's POV

We'd been rehearsing for about two hours now, and we did sound pretty good. I had a really strong feeling about this band; I was really excited.

Knock, knock!

"Oi! Turn that fucking music down! My kids are trying to sleep next door!"

Knock, knock!

"Gerard, I think there is someone at the door." Mikey said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Way to state the obvious Mikey." I said. Bob started laughing; we all looked at him questionably.

"You said Way/, Mikey /Way." He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I got up and walked to the door, Mikey, Frank, Bob and Ray trailing behind me. My neighbour, Mrs Darcy, was standing on my doorstep in her night dress.

"Do you realise the time?" I have two children next door who can't get to sleep because of the racket you're making in there!" She yelled.

"Look, I'm sor-" I started.

"Look lady" Bob began. "It's Friday night and it's not even ten yet. All we were doing was trying to make music so we can make a difference in this goddamn world. As for your children, just them 'em to thank us when they see us next. Goodnight." With that he slammed the door in her face. Istood there, completely gobsmacked.

"Dude!" Ray said. "That was awesome! Where'd that come from?"

Bob shrugged, and we all walked back to the living room.

"Shall we put the film on now?" I asked

"Yeah!" Mikey yelled. "I brought the best film today."

"Spongebob?" Bob asked.

"Nope." Mike said, popping the 'p.'

"Well that means it's gotta be Mr Bean."

"Bob, now you're just being stupid. It's 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show!'"

I sat down on the couch with Frank on my lap and pulled ablanket over the two of us. I actually loved this film; I dressed up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for Halloween last year.

"You're my Frank-N-Furter"I whispered to Frank, he giggled and snuggled his head in to my chest.

"Comfy?" I asked.

"Very, it's nice to have a nice podgy belly to lie on." He joked.

"Are you calling me fat?" I said in fake shock.

"No." He said simply. "Just Podgy."

Halfway through the film, I noticed that Frank was asleep. He kept saying my name over again. Ismiled. I then suddenly became aware of my own tiredness, and it wasn't long until I too fell in to a deep slumber.

Frank's POV

"Frank." I heard someone whisper. "Are you awake?" My eyes fluttered open. I was still lying on Gerard, who was sleeping soundly. That was probably one of the best night's sleep ever. Mikey was standing over me grinning.

"Wh... What time is it?"

"Six-thirty." Mikey replied happily.

"Mikey, it's a Saturday, why are you up so early?" I yawned."And more importantly, why are you getting me up this early?"

"I... I wanted to talk to you. But this is a little embarrassing so I wanted to make sure everyone else would be asleep."

I sat up carefully, as not to wake up Gerard. He didn't even stir.

"What is it Mikey?" I asked.

"Well, I just wanted to well, erm... Thank you really, for being with Gerard. I haven't seen him this happy in such a long time. My Grandma's death affected him worse than any of us. Of course I was devastated, but Gerard had this special bond with her. I was actually quite jealous of him. But yeah after she died, Gerard just became depressed. I'm not going to go in to that though because that's something he needs to tell you himself. As I said, I just wanted to thank you for bringing my brother back."

I didn't really know what to say back to Mikey. I'd never seen him so calm. I noticed a tear escaping from his eye, but he quickly wiped it away, probably hoping I didn't see. I pulled him in to a hug.

"Hey, you know, the others are still asleep..." I began.

"Look Frank, I know you're cute and all, but I am not having butt-sex with you."

"What! No! I wasn't going to say that!" I said, shocked. Mikey laughed.

"Chill dude, I'm just joking. I'll leave all the butt-sex to you and Gerard." He wiggled his eyebrow at me.

"Anyway, I was going to say, why don't we play a prank on the others - maybe not Gee though, he looks to cute when he's asleep." I suggested.

"You know, that isn't such a bad idea." Mikey got up and ran out of the room, returning moments later with three small boxes. He placed them on the floor in front of me.

"Make-up in this one, hair straightners in this one, and wax strips in this one." He said, pointing to each of the boxes. I smirked.

"So who's getting what?" I asked, grinning evilly.

"Hair straightners have definitely gotta go with Ray, and seeing as though you value Gerard's looks, we'll use the wax strips on Bob's eyebrows and side burns - but we have to do that last because he'll probably wake up with the pain."

I took the hair straightners and left Mikey with the make-up; I couldn't bare to mess up Gerard's perfect face.

Once the straightners were hot, I proceeded with the evil plan. The next twenty minutes consisted of me destroying Ray's 'mojo' as he called it, as the perfect curls in his hair became as straight as that pole Bob was talking about yesterday.

As soon as I was finished, I looked over to Mikey, who too seemed to have completed Gerard's new 'look.'

"Bob then?" I asked.

"Yeah, start putting the strips on his eyebrows, I'll be right back." Mikey left again. I took the wax strips from the box and placed them carefully over Bob's bushy, blonde eyebrows. And then another two on his sideburns.

Mikey re-entered the room holding a can of 'spray-in spray-out' hair dye.

"Frank, please don't say no to this, but I've always wanted to see what Gerard would look like with red hair."

"Are you serious? He'll kill you!"

"Not if you do it, he loves you remember." Mikey grinned. "Relax, it's only temporary."

I thought about it for a while. Did I really want to walk around with a boyfriend with bright, cherry-red hair?

"Okay." I said, defeated.

I took the hair dye from Mikey and held my breath as I walked over to Gerard's sleeping body. Mikey had actually done a pretty good job at his make-up. I started spraying the top of Gerard's hair, watching as the black turned slowly in to red.

I stood back and admired my work - surprisingly, it didn't look that bad, in fact I actually quite liked it.

"Okay." Mikey said. "Time to pull of the wax strips. Then we run and hide okay?" I nodded. I held the strip covering his right eyebrow and side burn whilst Mikey took the left.

"On three, one... two... three!" We ripped off the strips leaving Bob's face hairless and red. Mikey and I ran and hid behind the counter laughing silently. We waited, and waited. I peered over the counter; they were still asleep.

"No fucking way!" I muttered.

"Come on, I know what'll wake him up." Mikey said, that grin playing on his lips again.

We walked over to Bob. Mikey lifted up Bob's shirt, revealing his 'snail-trail'

"Get me a strip." Mikey said.

If Bob didn't wake up to this, I don't know what would wake him. Mikey started smoothing the wax strip over Bob's stomach.

"Okay, here we go..." He ripped the strip off, slowly at first, and then yanking it.

"Ahhhhh!" Bob screamed, his eyes still closed. Mikey and I ran back in to the kitchen attempting to hold back out laughter.

I heard Gerard and Ray stir as they woke up.

"Oh my God! Ray your hair!" Gerard yelled.

"No, your hair!"

"No! My eyebrows!"

"Gerard, you should see your face." Bob laughed.

"You should see yours - it's hairless."

"Isn't it funny how Frank and Mikey aren't here..." Ray started.

"Shhh, can you hear that?" Bob asked.

Then there was silence. I looked at Mikey, who wore the same look as confusion on his face as me.

"Shall we risk looking?" I whispered. Mikey nodded.

We slowly peeked our heads over the kitchen counter. The room was empty?

"Where have the gone?" Mikey asked.

"We're behind you" Gerard sang. I gulped, slowly turning around.

"Get them." Bob yelled.

There was a struggle; my height playing to its disadvantages. Three against two was hardly fair.

I gave up, and it sounded like Mikey had too. We were carried into the living room and tied up like hostages.

"That wasn't a very smart idea kiddies." Ray said. You could hardly see is face through his straightened hair which flopped over his head.

"We're screwed." Mikey said.

I held my breath, scared about what might happen next.


"You know." I began. "I think I look quite hot as a girl." I had been dressed in Gerard's Mom's mini-skirt and a strapless top; face-full of make-up.

"You look hot anyway." Gerard said. "And you know what, I actually like my hair this colour too. I think I might make it permanent."

"Why did Frank get away so lightly?" Mikey whined. Bob and Ray had seen to Mikey's 'make-over' They'd shaved half of his hair off and wrote messages in permanent marker on his scalp.

"You know, I think we should make this our first official 'My Chemical Romance' photo shoot." I joked.

"Yeah! That's an amazing idea!" Bob yelled. And I was worried we wouldn't get along.

So this chapter was a little shorter than the last few, but as I said, this is a filler. The next one will be longer and olot more exciting :) Please R&R Thanks Xoxo
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