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Chapter 3

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Assembly time :)

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(Sam’s POV)

My intense focus on my lunch was interrupted by the static of the PA system.

Students, please report to the gymnasium at the end of this period. There will be a short assembly. Again, please report to the gymnasium for a short assembly. Thank you.

Great. I don’t know what it was about, but impromptu assemblies were never good. Someone was probably caught tweeting during Spanish and now the whole school had to hear about it. Ridiculous, though not uncommon. I seriously considered skipping the assembly, but I went against my better judgment.

After arriving at the gym, I could tell this wasn’t a normal assembly. A young man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, stood in the center of the room. Wearing gray skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a dark gray suit jacket, he looked too cool to be a guest speaker. Maybe a motivational speaker? New counselor? God knows most of the school needs counseling. He looked nervous which, in turn, seemed to make everyone else buzz in anticipation. He walked to the podium and tapped the microphone, and everyone went silent.

(Chris’s POV)

Holy crap there’s a lot of kids in here.

I was nervous as hell. Being the new intern I thought I’d have to get coffee or file papers not give a speech to like, a million teens. Oh no. Did I just see a Jonas Brothers button on that girl’s backpack? These guys are gonna eat me alive. I was beginning to sweat a little from the heat of the overhead lights in the gym.

I bet they’re like predators; they can smell fear.

Finally, all the kids were into the bleachers, waiting anxiously to see what I would say. I sucked it up and walked to the microphone. I tapped it, and surprisingly they all got quiet. I leaned in to speak into the microphone.

Screw it.

I grabbed the microphone and mustered up as much enthusiasm as I could.

“How many of you would like to work with someone famous?” he said. Every single person raised their hand, a few students hollering.
“My name is Chris and I’m a graduate of CADYG. I am giving you the opportunity to work with a very well known band.” At this the entire gym broke out in conversation.
“Alright, alright, settle down. I’m giving you two weeks to come up with a project that will win over the band and convince them that you have talent. Enough talent…that they are going to let you tour with them and work on the show. You will have a hand in a professional, international performance. Exactly two weeks from today you will submit your projects to me, and the band will judge them. Five winners will be picked and will go on the summer tour. Now, do you want to know who the band is?” Yells rose up from the seats as we waited in anticipation.

Here it goes. I really hope at least someone knows who I’m talking about. Wait…did some girl just say “I hope it’s Taylor Swift!”??? That’s not even a band!

“The band is………My Chemical Romance!” The whole gym went silent. Then suddenly, A few shouts of joy came from around the room. Well, I guess the competition won’t be that tough.

(Sam’s POV)

“…My Chemical Romance!”

Were those really the words that just came out of his mouth? There was no way. The whole gym was silent. Figures, nobody here has any taste in music anyway, so why would they have heard of MCR? Suddenly I looked over at Amber. A giant smile was plastered across her face. We flew out of our seats and hugged each other, freaking out. There is no way that we had the opportunity to work with our favorite band; it was just too good.

Over the next two weeks. Amber and I worked night and day on our project. We decided create a music video for “Helena,” one of our favorite songs. We began with the concept of a forties dance theme, like in “The Ghost of You” video, but everything turned rock and roll. I designed all the costumes in black and white, with subtle touches of red here and there. Then, I choreographed a dance. Amber worked on the cameras and later cutting the film together, which I commend her for; I’ll never understand cameras. She also designed the set, making her basement into a gorgeous forties dance hall.

This project was our baby, and it was all we thought about right up until the moment it was due. I sketched through Algebra, sewed under the desk in Health, and snuck my headphones into my ears during Spanish to finish the dance. When we were supposedly typing our term papers in European History, Amber was editing film. She sketched out each panel of the video from every camera angle to make sure it was perfect and accidentally turned a few pages in with her project for Art. When the day came, we packed up our DVD in a box. We wrote out everything we had done so that each of us would get the credit we deserved. With a good luck kiss from each of us, we handed the box to Chris. Now, all we could do was wait.

(Cole’s POV)

I must have been one of the luckiest people on the planet. MCR was one of the favorite bands, and I could work with them? This could seriously get my career started. I was at CADYG for technical work, and I knew that lighting and sound were my future. Immediately, I knew what my project was going to be.

I worked in every minute of my spare time and often neglected homework to finish, but I did it. I chose three songs from each album and created a fantastically complicated light show to go with each. I even did research on where they would be performing so I could create shows for the venues they would use. I took forever to account for each individual laser, spot light, and fog machine. At the end of the two weeks, I wanted nothing more than to get my project out of my hands. I would cringe if somebody so much as asked me to turn on the light. I didn’t want to think about it anymore, and as I handed my CD to Chris, I knew it was out of my hands.

Enjoying? I hope you are :) are you ready to find out the winners? not like its hard to guess but still you never know...
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