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Chapter 3

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"Good party last night?" Mom asked, clattering into the living room with her high heels.
"How'd you know we had a party last night?" Me and Gerard asked, mouths wide open. We'd spent all morning cleaning the house, it was totally spotless.
Mom held a piece of paper. It said 'Just Enter' "I'm assuming you put this up because your music was too loud?"
"Not necassarily," Gerard said uncertainly "We just didn't want the hastle of always opening the door."
"Well I had a few complaints off the neighbours," Mom told us, looking slightly amused "And they certainly weren't impressed."
"We're sorry," I told her though I knew Gerard certainly wasn't sorry and Hayley was too busy feeling sorry for herself to say sorry to our Mother "But you know what teenagers are like..."
Mom raised her eye-brows "Was there any alcohol?"
"For like two minutes," Gerard said "But I took control of the situation."
I rolled my eyes. He did no such thing.
"Any under age you-know-what?"
"Mom," Gerard laughed "You can say the word sex you know. We're not five anymore."
"Okay, was there any under age sex?"
Gerard smirked at the word sex. I rolled my eyes again. How immature can you get? "No, of course not." I re-assured Mom.
"Well, we don't think there was..." Gerard laughed "It was a pretty amazing party!"
"There wasn't!" I said firmly "Mom I know exactly what happened last night. There was no sex. I promise."
"Okay..." Mom said "Gerard, can you come and do the dishes please?"
"No but's! And Mikey, can you go and see if your sister's okay?"
I didn't argue and I didn't complain. Why am I so good all the time? Maybe this is why girls don't like me. I always hand my homework in on time, never argued with teachers/my parents/anybody... Oh my god, I'm boring!
I tapped timidly three times on Hayley's bedroom door "Hayley, are you okay?"
"Fuck off!" Hayley yelled "It's your fault! Now Bert's going to hate me forever!"
I pushed open the door a little and poked my head round. Hayley threw a book at my face. It was a hardback with at least 300 pages. It damn hurt.
I closed the dor again but said "Hayley, why do you think he was so keen?"
"Because he liked me!"
"And if he really liked you he should still like you now."
"No, he's going to think my entire family are over protective and creepy!"
"But it's not your family he's interested in. It's you. And anyway he's too old for you."
"Leave me alone Mikey! You're just jealous that someone's interested in me because no one will ever be interested in you!"
I gave up then and went to my bedroom. I threw myself onto my bed with my head in my pillow. What Hayley said upset me but it was kind of true. I wasn't jealous obviously. But I knew no one would ever be interested in me.
I went to turn over my pillow because it was starting to irritate me when I noticed a small white envelope with [/Mikey
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