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Gerards Pov:
Gee, Frankie! Dinner Time! It Was Ray and the guys busting out of the door all happy to be getting something in their stomachs. Yay! Frank looked happy to be getting food I guess I should be too. We all crammed into someone’s van and it was packed in there, the body odors didn’t help one bit. We got there and everybody filed in and there we were, me next to Frankie then The rest of the boys across from us. Frankie grabbed my hand under the table, and I’m not gunna fucking lie man it felt good. Have I gone soft? I laughed off the whole thing in my fucked up mind.

Starbucks! It was Mikey pointing out the window smiling with anticipation,

No shit Mikey…! This time it was Frank making snarky remarks.

Hey umm Shorty the commentary is my job!

We all laughed which meant I was off the hook. I felt the warmness of Frankie’s gloves leave my hand, I almost grabbed his hand back but I then realized he was death gripping his coffee, trying to get it all down in one sip. It was funny to watch so I let him be. Wow, you never notice how beautiful someone is until you see them at their worst and, there still fucking gourgess. That was us, every single one of us was sweaty and sleep deprived. But apparently no sleep did wonders for Frankie because he was fucking glowing! I poked him in the side and he squirmed like a two year old as usual, but this time his coffee almost left him nose first. We all left the restaurant and the car felt stuffier but that was surprisingly okay with me. We all got to the bus and headed straight for the bus. Im pretty sure Bob was still in his clothes by the time he fell asleep in the bunks. At around 3 I felt someone poking at my face and grabbing my hair, I figured it was either Mikey and Bob being well.. MIkey And Bob or Frank. It was Frank.
Gee! I had a bad dream.
Okay, okay shut up, get in the bunk, and get your fucking ass to sleep. I couldn’t resist his puppy dog eyes, He was just like a little kid but I loved it.

Gee I don’t want to sleep I wanna so something else like umm.. you know “me and you time”

Frank Babe, I’m tired if you would like to do something go for it but there’s no guarantee I’ll be awake for it. But I guess this didn’t matter because by them time I finished that sentence, he was out.

Morning! This time it was Mikey and Bob. We were on tour which sometimes meant no showers, we ruffed it a lot. Today I was determined to find a shower because well, I fucken reaked! About 4 full buckets of almost hot water later I declared myself clean. I stared in the mirror attemting to somehow make my mess of hair do something respectable, If you look in the mirror and don’t like whatcha see…. I was singing to myself in the mirror… even worse it was my own song.I wasn’t ready to start the day I wanted back in bed, but after a coffee run I felt a little more up to it. Today we didn’t have shit to do which was pretty fucking rad because that meant that we could fuck around all day. I did start talking on my fourth cup of coffee to Bob actually who was at the moment banging away on an undeserving table. It wasn’t anything terribly interesting just chit-chat, but hey? Who could resist Bob Bryar chit-chat the best fucking kind of chit-chat. I then noticed Frankie walking in, well.. I kind of actually smelled him coming in (Smoke, Sweat, Cologne to cover up sweat and, skittles) I felt like a vampire I was just so attracted to his damn smell!

Frank why must you always smell like skittles!

Frank looked at me half shocked half laughing. I dont know Gee! But i wanna bet all my money that i even taste like skittles!

I felt my face turn deep, almost purple shades of red. I could'nt help but smile.
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