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Soundly Asleep

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The morning after the crash.

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It was the morning after the crash, and Spencer was the first to wake. The sun slowly started to creep up, the rays of light hitting his closed eyes as he stayed sprawled in the grass of the park. He sat up, rubbing his eyes before looking around him. Jon Brendon and Ryan were all still sleeping in the soft green grass, their clothes tattered and dirty. Ryan's were the worst of it, his already tattered tee had been torn and slightly burnt, dirt covering just about every surface of it. Jon was curled up to him in a way, hugging his legs so he couldn't get up. He smiled, resting his hand on the side of his boys face. Ryan and Brendon seemed to be in the same situation, Ryan on his back with one of his arms outstretched. Brendon's head rested on Ryan's outstretched arm, their sides touching. He gave a small sigh, looking at his watch.
"Shit." It was only about two hours before school started, and he knew that all of them had to show up. He woke Jon up first, putting his hand on his shoulder as he gently pushed him. "Jonnnnnnn. Wake up." He whined and Jon opened his eyes, letting go of Spencer's legs so he could sit up.
"What time is it?" He mumbled, rubbing his face harshly with his hand.
"Late enough that we should get going." Jon looked over at the other two sleeping boys, giving a sigh as he did so.
"Ryan's parents are going to be pissed." Spencer nodded, knowing that Jon was right. Ryan's parents were always angry.
"Which one should we wake first?" Spencer asked, looking at Jon who shrugged in response.
"If we wake Brendon up he might hit Ryan on accident, but if we wake Ryan up then he'll tell us to shut up and allow Brendon to sleep." Jon said with a small sigh, resting one of his elbows on his knee so he could have his head on his hand. The two looked at each other, both speaking at the same time. "Brendon."
"It's unanimous! Let's wake Brendon up then, shall we?" Spencer said with a smile. The two made their way across the short distance to the other two boys, Jon putting his mouth close to Brendon's ear. "On the count of three then?" Spencer asked as he put a hand gently on Brendon's shoulder. Jon nodded, both of them smiling. "One, two, three!"
"WAKE UP." Jon shouted directly into Brendon's ear, Spencer shaking the boy like a wooden roller coaster. Brendon woke up, swinging his arms in the air as his eyes stayed closed. He wanted to go back to sleep. Spencer and Jon laughed like crazy, watching as Brendon acted like a five year old. They stopped laughing when Brendon's hand collided with Ryan's face, forcing the older boy to wake. Ryan looked sick as he sat up, one hand going to his head.
"Brendon, stop screaming. I have the worst hangover ever." Ryan mumbled and Brendon opened his eyes, looking at a smiling Jon and Spencer, and an upset Ryan. "What time is it?" Ryan asked as he messaged his temples.
"Time for us to leave." Spencer said standing up, brushing his legs off. The others got up as well, Ryan taking Brendon's hand as Jon and Spencer walked to the car, both getting in and driving off.
"I'll walk you home." Ryan said with a small smile. Brendon hugged him, his arms practically crushing the older boy.
"I don't wanna go home Ry." Brendon mumbled into Ryan's shoulder.
"Go home, get dressed and cleaned off, have a nice breakfast, and then I'll pick you up at our regular time and we can walk to school. Okay?" Brendon nodded and the two started walking down the street, Ryan carrying his bag along with half of Brendon's body weight.

When Ryan left Brendon on his doorstep he turned to stare at the door, watching it as he saw Ryan walking off in the corner of his eye. He didn't want to go in. What if he ran into his father? Or worse, his mother? He put the key in it's slot, turning it slowly before pushing the old wooden door open. His house was dark and it gave off the appearance of being empty, though Brendon knew better. He crept through the halls, passing his parents bedroom in the process. He heard quite talking as he passed, the sound of a silent argument coming from the other side of the closed door. He walked into his room, pulling out some clean clothes along with every other necessity he needed for a shower.
When he was finished getting ready for the day he walked out of his room, his backpack slung carelessly over his shoulder. He could hear his parents screaming at each other from downstairs, and peered down at the floor beneath him. His parents were standing there, his father with his hands thrown up in the air, his mothers hands on her hips. He was screaming, she was shouting. Their words flew out of their mouths at the same time, tangling together so Brendon couldn't understand any of it. He gave a small sigh, walking down the steps and into the kitchen. His father seemed to notice him, following him into the small room as Brendon pulled out a quick breakfast fro himself.
"Have you taken your medicine yet today kid?" His father asked. Brendon looked away from his plate of pop-tarts, shaking his head as he chewed. "Be sure to take them." Brendon nodded, watching his father walk out of the room. He grabbed at the bottle of pills, looking at it for a moment. The orange bottle had a white strip of paper taped to it, his name, the date it was prescribed, how much he should take, and what was in it were all on the small paper. He tossed it in his bag. He'd deal with it later.

Ryan walked into his house, the rest of his family still soundly asleep. The house was small old and falling apart. It smelled like mold and he was pretty sure that they had a rat infestation, but he ignored it as he made his way to his small bedroom. He got some clean clothing, going into the washroom to take a short and burning shower.
When he was clean and fully dressed he looked at the things he had found the night before, digging through the small bag he had picked up. There were chips in it. Small computer chips that looked like a bunch of memory cards that had been pulled apart. All of those along with a small knife. It looked odd, like it was made out of glass. It had a dim green glow about it, intricate designs covering it from base to tip. The handle was made out of some form of heavy metal, small designs engraved within it. He stared at it for a long time, wondering just what it was that had happened and why. Of course, that could only last so long, and he quickly put it away when he heard the sound of one of his parents getting up.
He quickly grabbed his bag, tossing in a few books before running into the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of bread, not bothering to toast it or even put on a little butter. He grabbed a bottle of beer and a few painkillers, downing both quickly before walking out the door, chewing on his plain bread.

Jon was dropped off at his house by Spencer, the younger boy driving away quickly so he could get his fathers car in it's respected place before his father woke up. Jon walked up the steps to his foster home, walking in to see that half of his foster brother and sisters were already up and causing a ruckus.
"Oh good, Jon you're home." His faster mother...what was her name again....Stephenie. Right. His current foster mother Stephenie. How could he forget? "What happened to you? You look like you got hit by a car." She said as she looked at him.
"We slept in the backyard. It's not that big of a deal." Jon said simply, walking into the living room.
"Is it okay if you make breakfast? I didn't get much sleep last night and I-" She was cut off when Jon interjected.
"It's fine. I'll make them breakfast, just get some rest." She nodded, walking to her room where she closed and locked the door. He hated his foster mother. She did nothing for him or any of his fake siblings. Jon was always in charge of taking care of the eight plus that lived there. He was always the oldest, forcing him to be in charge. In fact, the second oldest was only ten. And he didn't even know how to tie his shoes.
Jon sighed as he walked into the kitchen, a few of the younger kids following him.
"Jon, what are you doing?" His fake little sister Jessie asked.
"I'm making pancakes. Want to help?" He asked. Her face lit up, a large smile forming on it. He picked her up, holding her with one arm as he started cooking, all of the other kids asking if it was okay for them to 'pitch in.' When he was sure all of them had food and drinks he quickly took a shower, slipping on some clean clothes before walking back into the dining room to see....a disaster.
Cups of orange juice milk and water littered the table. Cereal bowels were knocked over, whit hunks of pancakes littering the table. The kids ran around the house like the five and seven year olds they were, forcing Jon to round them up like he always had to. He got them in their rooms, telling them to get dressed and ready for school. Most of them agreed, others fought it. He was forced to help some of the youngest kids, telling the older ones that they could wear whatever they wanted as long as it was clean.
He made some coffee for himself, drinking it as most of the kids ran around in their clean clothes, ready for school. The rest ran around half naked, forcing Jon to catch them once more and force them to wear clothing. He wondered why he was forced to grow up early. Why he had to take care of all of his 'siblings' when he should be the one to have been taken care of.
He still had scars from his previous life, and he wanted this one to be better. But it seemed that each one was just getting worse and worse.
Eventually he got all of the kids to grab their school bags and supplies, leaving the house after them with a coffee mug in one hand, his bag in another, and a young child on his back.

Spencer hated going home. He dreaded it more than the others would realize. Most of the time when the topic of how manipulative and abusive his parents were to him came up, he just shrugged it off, assuming that at the very least, Ryan's situation was worse. But as he walked through the door of his house to see his father sitting in the other room, a bottle in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he knew that his might have been equal.
His parents did only want the best for him, but it was more pressure than he thought he could handle at times. He had to get straight A's, he had to go to church with them on Sundays, follow all of their rules and guidelines, be their perfect little son. Whenever one of these rules were broken, there would be yelling. Then some emotional abuse. And maybe one or two broken bottles. And that would be it. They would tell him that he wasn't their son until he corrected the things he had done wrong. If he didn't, they would ignore him. Pretend that he no longer existed. Because in their minds, he didn't. He was just a fuck up that had gotten switched with their real son.
"What were you doing last night?" His father asked with a slight slur.
"I told you I went to stay the night at Brendon's." Spencer said as he quickly brushed past him. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to get ready for school." He was walking down the hallway to his tiny room when he heard his father speak.
"You know, you're a really worthless kid." He called and Spencer choked back tears as he quickly got ready for school. He left his house in a hurry, knowing that Jon would probably need help anyway.

Ryan was the first one that made it out of his house, going to Brendon's immediately. Brendon's house was far away from his own, but it was at least close to the school. He got there to see Brendon and Spencer on the porch steps, Jon holding three kids back as some more ran around in the yard, all of them laughing and playing. He walked up to the large group, sneaking up on Jon.
"You're such a good older brother."Ryan said with a large grin. Jon jumped, turning around to face a slightly shorter and thinner boy.
"Hi Ryan. You're late today." Jon said with a frown as he started dragging some of the kids along down the street. Spencer and Brendon quickly got up, brushing themselves off as they helped keep all of the kids in check, Ryan helping just as well. Ryan shrugged.
"I had to get some medicine for my hangover." Ryan said with a pout. "I'm apparently the only one in this bloody group that gets them."
"That's true, you should probably drink less." Spencer said with a large smirk.
"Oh, you're an ass Spence." Ryan said rolling his eyes. His eyes turned to Brendon, who was giving one kid a piggy back ride, another hanging from the front of him. He was making the two laugh, holding onto another ones hand. Ryan had to admit, he looked cute when he was surrounded by kids.
The four talked, keeping all of the kids in check as they walked to the elementary school. It was practically routine for the group, and not a single one minded. They dropped the kids off at their elementary school, saying hi to the crossing guard like they always did when they passed. The four made their way to their school that tried to look like an academy. It was a pretty pathetic thing, but they had all gotten used to it. They talked for a few minutes until the bell rang, splitting into two groups. They never walked the halls alone. It was a rule that was for the best interest of all of them. One that none had broken in a while.
It was Brendon and Ryan, and Spencer and Jon. Brendon and Ryan chatted about nothing as they walked down the halls, Ryan wanting to talk about the crash, but knowing better. They made their way to the seats in the back and Ryan pulled out a spiral, scribbling words on it in his fancy writing. Brendon peered over it, the two still talking as Ryan continued to wright. The second bell rang, and the two quickly shut up, Ryan ripping out the piece of paper and folding it once before handing it to Brendon.
"I know we're not supposed to talk about it, that's why I'm writing it. It's probably nothing, but I can't help but wonder if there's something to the train crash that happened last night. What if Spencer and Jon weren't just seeing things when they saw that creature? What if it had something to do with it? I found a few things at the wreck sight, and I want to show it to you later tonight." Brendon's eyes scanned the words, Ryan listening to the teacher as he did so. She was talking about the train crash, which apparently had been on the news that morning.
How ironic.
Brendon passed the note back to Ryan. "What are you talking about connected? For all we know it was just a weird prank." Ryan frowned at this. He knew better. After a moment he passed the note back to Brendon, his cursive practically screaming at the younger boy.
"A prank?! With high explosives and a fucking girl that bled to death? What about those people that ran down the hill? They looked like they were in the military or some shit. How the hell do you explain that?" Brendon passed the note back to Ryan, who had resorted to biting on his nails, a habit he used to keep them short and distracted.
"What do you think happened then Ross?" Ryan wrote viciously on the piece of paper, his attitude showing just how frustrated he was with Brendon.
"Maybe it was a planned crash. And maybe the thing escaped and the people were going to get it. You really want to know what I think? I think that the woman drove her car directly in the line of the train just a few minutes before we saw the rest of the crash, and that thing got out. There were people who wanted to keep it caged and when it got out they wanted to go out after it. We saw something we shouldn't have." Brendon's response was short and simple, making Ryan want to punch him.
"You're crazy Ryan. Maybe you should try to get some more sleep."
The rest of the class was uneventful, in fact, the day up until lunch time was uneventful. Classes filled with kids that were half awake and teachers that droned on for hours. But when lunch came the four sat outside in their usual spot under one of the many trees that were scattered across the back of the school, right next to the large parking lot.
"Give me your arm." Spencer told Jon, sharpie in hand. Jon did it mindlessly, him and Brendon talking about robots or something. Ryan watched as Spencer drew a penis on the back of Jon's hand. Ryan tried to focus on the conversation that was going on, but he found it increasingly hard as thoughts and questions from the night before flooded his mind. Spencer let go of Jon's hand, allowing him to look at it.
"You're a real douche Spencer." Jon said rolling his eyes. Brendon laughed a little, Ryan scribbling things in his spiral.
"I love you too Jon." Spencer said giving Jon a quick kiss on his cheek. "Hey Ryro, what are you writing kiddo?" Ryan looked up at Spencer and gave a small sigh.
"You really want to know?" He asked looking in Spencer's baby blues. They were surprisingly clear today.
"We all want to." Brendon said, poking Ryan in the side. Ryan showed them a picture of the crash that he had been sketching. The other three stared in it, the train cars turned on their side while burning, the car tossed to the side. The debris scattered everywhere with an explosion on the right. They all stared at it, amazed that he had manged to keep in every detail.
"I think I might know what's going on." Ryan said after a moment of silence.


This story is going in a state of limbo. It'll teeter back in froth between the week after the crash, and three years after it. So be prepared for that.
And if you gave me a character, don't worry, I will use it. It may take a few more chapters, it may come up later in the story, I can't really say. But it will be used.

PartyPoison:The good news is, I'm kind of a sci-fi junkie. So it will not be that surprising if this ends up having a few sci-fi elements in it. I love this story. It may seem somewhat simple now, but it'll get more complex. It's one of my favorites too. I think I'm probably going to use it fairly often simply because I love it.
And thank you for the character.

FrankieXIero:I'm glad you think it's good. I hope I can keep you interested. And thank you fro the character of course. :)

patdfan:Thanks for the character. It's funny, I have a friend named Sarah, but it's spelled Sara. She always sings Sarah smiles, saying that it was a typo and that it wasn't supposed to have the 'h' at the end. So I think it'll be fun to make a character named Sarah.
It just seems appropriate. :)

-xoxo Pansy.
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