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The Hostel

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A hostel for vampires and the mcr boys turn up, what could possibly go wrong?! R+R plz

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Gerard approached the door and hesitantly knocked three times, paused and then knocked again. He then stood back and waited. The three men behind him all watched the door expectantly and when it didn’t open immediately they started to fidget
“Are you sure you knocked properly?” the shortest man asked, his name was Frank.

“Yes I’m sure. That was the way Bob told me to knock.” Gerard replied testily.

“Are you sure you knocked loud enough?” Frank asked.

“Yes I’m sure. Would you like me to knock again Frank?” Gerard said turning to look at the short man.

“Well maybe, just to be on the safe side.” He said nervously. Gerard sighed, and reached his hand out to knock on the door again. Just as his hand was about to strike the door, it opened revealing a woman looking highly amused. The woman was beautiful, she had long blonde hair that any cheerleader would be envois of but it was messy like she hadn’t brushed it in days. Her face was perfect, prominent cheekbones with a perfect cupid bow mouth. But then there was her eyes, they were the deepest ocean blue and seemed to swirl and change.

The four men just stood and stared and the smile on her mouth just grew. Finally snapping out of the trance first was a tall man with an amazing afro, his name was Ray.
“Hello Erm is this The Hostel?” he said.

“Yep that’s us. I’m Guessing you boys will want to be staying here?” Her voice was just as beautiful as her it was clear and articulates whilst at the same time being warm and kind. She also had a British accent which was odd since they were in California.

“Yes if that’s alright.”

“Of course it is. What kind of hostel would we be if it wasn’t.” she said smiling again and motioning for them to come in. they stepped into a large entrance hall with tiled floors and two beautiful staircases heading up towards the rest of the mansion.

“Now before we go on what are all your names?” Finally Gerard found his voice and being the general leader of his little gang spoke for them.

“I’m Gerard, the fro man over there is Ray. The tattooed midget is Frank and this is my brother Mikey.” He said indicating at each person.

“Well it’s very nice to meet you. My name is Violet but you can call me VI, I run this place. Well sort of.” She said looking rather vague at the end of the sentence obviously thinking about something. She smiled to herself then realising she still had company snapped back to reality.

“Sorry where was I? Oh yes general info. So basically you can treat this place like your home, you can stay as long as you like and come and go when you please. There’s no rent but everyone does have to chip in for electricity and such. Food is your responsibility but there are emergency supplies for well an emergency. At the moment there are seven other people staying here and we’ll all get introduced after you’ve picked rooms. Got that?” she said almost business like, she had obviously done this a lot of times. Everyone nodded and followed her slightly dazed up one of the staircases. From what they had been told about this place, this was certainly not what they expected.

The two staircases met at the top on one long corridor. They could see that there were over 15 rooms on this floor alone.

“So there are twelve bedrooms on this floor, six of them are occupied. There are three bathrooms and all occupied rooms have a sign on the door. So basically you can pick whatever room you want. I’m gonna leave you guys to it and go gather the rest of the dudes.” She said and went back down the stairs.

The guys looked at each other and all walked of in the same direction. They didn’t really want to get separated in this place. They walked down the east side first but found that four of the rooms were occupied on this side so they went back down to the west wing. This side only had two rooms occupied, one said Aggie on the door and the other said Violet. Gerard picked the room next to Violets and Mikey picked the room opposite. They were very close brothers and didn’t like being far apart from each other. They soon discovered that the rooms were all basically the same. They all contained a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and chair and also a couple of shelves for belongings. However one thing was strange, none of the furniture matched it was all different styles. For instance in Mikey’s room he had a raught iron bed, an old school desk and a wingback chair and the wardrobe looked like it was made of mahogany.

“Well this certainly is an odd house. Let’s hope the people are less so.” Mikey said as they descended the stairs.
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