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Dont start Pete

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Pete wentz in this one ^^ soz but hes a jerk

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Frank’s POV
“Come on in guys and girls” Mrs. Jones (the art teacher) said smiling at the class opening the door.
we all came in sitting in our places. Cara , the girl who normally sits next to me, wasn’t in so Gerard sat with me. I could hear sniggers and comments coming from around the room , but I didn’t care, I was in love.
“Are you okay Gee” I asked him.
“Yeah” he smiled at me.“ Never better.” He grabbed my hand under the table.
“ya know what happened with my dad and everything”
he sighed “yes…”
“I have to go back…”
“over my dead body” he said a little too loudly, a few people looked over.
“shhhh! One way or another I will though, I can’t stay at yours forever.”
“yes you can Frankie you can stay as long as you want and you know that. My nan doesn’t mind”
“no buts Frank, you don’t deserve to be treated like that.” He smiled “I love you”
“I love you too” I gave him a weak smile.
Nothing happened during the rest of the lesson. I finished my project a had a mini-paint fight with Gee getting paint on his pretty face, so licked my hoodie sleeve and wiped it off.
“EWWWWW, Frankie germs” he giggled. I love his laugh.
“Oh no!” I frowned.
“I have geography next”
“so…...” he looked confused.
“I won’t see you for a whole hour” I said giving him a sad look.
“Oh the torture….” He said sarcastically and nudged me with his shoulder.
“you wanna hang out with the guys at lunch again?” I asked.
“yeah, by the way, you know Em and Ray are they like…..”
“dating? Yeah I think for about a year now.”
he smiled in reply.
The bell rang, geography.
we walked together, taking longer than usual, so I could see him longer. By the time we got there everyone else was already in class or so we thought:
“see ya Frankie” he smiled and lent down to kiss me.
“EXCUSE ME! This is a fag free zone”- Alex….
“save it Alex” Gerard said walking into his class. Leaving me.
“So Frankie boy, why didn’t you tell your old pal Alex you were dating Gerald ? Huh?” Alex was grinning like a maniac blocking the door to my class.
“move it Alex” I sighed. “and his name is Gerard”
“Sticking up for your boyfriend are we frank?”
“he’s not my boyfriend” it’s not exactly lying cause we don’t go out. Well it’s not official.
“that’s right you could never get a boy Or a girl”
“fuck off you stuck up retard”
“What was that” he threw me up against the wall and put his forearm up against my throat.
“just leave me alone”
“that was rude frank , didn’t your mother bring you up better?” he grinned “naughty boys have to be punished” he pulled his free arm back.

Gerard’s POV

I wasn’t paying much attention in class. The teacher was banging on something about volcanoes.
CRASH! I heard a sound coming from outside. It was probably just to jocks fighting. But then it hit me. Frankie.
“ugh sir I need the bathroom” I said standing up and walking out.
I saw Frankie on the floor bleeding from his nose, And Alex standing over him smiling.
“what did you do ?” I asked. No reply. I pushed him against the opposite wall.
“What did you do to him?
“he was being a rude little faggot, I taught him a lesson”
“fuck you” I said kicking him in the crotch. Hard. Then I ran over to Frankie.
“you okay Frankie” I picked him up off the floor.
“yeah I’m fine” he smiled back and wiped some of the blood away from his face . “you get used to it”
“Frankie don’t say that” I said shocked. “you shouldn’t have to get used to it”
“bunch of fags” Alex laughed. And grabbed me from behind. I threw him off and kicked him again.
“do not fucking touch me or Frank again” I bent down to talk to him “or I will kill you”
Then the bell rang. I went back into class, to get my things. Alex was being helped off the ground by some of his mates.
“we’ll get you for this fag.” One of them said. “and your little boyfriend” I ignored them . but if they touched Frankie…. They had something coming.

We walked out to the same spot as yesterday. Bob was sitting there already, with his iPod in miming the words to what looked like I’m a Barbie girl.
“Hey Frankie” bob grinned “and jaded, was it?”
“Gerard” I corrected him.
“Oh yeah” he laughed. We sat on the floor in a sort of triangle under the shadow of the huge oak tree towering above us.
“Hey guys” Ray suddenly came out of nowhere.
“Hey Ray” I said to him.
“Where’s Em?” Frankie asked and looked concerned.
“I don’t know she’ll be here soon ” he sighed and stretched out on the grass. Frank copied his movement and closed his eyes, feeling left out I laid back and rested my head on his chest. and felt his arms slip around my shoulders, so I put mine around his waist.
“Em!” ray broke the silence, and ran up to his girlfriend. Hugging her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.
“hey guys” Em smiled looking around but her mouth flew open when she saw me and Frank laying together. “Oh my gosh! Are you two like together now?” she smiled hopefully. We both sat up.
Frank’s POV

“Oh my gosh! Are you two like together now?”
being honest I didn’t actually know. I mean I never asked him out and he didn’t ask me, so I just looked at him wanting him to answer.
“Frankie?” Gee.
“Ugh yeah?” I said nervously.
“I know I don’t know you that well, but I don’t think it matters cause I really like you Frankie. I was wondering if you wanna like be my boyfriend?”
I was shocked.
“Oh my god Gee” I jumped on him and gave him a big hug, nearly knocking him over. “I’d love to”
everyone started ‘awwwing’ at us, even Bob, the rock.
“I love you Gee” I said kissing his neck through his hair.
“Love you too Frankie” hugging me even tighter.
“Right come here” Em was grinning like a manic. “ I wanna take a picture”
“why?” I asked confused.
“Cause you two are fucking cute together” she said getting her phone out of her bag.
“Okay then….” Gee said and put his arm around me.
“Say cheese” CLICK!
“Awwww” she cooed at her phone “I’ll send it to you”
my phone beeped so I took it out to look at the picture.
“Not bad” Gerard said peeking over my shoulder. “you look hot though.” He whispered. His breath made me shiver.
“So do you“ I smiled at him. “Guys? Are you all , you know ,okay with this?”
“no frank , I’m not okay with this , I’m going to stop being your friend cause you like dick” ray smiled “of course were okay with it, you twat” ray smiled and came over to hug me.
“Oh Frankie I thought you were with the emo not frizzy head over there” Alex and one off his mates shouted over to us.
“Shut up Alex” Ray gave him a death glare.
“What you gunna do about it” the guy with Alex walked over to us.
“Nothing if you leave us alone”
“well I anit moving”
“fuck off alright?” ray stood up, being slightly taller than the kid.
“You gunna make me?”
“look Pete fuck off and don’t even start on my boyfriend because I will tell our mum about what you did to Ellie at the Christmas party last year” Em stood up sliding herself in between ray and ‘Pete’.
He just looked at her.
“Wentz?” she narrowed her eyes. And he walked away taking Alex with him.
“Yay, I win” she seemed proud of herself. “Come on let’s get to next lesson the bells gunna go soon.”
we all had maths, but in different classes.
Bob and Gee were together.
Ray and Em were together.
And I was on my own, with Alex, Pete and their friends…
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