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That Indescribable Effect

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Danni and Grace turn up in London

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Once in London we found our apartment. It was in amongst a few others as well however it was only me and Danni sharing the kitchen and bathroom, we also had our own bedrooms which were nice. I knew our apartment was costing more than Danni had asked for me to pay monthly, I mean I know her dad is rich and everything, but it still wasn’t fair on them. Everything was clean and had obviously been painted recently. In my room there was a single bed, sofa and table with a mini fridge on it. It was filled with Diet Coke cans and a few chocolate bars. I place my bags on the sofa and started making my bed with my new bedding.

I packed my clothes into the wardrobe in the corner and headed to kitchen and unpacked the groceries dad had given me. I cooked pasta for Danni and I, she had much more to unpack than me and would be there for hours. I ate mine and put hers in the microwave. After eating, I got my tv working only the five channels but we were getting Sky fitted soon.

I was going to get an early night but Danni wanted to ‘explore the town’ and she wanted to do it in short dresses and high heels. Well she could do what she wanted but I wore a black vest top and zip-up hoodie. So at nine sharp we walked out the door and along some high street nearby, we entered some club holding our ID in front of us. The music could be heard from down the street and inside it deafened me so I had to rely on my other senses. We got some drinks – Diet Coke for me – and sat on the barstools.

The only bad thing about Danni is she’s too attractive, I mean all the guys eye her up. Not that I want the attention, but you can’t just have a proper conversation with her anywhere with the male population.

‘There’s a guy checking you out, not bad looking and good dress sense,’ I was used to helping her find her next ‘love of her life’.

‘Really? What really checking me out or just subtle?’

‘Subtle, but it’s for definite; he keeps looking at your arse.’

‘Does he look like he might come over?’

‘He is.’ He walked over with his mouse-brown hair slightly covering his deep brown eyes. Once he got closer he touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear. I looked at my drink on the side and played with the straw, until a few seconds later he was gone.

‘He was nice,’ she said smiling, ‘very nice.’

‘What did he say?’ I wasn’t interested but she would tell me whether I asked or not.

‘He told me to give him my phone, and he’d add his number.’

‘So you’ve given a stranger your phone, and he’s walked off with it?’

‘I know he’ll come back, in fact there he is,’ I turned round and there he was making his way through the crowd holding her purple Blackberry. As he came up to us he put it down on the bar next to Danni and carried on walking.

‘Offtt. I didn’t notice the ass on it!’ She checked her phone and showed me, he’d save his number as ‘The best guy you’ll ever meet’ and after a few more minutes of looking she found a draft he’d made saying ‘Text me, phone me, do what you want.’

‘I will, I promise.’ Danni definitely has an indescribable effect on guys. Sometimes I wish I could then I remember they’re all twats.
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