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The letter

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Next chapter, sorry its short. Enjoy!

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Poison skidded a little over the soft sand right in front of the building next to the other killjoys. They all stood outside a small, battered building, paint peeling off the walls and door half hanging open. “Feels like home huh?” asked Jet “the last time we were here was with the kid” “Yeah” said Ghoul and turned to Scout “how is she doing? You said you heard from here a few days ago” Yep” said Scout, and pulled out a small letter addressed to her. She unfolded it and began to read the small writing.

Dear Venge
How are you? I hope you’re safe from Korse now. Right now, I can’t give a specific location to where I am just in case this falls into the wrong hands but I have a roof over my head and I have people to keep me safe. I heard from one of the people who are with me that Korse is hiding out in the wilderness where we used to be and BLI is located in a place around the wilderness, a really High Tec lab with all the Draculoids.
Tell Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star and Kobra Kid I am alright and I think I may see you soon when Korse is gone.
Stay safe, Venge

Scout reached the end of the letter and looked up at the men. “Well, she’s safe at least” said Jet, taking off his helmet and setting it on a table. “Did you reply to her?” asked Ghoul “I got this letter 2 days ago” said scout “We set out here when I received it but I did manage to reply. I said “received letter, we are all fine, setting out in wilderness. Try and contact ASAP. Venge” I hope she got it”. The was a long silence as everyone took off helmets, masks, gloves and jackets. Jet grabbed a few drinks and sat down at a small wooden table with everyone else. Not noticing the Draculoid peep his head over a sand mound and dart back.

Korse looked at the Draculoid who had peeped his head over the dune. It nodded. He then steadied his white ray gun in his hand, loaded it and waited silently. All the Draculoid’s copied him, hiding behind the hill. After finding the location of the Killjoys, they had headed there as quickly as they could, taking guns, trucks, motorbikes and cars. He was determined this time that he would bring the end of the 5 brats who had foiled his plans and the plans of BLI. There was complete and utter silence as Korse slowly peeped his head over the dune and looked around for any sign of life. Nothing moved on the sand. He ducked his head back down, nodded to his men and they slowly moved forwards.
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