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Now it starts getting fun ;D

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2011/06/28 - Updated: 2011/06/28 - 4787 words - Complete


  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) shortygirl 2011-06-28 09:50:17 AM

    Well thats defiantly a new way to wake up in the morning. I think Gerard knows

    Author's response

    It certainly is ;D I think Gerard needs to get his ass into gear xD
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) mcrsavedmylife44 2011-06-28 10:53:51 AM

    YAYY! I was not disappointed at all! Jeez gerard is such a sneeky devil in this, got to love it!
    Anna xx

    Author's response

    Ahh I'm glad you liked it ;D And of course he is! I love writing Gerard as a perv, it makes me world go round :')
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) andreajp 2011-06-28 12:16:17 PM

    Wow I like Pierre a little more lol. Well at least Gerard knows that Frank is a little gayish lol I'm going to read your other story, I just need time to plant my ass down and enjoy it without having to stop every ten minutes because one of the kids I watch needs me.....le sigh sorry for venting, I just always want to read your stories as soon as they are update.

    Author's response

    I think we all do ;) I don't think it woulda stopped good ol' Geetard even if he wasnt xD But good luck with the baby sitting thing, doing that always makes me wanna tear my hair out D: But hopefully the new fic will make you feel better when you eventually get round to reading it x)
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) FlyingSmoke 2011-06-28 01:06:30 PM

    Well, Frankie, I was going to say you were fucked, bbut apparently not yet. At least you had Pierre there to help with your little (well, large) problem. I couldn't believe that was a dream...
    I was thinking about how the circus people don't see Gee's 'problem', cause it's over his heart, but I guess the waistcoat covers it up...? I unno, but STEAMPUNK ALERT! COG WHEELS AND PANIC!'S CLOCK CANE! Well, at least it looked like a clock.
    Devious, are we, Gee. Squeezing Frank's ass. But, seriously, make a move soon. You don't want to be the last guy there to have Frank, now do you?
    Update soon!

    Author's response

    Weelll I do like to lead you guys in all the wrong directions ;D XD I think Pierre just went up in everyone's books ;D
    Ahh the waistcoat does indeed cover it, but the circus people already know (frankie of course does not) but that all shall become clear in later chapters :) And WHAAAT!? Panic! have a clock cane!? Why have I not seen thiiis D:
    And Gee, devious? Never.
    Ah who am I kiddin'. Hopefully Frank isn't gonna turn into the circus slut but I make nooo promises ^^
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) andreajp 2011-06-29 11:34:23 PM

    Circus slut....circus slut....circus slut.....shit did I say that out loud XD

    Author's response

    Two words should never be spoken to someone like me. The miriage of ideas is astounding...
    Oh Frankie, you were never meant to be a whore... but the temptation....
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) bulletproofbustier 2011-06-30 02:00:11 AM

    This chapter was full of win. Also, I too vote for circus slut.

    Author's response

    Really? You guys WANT Frank to be a slut? Well, who am I to fight the masses?
    And yes...
    I too, like the idea of circus slut ;D
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) andreajp 2011-06-30 09:20:40 PM

    Do what you want, I love reading you smut, as well as your plots. And honestly I think Frank has an inner dirty boy inside him in this story waiting to be released! And if that has to be released by Gerard I'm sure as fuck okie dokie with that! Don't change your mind for the masses, because a lot of us have a one track mind, we love lots and lots of butt sex. Fuck the plot! It can take a hike, just bring on the man sex.

    Goddamn I'm confusing myself! In one hand I want to read him as he was meant to be, but in the other, I will always love Frankie on his knees. >_< my brain hurts now.

    For the love of my sanity please tell me at least some of that^^^^^ makes sense.

    Author's response

    See, this is where I wish I could say I was different but I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my mind is mostly just butt secks too. I mean, I'm the kinda person who can do something really mundane... like food shopping... and before you know it I'm compiling a story in my head about how Fee and Gee come shopping and somehow end up fucking in the middle of the aisles.
    Actually, I still need to write that one ;D
    The joy of this story so far is that I have the basic plot idea in my head, but I can have Frank as slutty as anything and the plot would still work in the direction I want it to... either way, I'm gonna sit down to write it and it'll just run itself, my stories control me half the time xD
    I'm sure what ever happens though, you guys are gonna love it ;D Someone most definitely will be on their knees, that much is certain, but will it be Frankie? Eventually for sure... but before that... hmmmm... strokes beard
  • Nuts and bolts

    (#) scarlett_fitch2027 2011-09-13 11:32:07 PM

    Ooh Gerard is a bad man. And I don't think Frank is quite as innocent as he appears...guess I'll just have to read on to find out!


    Author's response

    Even innocent people like sexeh time ^^ Gerard is a bit of a bitch though :')

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