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Another Misfit For The Clan

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If you have ever woken up in a place where you did not fall asleep in, you will know that when you wake up, you are a little disoriented. And then you fall off the sofa and onto the floor, tangled in a heap of blankets.

“Oh, your up.” I looked up to see Gerard standing in the doorway, beer in hand.

“Yeah…” I said picking myself up off the ground. “How did we get home, where is everyone?”

“Well, I drove here , and they all went back to the warehouse to check out what’s going on.” He took a drink from his beer bottle. “You passed out, if you don’t remember.”

I looked at him and nodded, taking a seat on the sofa, recalling the event’s that took place only a few short hours ago. So much death, piles of rotting bodies….those were people we knew, people we talked to everyday, I was sure some of my friends were in there, and neighbors, people we passed everyday. It was inhumane like Frank had said. I leaned back on the sofa and brought my knees up to my chest. I had never seen so much death, not even movies or a cemetery.

Before I knew what was going on, Gerard hand’s were on each of my shoulders. “Lyn? Lyn!” I looked into his eyes and snapped out of my thoughts, realizing that I was shaking. His hands let go of me once I stopped shaking and I took a deep breath.

“Here, you need something to drink.” he said, and I didn’t even think twice when the bottle was pressed to my lips, I took a drink, then spit it back out, unfortunately, I managed to spit beer all over his shirt. His hazel eyes widened at me. “What the hell was that for?” he demanded.

“I don’t like beer, I wasn’t expecting that.” I said nervously. “I’m sorry about your shirt, we can always wash it.”

He just shook his head and walked out of the room, I heard his footsteps on the stairs, probably going to change his shirt. I sighed, feeling bad, and walked upstairs to me bedroom, closing the door and collapsing onto my bed, still tired.


“Lyn? Lyn wake up.”

My brothers voice hung over me, but I didn’t want to open my eyes, sleep felt so good, I didn’t want to be completely pulled out of it.

“Lyn!” he said louder and I opened my eyes to see him sitting next to me on the bed. “Thank you for joining the world of the living.” he smiled a little, sleep well?”

“Um, sure.” I said, sitting up and rubbing my eyes, swearing at myself as I rubbed in my make-up, seeing black smears on my hands. “Gerard said you’ve been sleeping for awhile. And that you spit beer on him, want to explain that?” he raised his eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean to, he offered me the bottle and I didn’t realize what I was drinking until it was too late.” I frowned. “I’m sorry Ray, what I saw today really shook me up.”

He nodded. “Mikey, Alicia and I went to go see it, it’s terrible.”

I blinked. “Who’s Alicia?” I asked.

“I was just getting to that.” Ray said. “Mikey and I found her on our RV mission today. Her car was broke down on the side of the road, she’s been traveling for weeks , and came all the way from Ohio.”

I sat there confused. “So….you found someone else who is immune? Because if she’s not…we run the risk of getting infected Ray, it could still happen.”

“No Lyn.” he shook his head. “She’s not infected, she’s a survivor like us, the plague took her family too, she’s been traveling trying to find survivors like us, so I welcomed her to stay and come to Montana with us.”

I looked at my brother and studied his expression, he was extremely intelligent at most times, but sometimes I worried about him. “Ray…if this is some brilliant plan you have to try to re-populate the world…I don’t think I want to become Auntie Lyn just yet.”

Ray’s eyes widened. “Lyn! No! I was not thinking like that. You know I’m not like that.” he laughed a little. “I made dinner, so fix your war paint and come downstairs.” he leaned in and gave me a little hug before he left, closing my door. I got up and flicked on the light and looked at my reflection in the mirror, my make up was smeared and my hair was everywhere from sleeping. As soon as I had fixed both things I descended the stairs, smelling Ray’s famous chili coming from the kitchen.

“She’s Alive!” Mikey said jokingly, sitting on the counter eating a bowl of steaming chili.

“It’s a miracle to be alive around here.” I said, and looked at the chili, deciding I wasn’t hungry. Frank was lounged at the table with his feet up, eating Chili and Gerard was no where to be seen.

I turned to Ray. “You said there was a girl here? Alex, or Alyson?”

“Alicia.” Ray corrected. “She’s been outside on the porch swing for a while now, said she wanted some air.” Ray’s eyes shifted to the window. “You can go meet her, she probably feels more comfortable around another girl anyway.”

I gave Ray a nod and stepped outside, closing the door behind me and looking to the wooden bench swing. The girl sitting on the swing, lightly swaying was not who I had pictured. But that was the problem with forming a descriptions in ones mind about a person, from only knowing a little bit of information about them. I had assumed she would look more like a rugged traveler, messy hair, torn jeans, maybe an outfit more fit more extreme conditions and wear and tear, but that wasn’t the case.

She was cute and sweet looking, nowhere near the bad ass type I had imagined. She was smaller than me…probably only about 5 foot. With long black hair and pale complexion. Dressed in an AFI hoodie and red mini skirt, her feet- incased in black and white DC’s, didn’t even touch the wooden porch floor.

“Hi.” I said, taking a seat next to her on the swing. “I’m Lyn.” I extended my hand for her to shake. She looked up at me with large brown eyes, they looked both scared and tired. She had no reason to be afraid, I couldn’t hurt a fly….unless the fly really pissed me off….

“Nice meeting you, I’m Alicia, but call me Ali.” She took my hand and lightly shook it, before placing her hand back in her lap.

“It is nice.” I agreed. “Sorry about the guys, they may seem crazy, but they’re cool, Ray is my brother, and I grew up with Frank in school, he might be the only one you have to watch out for.” I joked.

“ Is Frank the one with the scorpion tattoo?” she asked.

“That would be him.” I said. “Were you introduced to everyone?”

“Yes, but I wanted to make sure.”

We both jumped when we heard a crash come from inside the house. “IERO!” Ray shouted.

“Sorry!” Frank called back from in the house. “I’ll clean it up.”

I laughed and looked at Ali, who didn’t find humor or comfort in what just happened. “I think Frank spilt chili.” I told her.

“Oh.” was all she said, and was silent for a few minutes until she spoke again, turning her attention back to me. “Thank you for letting me stay with you and your friends.”

“You are welcome, thank you for joining us, It will be nice to have another girl around to talk to.”

“I know what you mean.” she agreed. “Ray also said I would be sharing your room with you.”

“Oh…he did?” I said, surprised. It wasn’t that I was selfish or unwilling to share, but I had always had my own room, and kept things the way I wanted it to be, I didn’t like messes or things to be out of place. Not to mention there was only one bed…..looked like I was going to be sleeping on the sofa. No matter though, we were leaving once Ray found and RV, so that shouldn’t be too long.

“Yeah, I promise I’m not a messy roommate.” she promised, clearing up some of my concerns.

“Good, I like things to be in order.” I smiled. “Well, I think I’m going inside for some dinner, want to join me?”

“Why not?” she shrugged and got off the swing, I followed close behind. She was short, and oddly enough I found it cute.


Thanks for reading, I just wanted to state that the character of Alicia is not Alicia Simmons, is nothing like her and will not be with Mikey.
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