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American Girl Chapter 21

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Kylan is on the move.

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A week later.

"Wake up bitch." Kylan yelled walking into the room Zaria was now sharing with her siblings. Siblings. That was what she was starting to think of not only Bandit but Cherry as well.

"I'm already awake. I have this little illness called; insomnia. Fucking bastard." Zaria said.

"Shut up. Get the children awake; get them dressed. We're going out today."


"Out. We have to get out of here. People are on our trail."

"Then I want to stay." Zaria snapped.

"Shut the fuck up and get ready bitch." Kylan bellowed, slapping her across the face; causing her to stumble and hit her head. "Now get dressed." He said storming out of the room.

"Zar?" Bandit whispered, climbing off the bed and over to the teen who was crying in the corner. Bandit wrapped her small arms around Zaria and said, "It's 'kay, Mommy an' Daddy are still coming to get us." Zaria just smiled and hugged the little girl.

"Yes, they are indeed sweetheart. Can you wake Cherry up while I get dressed?" Zaria asked. Bandit nodded, and toddled off back to the bed. Zaria grabbed a pair of skin coloured tights, and a skirt, she quickly pulled them on and grabbed a Mindless Self Indulgence shirt. It had surprised her to see most of her things in the room but of course; they must of grabbed her things when they grabbed her.

"Hey Zar," Alex smiled walking in. "Kylan sent me to check on you after he hit you."

"He did? How's it look?" She asked.

"Like shit. Want help getting the kids dressed?"

"Please." Zaria nodded. Alex had became some what of a friend to her; of course that was in private. If Thomas or Kylan was around he would beat her just as much as they did, but Zaria knew he wasn't a bad person. In 10 minutes they had the kids ready, the bags packed up.

"You know what happens now, yeah?" Alex asked as they stood by the door.

"Yeah, but Alex?"


"Promise me you don't mean the things you do to us?" Zaria mumbled, bowing her head.

"I promise." He smiled. "Ready?"

"Yup." Zaria sighed, picking Cherry up and holding onto Bandit's hand as Alex grabbed the bags. To anyone else; this scene would look like an older sister baby sitting her siblings with the help of her boyfriend or good friend. After all; Zaria had discovered that they were being kept in the basement of a house.

"Then shut the fuck up bitch." Alex roared. "Get out there." Zaria cringed and practically ran out the door. "Sorry." Alex mouthed as they walked up the stairs.

"Ah, Zaria; looking as slutty as normal." Kylan drawled as he saw her.

"Fuck off." She yelled, pulling her boots on. Why their shoes were kept upstairs, she didn't know. She quickly helped the kids with theirs and then resumed her tight hold on them. "Where to we going then?" She asked.


"Where to we goin'?"

"Either speak English, or don't speak at all."

"Were are we going then?" She snapped.

"The one place you've always wanted to go." Kylan laughed. Zaria stared at him, open mouthed.

"Where's that then, Boss?" Alex asked.

"Ask Zaria." Kylan grinned.

"Where is it?" Alex snapped.

"Italy." Zaria whispered. Kylan laughed.

"Awh, and heres me thinking that this would of been a dream come true for you." Kylan laughed darkly.

"If you know that I wanted to go to Italy then you must know damn well that I wanted to go to Italy to get married!"

"Well why else would we be going my dear?" Kylan laughed. Zaria stared at him again.


"Haha, we'll see." Kylan laughed. "Hm, you know I think we have time for sex before the private helicopter gets here."

"No!" Zaria screamed. "Don't you fucking dare!" She yelled, kicking out at him.

"Boss, the 'copter is here." Thomas said.

"Oh fuck; well we can fuck later." Kylan laughed, winking at Zaria. She simply gagged, and held tighter onto Bandit's hand. "Follow me." Kylan said, his men following him then Zaria and the childen, followed by Alex.

"Zaria?" Alex whispered. She nodded slightly knowing what would happen if she was caught talking. "Do you think they're really going to make you get married?" He asked as they climbed into one of the helicopters. She nodded.

"I just don't know how he found out." Zaria mouthed, sitting down and strapping the children into their seats.

"I think we're gonna have to start using sign language." Alex signed. Zaria nodded.

"I agree." She signed back. "And thank you Alex." She signed.

"No problem." He signed in reply. Zaria sank back into her seat; knowing what awaited her. Wondering if Gerard and the others would ever find them. Wondering if anyone was still looking for them. Wondering who she would be forced to married. And most of all, wondering who had betrayed her.


"It's been a week Gerard! Where are they?!" Lyn-z sobbed, as Jamia hugged her. Both women had been hurting and scared all week; with the slight hope that they would be reunited by the end of the week. They were in the safe house, looking for clues.

"Guys, I found Zaria's diary." Frank said.

"So?!" Mikey snapped.

"It might give us some clues. Places where Kylan kept her last time, places she wants to go. That kind of thing. Only thing is it's written in some kind of code thing." Frank frowned.

"Lemme see that." Ray said, taking it from him. "It says that she kept two copies of this. One in English and one in this code. Where there any other copies Frank?"

"Just this one."

"Are you sure?" Mikey asked him.

"Positive." Frank nodded.

"Fuck." Alicia groaned.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Mikey asked,

"She had the English version here with her. She was writing in it and now it's gone." Alicia said.

There was a chorus of "Oh shit."
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