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Chapter 4

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Mikey talks to Erin, Hayley & Gerard about what to do.

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"Let me get this straight?" Erin looked confused. This is never a good sign "Somebody's threatening you?"
"Not exactly," I said quickly "They're not really blackmailing me either. Right now, they're just scaring me. I don't know what they want me to do."
Erin was quiet before asking "What did the page say?"
"None of your business!"
"Hey come on!"
"No, I'm not telling you!" I sighed and lay back on my bed "Who do you think it could be?"
"I don't know!"
"Do you think it could be Bert?"
Erin simply shrugged. When she was thinking really hard she didn't say a lot. These moments were pretty rare.
I started thinking about it. Who was pretty mad at me at the moment? Someone that was at the party? Well Bert obviously. But he wasn't exactly mad at specifically me? And how would he even have got the piece of paper? It was in my bedroom, hidden in a box under my bed. I'd already checked to see if anything else had been taken. Nope, nothing. Only the one piece of paper. Unless Bert had somehow come back later?
My eyes caught the small white envelope sitting on my desk. No way! Could... Could it be Autumn?
No, Autumn wouldn't do something like this. She was too kind to do that. And besides she was being really nice to me all night. Why would she leave me a sweet note if she didn't like me? My face still burned at the thought of Autumn reading that piece of paper.
I sighed, got up off the bed and went back to my computer. "What are you doing?" Autumn asked, getting up and standing behind my chair.
"Checking to see if it was only sent to me," I told her "Or to see if the picture was taken somewhere familiar..."
"Ever been to Bert's house then?"
"It might not necassarily be Bert, idiot."
"Do not call me an idiot."
I clicked on the email. "It's only been sent to me," I said "Now look away because I'm going to bring up the picture."
"But you want me to help y-" I glared at her "Whatever. I need to use the bathroom."
So she walked off to use my toilet while I opened the picture. The embarassing page flashed up again but whoever had taken it had been very careful. There was nothing around the paper on the photo. Just a page.
"Any clues?" Erin asked, walking back into the room.
I quickly closed the image and said "No, there was nothing."
"Oh well." Erin said "You'll figure something out eventually."

"Gerard?" I started, trying to sound innocent. He looked up at me "If someone found out something really personal about you, like really embarrassing, hadn't told anyone but told you they knew, how would you deal with it?"
"I'd try and find out something personal about them," Gerard told me, returning his attention to his art homework "So if they tried to hold my personal information against me I could hold theirs against them."
"But what if you didn't know who it was? So you couldn't get anything to use against them?"
"Then I'd act like I don't care." Gerard shrugged "Then they'd think I really didn't care-"
"And tell everyone because you don't care at all?"
"Look, what's this about?"
"Uhh English homework." I lied "It's totally stupid. I'll go and bug somebody else."
I went upstairs and asked the same question to Hayley. "I'd ask them what they wanted," Hayley told me "What I needed to do to get them to keep their mouths shut."
"But what if they kept making you do stuff that you really didn't want to do?"
"I dunno Mikey. Why do you ask anyway?"
"No reason," I shrugged "Aren't you mad at me anymore?"
She shook her head "I decided that maybe Bert was maybe a little too old for me."
"Well it's good that you're finally seeing sense."
"Yep." Hayley whispered as I got up and left the room.
I went back into my bedroom and checked my emails in case they had sent another. I didn't have any new emails at all.
"Okay," I whispered "Now what?"
Finally I decided to take Hayley's advice and clicked reply on the original email.
Dear Jack My Swag,
Why'd you send me that picture? And what do you want me to do to make you keep quiet about it?
From Mikey

I clicked send then sat back. Now all I can do is wait. And hope whatever they want me to do is not completely humiliating.
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