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Everyday I'm Shufflin'

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What happens when you realize you have fallen in love with your boyfriends best friend? One shot!

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I wanted to try something different seen as my other FOB story was a bit crap! Decided to change this to a one shot!

I hadn't really given much thought to my boyfriends friends. They were nice guys and all but I never really spent my time with them, until recently.

My boyfriend's name is Pete. Peter, Lewis Kingston Wentz the 3rd to be exact. I dunno what attracted me to him at first. I think it was mainly because he was so nice to me, he was funny and always acted like my best friend. I never really noticed I liked him until he asked me out. I didn't really mind going out with him. He was a babe don't get me wrong. I just didn't wanna have to leave my friends behind for him.

My best friend Alissa had the biggest crush on Pete when I started going out with him, it didn't annoy me because she wasn't going to do anything about it. Now she likes his best friend Patrick. I didn't mind trying to set them two up but I don't think he was into it.

I guess by now your wondering more about me... well here goes.

My name is Alice Stewart, I'm 19 and from Chicago. I'm currently at College studying Physiology. I have blond hair with a few blue streaks in it. I'm small and pretty skinny. I have some piercings but not too many, as for tattoos, I had 4.

Pete was pretty nice, he was kinda like a typical emo boy. He was very hot. I felt quite lucky to be his girlfriend. We met in Hot Topic once we got talking, became friends and then he asked me out. I was pretty happy when he did. I found out he was in a band 'Fall Out Boy' which sounded pretty good. When I finally met his band mates, I was so excited. They were all so sweet.

I quickly became good friends with them but I didn't want to like over do it and cling to them. Alissa always wanted to hang with them, just to try and talk to Patrick. I don't know why but it got very annoying.

"Alice. Are you still with us?" Pete asked me, waving a hand in front of my face.
"Yeah" I said snapping out of my daydream.
"Good, Patrick is coming over would you mind keeping him company? I have to go for a shower" I nodded as he went for a shower. We recently moved in together, I loved him and all but I wasn't sure if this is what I wanted.

10 minutes later the doorbell rang.

"Hey" I said as I opened the door to let Patrick come in.
"Hey, Alice, how are you?" He smiled to me.
"Fine yourself?" I replied to be polite.
"Alright" He smiled and went and sat on the couch in the living room.

We done the small talk thing. It was kinda awkward, I don't know why but I didn't know how to act.

Pete came in and sat next to me and kissed me on the lips. I felt a little weird because Patrick was right there. I didn't wanna seem weird like so I made an excuse to leave. Pete looked a bit annoyed but I didn't care.

I grabbed my car keys and my mobile phone. I noticed I had a new message, when I read it I smiled. Just what I needed

'Al, House party tonight, one of the kids in your physco class invited us, ask the guys like. Patrick especially ;)! love from your biatch Alissa'

I opened the door and shouted.

"Pete, you and the guys wanna go to a party tonight?"
"Yeah, time?" He shouted back
"8" I shouted back
"Okaydokey" He returned

I went for a drive and bought some new skinnies and a t-shirt for tonight. I was needing a drink so badly. I couldn't wait to lose my head and get drunk.

We arrived at the party just as things were getting started, I just rushed for the drinks. Pete talked to Andy, Joe and Patrick for a while before he went and got any drinks. I didn't care and Alissa told me to calm down, I just smiled and drunk more.

After I was pretty wasted I bumped into Patrick.
"Shit sorry dude" I giggled,
"My bad, seriously" He giggled back.
I looked at him and for the first time I seen him in a different way. He was gorgeous, in a different way from Pete but I dunno, it was intriguing.
"We should go somewhere more quiet and like talk or something. Yeah?" I asked

That was the worst thing I could have possibly done. We ended up in this kids bedroom. I locked the door as he leaned into kiss me again. With more passion than the first time he kissed me. I pulled him in and wrapped my arms around him. He just pulled me closer by my waist. I pulled him over to the bed and he fell down on top of me. The passion was building and for some reason it felt right.

Within minutes we were under the covers, naked. I didn't regret this at all. We fucked roughly. Not like it meant anything. It was amazing though, somehow better than when me and Pete done it. Thank god I was on birth control because we were both so drunk that condoms would not have been an easy task.

When it was over I just pulled my clothes on and left the room, without a word. I had to leave, the adrenaline was cursing through my veins. I didn't want anyone to know and I couldn't deal with this guilt. I had to get out of here.

I went home, showered and went to bed. Hoping for the morning to bring some good news. Maybe it didn't happen. Maybe he forgot it happened and I don't need to feel the guilt.

When I woke up I had a text.

'I wont tell if you don't ;)'

I smiled as I wasn't ashamed anymore. This wasn't how I thought it would go but I guess it might be fun.

"Babe, where did you go last night? I was worried but then Andy said he seen you getting in a cab" Pete asked as we sat and watched tv together. Shit was all I could think...
"Um, yeah I wasn't feeling too good, sorry I should have told someone" I lied quickly.
"It's alright, as long as your not like ill or something" He smiled and turned his attention back to the screen.

Right, this isn't exactly what I want right now. I mean, I love Pete and all but I don't know if I can deal with the stress of what happened. It was a mistake and it will definitely not happen again. I hope. No it wont, I'm not a cheater. I will never accept to being a cheater!

I will do anything just to stop thinking of it all. The way he smelled, the way he felt. His skin against mine and the softness. The way he moved. The way he smiled when he got what he wanted. The way he kissed me was like nothing I've ever felt before. I can't stop thinking about it now. STOP IT YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND!

One Week Later
So it has been about a week since the 'incident' as I would much rather prefer it. I haven't left the house except for going to college. I can't face the chance that I might run into him or anyone, I'm too ashamed. I don't know what I'm more ashamed about though, the fact I cheated on Pete with his best friend... or the fact I would do it again in a heartbeat just because I'm now obsessed with the way it feels.

I don't want to know how he feels. I don't think he is the kinda person to go behind his best friends back. He is too honest, that is why I get scared when Pete comes home or gets off the phone. I think he knows and I get all weird with him. He's gonna work something out soon.

I haven't had sex with Pete since before it happened. He might be getting a little suspicious because it's the longest we have went without sex. I know that sounds a little weird but we are sexually active teens!

That's when it hit me, I shouldn't have to hide, he said he wouldn't hide and he has a lot more to loose than me. His best friend, respect from other band mates and most of they might kick him out for that kinda shady work. So yeah I'm going to their gig tonight. Anyways, I need out of this goddamn house!

Later At The Gig
I moved through the crowd of about 100 people, I couldn't believe how many people there were here now, they are definitely getting bigger. I really wanted the show to begin because I wanted to see who I was more drawn to, because that means I can make my mind up much more quicker!

"ALICE!" I heard a familiar voice from behind me, Alissa I thought
"Hey Alissa!" I said and pulled her into a hug
"I haven't seen you since the party last week, you been alright? I have some goss to tell you, if you wanna talk before it begins?" She smiled, I just nodded and she pulled me into one of the booths.
"So you know, at the party a lot went on. Well I asked Patrick where you were and he said you had left. So I took that as an opportunity to like get to know him and stuff, he seemed a little off guard. I don't know why. Then we kissed. I don't know how it happened" She squealed "But isn't that such a good success?" She asked me smiling.
"Oh yeah that's really good, did he ask you out?" I said more curiously than I should.
"See, that's the confusing part. I asked him if he wanted to go on a date like this week and he just said he had to go or something. Not spoke to him since then, I dunno what to do" She said sounding a little annoyed with herself.

The lights dimmed and I was so happy, the jealously was about to explode. I don't know why it annoyed it me as much as it did, but really it did. I want to be able to say that I'm happy with my decision to be with Pete but right now I wish I wasn't but then I wouldn't have met Patrick. I'm so confused!

We made our way down to the front of the crowd and his soothing voice came through the speakers making my heart skip a beat.

Where is your boy tonight, I hope he is a gentleman and maybe he wont find out what I know, you were the last good thing about this part of town

I couldn't help but stare in awe. He was beautiful and had such an amazing voice. I know this is wrong but I couldn't look away. I looked over to be Pete who was being his crazy self. It made me smile a lot. I couldn't decide what I wanted and this angered me because they both have such amazing qualities but at the same time I don't want anyone to get hurt!

The songs were getting better and the performance was just amazing! I couldn't be happier, until it ended. Pete came running out to meet me in the bar area.
"Alice, I didn't think you were coming, I'm glad you decided to come though. How did you think it went?" He said breathlessly.
"You guys are getting good at this game, well done. I'm proud of you guys" I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Pete, wait up you dropped your cell..." Patrick said running up to me and Pete. "Phone" He finished his sentence and just looked at me then the floor.
"Oh thanks buddy, shit my mom called. Be right back" Shit, the worst thing he could ever say.
I looked at my feet unsure of what to say or do, when I looked up he was just looking at me. Unsure also.
"Alice, I think we should maybe talk about what happened" He said looking at his feet again, damn he looked so cute.
"Mhmm" I said not looking at him
"It was a mistake, I know that's what you think, you don't need to say it to me but we should just like forget it and not tell him. You know how much shit that could mean for both of us and let's face it none of us want anything bad happening" He smiled at me.
"Yeah, your right" I smiled back
Pete came back and asked if I was ready to go and I said yeah and we headed off. I would be lying if I said that went how I wanted it to go but it was never going to end well.

3 Months Later
I looked at myself in the mirror and instantly felt sick, I couldn't look at it. I realized what I had become. A monster.

I couldn't bare doing this to him anymore. He didn't deserve it, yet I hadn't physically done anything since the first night. I had hoped I wouldn't still feel like this after this long but the feelings just grew. As I fell into a pit of depression. They picked up their success and got on with their life. I was happy in a way because all the work with the band made it easier to hide my sadness. He wouldn't need to watch me fall down into my own hell. It's silly to think I'm this fucked up over some silly night. He doesn't even realized how much he means to me. This is the day I finally need to tell him. I love him.


Luckily for me this wasn't going to be as hard as I had originally thought. I was going to call him and invite him over to the house. Pete is staying at his parents house this weekend because he hasn't seen them much lately. He told me to bring Alissa over and get her to stay but in all honesty, I haven't really spoken to her since last month, we had a fall out and kinda made up but it was the sort where you do fall in but don't really talk after it. I wasn't too bothered.

'Hey, are you busy today?' I sent Patrick a text, a few minutes later I received a reply from him.
'Hey you, nope I'm all free. What's up?'
'Oh, you wanna come over and hang or something. I need to talk to you' I sent the message slightly regretting it but knew I had to do this.
'Sure, I'll be over in 10 minutes :D'

Sure enough ten minutes later he pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door. I answered it with a smile. Not sure how to handle this one hoping it wasn't going to go badly. Fingers crossed.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" he said sitting on the couch, Smiling.
"Um, I'm not sure how to start really" I said, my hands were shaking.
"Just go from the beginning and see how this goes. It'll be fine so stop worrying" He said putting his hand on my knee for reassurance.
"Okay, well Patrick, I... I, I'm. I think, no I know. I'm in love with... you" I said bowing my head down to avoid seeing his reaction.
The silence was killing me, I didn't know what to think. My heart was pounding and my breathing was becoming more heavy. "Say something please!" I said to him.
"Alice, I cannot lie and say this isn't a shock to me. I thought you were disappointed and disgusted in what we done, but I guess not. I've got to be honest with you and say I have got feelings for you and I think your beautiful and amazing but your my best friend's girlfriend and I couldn't hurt him like that. If he found out he would kill me. I don't want to hurt him at all. I'm sorry" He said to me.
"Well I think it might be too late for that" I said grabbing his hand and laying it on my stomach. "I don't think I could pull off hiding that one from him" I laughed
He just stared at my stomach. "We didn't use protection, oh shit. I thought you were on birth control anyway?" He said looking at me with scowl
"I was but I guess it didn't work" I said looking at my hand on my knees.
"Oh shit, fuck fuck fuck" He said standing up and started pacing. "What are you doing with it? Does he know your pregnant? What is happening?" He asked getting himself worked up.
"I'm keeping her, you don't need to be involved at all if you do not wish. I know how difficult it could get for you. He doesn't know, I've hid it well but I'm nearing 3 months and I'm not gonna be able to hide it much more. I don't know, don't you think it's hard on me. I didn't want this at all. I didn't want to sleep with you but it happened. I hated myself after it" I said standing up and walking over to him "I wanted to tell him so much and not have to hid at all. Then I started getting weird feelings for you, I ignored it and when you said we should leave it I thought yeah best thing to do. When I found out I was pregnant. I cried for a full week, he didn't understand what was going on. I just told him my period and that my mood was fucked up. I knew at that moment. I had a choice, tell him or wait to tell you. This is my decision. Your the dad, no doubt about it. I just need to know what your thinking" I said while pacing in front of him
"I need some time to think" He said, sitting down.
"I'm going for a shower and we can talk when I get back?" I asked
"Yeah, that would help a lot" He said staring into space

1 hour later, I walked into the living room feeling fresh, compared to the way I felt before I went for a shower. I seen him sitting in the exact position as before I went away
"Patrick, are you alright?" I whispered, he turned around and looked at me. For the first time since I told him he smiled at me.
"Come here" He said, I sat down next to him and smiled. "I don't want you to have to deal with this yourself anymore. I want to be here for you, help you out. Most of all I want to be there for that baby in there. She deserves a dad and a mom who are happy and full of life. You don't look happy and I'm not that happy either. I want to make this better. Will you let me be a part of this?" He smiled and took my hand in his
"Of course you can" I said smiling back at him "Now, all we need to do is find a way to break it to Pete, there's no way we can do it without him working out it's yours and that I cheated on him" I said with tears building up in my eyes.
"I know, we should just be honest with him and accept that he is gonna flip out but he will heal" He said kissing me on the cheek. "Now, I've gotta go, my mom just called asking me to come over to help he get some decorations for the Christmas tree and stuffs, call me later when you decide what you want to do regarding Pete" He smiled to me
"Shit, I forgot it like Christmas in a week" I said looking at the calendar "I need to go shopping and get some gifts" I said looking at my watch "It's still early enough to go for some shopping" I smiled

I didn't know what to get people. My family weren't a big problem. It was do I get Pete something as well as break his heart? I need to get him something anyways. I settled on this really nice watch. He likes watches. I got Patrick this really nice hat that I think he would adore. I can't believe things are looking up.

Pete came home 2 days later and I was prepared for the worst, but I didn't feel that bad really. I just wanted to get it over with, I was just going to tell him straight.

I later decided that maybe I should wait until after Christmas because then I wouldn't ruin his Christmas. I liked the thought that next Christmas I would be spending it with my new baby and Patrick. I felt warm and fuzzy.

"I'm going out for some Christmas Eve shopping Pete. I will be back in about 3 or 4 hours. See ya" I said walking out the door. He seemed distant since he got back but really I didn't care.

I looked everywhere but I couldn't find anything that would make good gifts. Then I found a really cool music shop where I got Andy 3 new sets of drum sticks, Joe got a few new guitar straps. I was proud that I got some cool gifts. I decided that was me done and left to go home. I was 3 hours earlier than I had told Pete but I felt tired and needed to go for a nap. Being secretly pregnant was difficult!

I went to open the door to find it locked. I don't remember locking it and Pete would have told me if he was going out anywhere. I shook it off and got my key out. I opened the door and heard, giggling it sounded like. Then I heard someone say 'Oh Pete' in a playful way. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I know this may look stupid seen as I cheated on him but I really didn't think he was the type to cheat.

I opened the door to the living room to the scene that would help my life forever!

Pete was on top of some girl, fucking her. He didn't notice I had entered the room. So I decided to make myself present.

"Honey, I'm home" I smirked, he just froze on the spot and then looked at me, guilt and sorrow in his eyes.
"Alice. Shit, I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to happen, shit it's Christmas" He said getting up and pulling his boxers on. "I'm sorry" He said standing back. The girl to my surprise was...
"Alissa, should've known you would have gotten in on the action sooner or later" I laughed, she just looked ashamed.
"I think we need to talk Pete but first I need to make a phone call. You can make yourself a little more comfortable or something" I smiled and walked out into the hall way.

"Pete has been cheating on my with Alissa, isn't that pretty good news? come over now!" I said to Patrick.
"Sure, I'll be there in 5" He said hanging up.

Patrick arrived. "You ready" he said, I just nodded and we both went into the living room. Pete looked confused and Alissa looked disappointed.
"I guess your wondering why he's here, will become more clear later on, now tell me what's going on here please" I said to Pete
"I'm sorry, but I dunno what happened. You were so down and depressed about shit and Alissa just comforted me. I went to ask her to come and talk to you or something and things got a little heated. I didn't mean for it to happened but we have been falling apart for about 3 months. You know that yourself" He sighed.
"I know Pete, I'm sorry. I don't blame you, because I'm just as guilty. Remember that party we went to about 3 months ago. Me and Patrick had a one night stand type of thing. We decided it would be a good idea to just ignore it but for some reason my birth control failed. I got pregnant. I am pregnant. Thing is he only found out like 3 days ago so it's not like I've been going back to him. It was a mistake and I stopped myself from making it worse. I know this is going to sound bad but you cheating on me is like the best thing ever because now it's not as hurtful for me to have to tell you this. I'm sorry it had to go like this" I said tears falling from my eyes.
"Hey, kid it's fine. We both have known for awhile this was never meant to be between us" Pete said pulling me into a hug "I've seen the way you guys are together and I've always been jealous. It's you too for sure. This baby" He said and put his hand on my stomach "Was the trigger. Now as for you" He said walking over to Patrick "I don't really like the fact you knocked up my girl, but I'm proud you got the best girl in the world. I know this is a little weird right? I just have a good feeling right now, maybe it's the Christmas spirit or something. You two take care of each other and that baby. We have such a good adventure ahead of us" He smiled.

That's really all there is to the story at this point. Pete and Alissa started dating and fell in love quickly. They lasted and he asked her to marry him 3 days before my daughter was born.

Hayley Louise Stump, was born on June 19th. Weighting 6 pounds. She was beautiful. She looked just like her dad. He cried like such a baby when she born and it made me realize how much I love him.

3 Years Later
"Hayley, where's your dad?" I asked my 3 year old daughter.
"Bedroom" She smiled not looking away from sesame street. She had become just like her father. curly strawberry blond hair, cute little nose and had some set of lungs on her. "Moma. Unkie Pete and aunty Liss are here, she fatter now" Hayley giggled.

I went over and opened the door, Hayley running over to my side. I looked at Alissa, she was massive now. 8 months pregnant with twins. She was going to have a handful but she reckons Pete is good with children. I agree to an extent.
"Wow, Alissa your big now, how are ya?" I asked letting her in.
"I'm sore and bloated, how are you little Hayley?" She smiled trying to pick her up but not being able to bend down. I picked Hayley up and handed her to Alissa.
"Thanks, by the way. Have you told him yet?" She asked lowering her voice, I shook my head no.
"Do it soon" She smiled and walked (waddled) over to Hayley's toys and started playing with her.
"Hey, Alice" Pete said walking into the house and shutting the door.

The guys were going on tour in a week and Pete was over a lot making sure everything was set. Alissa was moving in here for a month because when she is due is the week Pete is back and if she goes into labor early I can call him and take her to the hospital. Luckily the last few dates are in the state.

"I'm going to see what Patrick is doing" I said to no one in particular.

I walked into the bedroom to see him sitting on the bed facing me. He smiled and told me to come in.

"Hey" I said sitting next to him.
"Hey, I want to ask you something special. I know it's something we have talked about but I'm done talking" He said sliding off the bed and getting onto his knee. "Alice Stewart, It's been 3 and a half hectic years with you, a child and a crazy family. The band and all the support have been amazing. I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with you no matter what but I want to be able to say 'hey this is my wife and kid' so will you do me the biggest honor and marry me?" He grinned the biggest and best smile I've ever seen, then he pulled out this massive beautiful diamond ring, I gasped.

"Of course" I smiled and he slipped the ring on my finger. "I have a surprise for you too" I said getting up and going into my drawer and pulled out a box.

He opened it and just smiled, like the smile he gave me when I walked down into the living room when I told him I was pregnant. Like everything was going to be fine.

"So, I wonder what it'll be this time" He smiled and kissed me on the lips.

"I hope a boy, even things out" I laughed.

"Patrick! you done it yet?" Pete screamed.
"Yeah" Patrick laughed
"Guess she said yeah?" He replied
"Mhmm" Patrick said


"Alice, have you told him yet?" I heard Alissa scream
"Well if I hadn't he would get a bit curious now!" I laughed back
"That was the plan" She said coming into the room with Hayley in her arms.
"Mommy, are you having a baby?" Hayley asked
"Yeah sweety, I am" I smiled and pulled her and Patrick into a big hug. Happy that I had my family. The best family in the world.

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