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14 - Blade You Stain

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14 - Blade You Stain

The next day came, slowly, passing as if it were trying to taunt the brother's with the fact that Elena'a funeral was now only two days away. They fidgeted, trying to about letting the others see their tears. As the Tuesday passed painstakingly slow the brothers scarcely left their rooms.
They hid in their rooms, as if they could hide away from the day that loomed over their head. And then, just as it had started, Tuesday slowly faded into Wednesday. And then without warning, the day was gone and Thursday was upon them.
Frank attempted to busy himself in the kitchen, ruining most of the Way brother's pots and pans in the process, and having to make numerous trips to the store to replace all the food he had burned.
Ray would occasionaly duck into the brothers' rooms to make sure that they were still in fact there. Taking in food for them to eat, trying to let them see that while yes, they had lost their Grandmother, they still have their friends.
And Bob, he walked around the house, trying to keep everyone together. He could feel the pain that the brothers were going to, and while they would sit together in a room, it was as if they were distancing themselves from their friends.

"Alright!" Frank shouted, grabbing a part of his hair in frustration. "I've had enough, they're coming out of their rooms!"
Bob and Ray looked up from the burned mass of what was supposed to be vegan pasta, and met Frank's gaze just a second before he stormed out of the kitchen and they head his footsteps pounding up the stairs.
They sighed simultaneously and glanced at each other with worried eyes before nodding and following the sound of Frank's one person stampede.

"That's it!"
The two men sitting in the room looked up at the sound of the door being shoved open followed by a furious yell. They glanced towards each other then back at the short man standing in the doorway.
"I've had it!" He paced furiously into the room and then Bob and Ray took his place at the door. "You need to stop hiding!"
Mikey stared at him in shock, he'd never seen Frank this mad before but as he stared closer he could see the pain in his eyes.
"What are you talking about?" Gerard asked, trying to keep his voice calm but he could feel the slight tearing at the strings of his heart.
"You know what the hell I'm talking about!" Frank protested. "You need to get out of your rooms and actually communicate with us. We want to help you but you won't let us."
Gerard ducked his head and stared intently at his hands while Mikey just blinked, still unable to comprehend what Frank was yelling at them. Finally, it seemed to sink in.
"Frank," he started and the shorter man turned his fiery gaze to the younger Way. "We really...we don't want to come out because we know we can't deal with it."
He spoke gently and tried to plead on his brother's behalf as well as his own.
"And we're trying to help you!"
They all turned to look at Bob who broke into the conversation. And then Ray spoke as well.
"We're trying to make you see that you don't have to get through it just with you two, we're here too!"
Mikey lowered his head as well as their friends stood up against them.
"Look, we're all here and we're tired of you both trying to hide everything! Mikey," the younger Way looked as Bob addressed him. "You were getting mad at Gerard for trying to stop his mourning but now you're doing the same thing he is."
He turned his head to the ground again, trying to hide the pain in his eyes.
"We understand that you need to mourn, but, we're here for you and you both need to understand."
Ray pressed on, taking a step closer to them. Then, without warning the brothers sprung to their feet and pulled him into a hug. He awkwardly tried to put his arms around them both before they broke away and hugged Bob and Frank in the same manner.
They looked at Gerard who gently wiped away some of his tears and then to Mikey who smiled softly, trying to choke back his own tears.
"We're always here for you," Frank murmered tossing each of his arms around the brothers. "Besides, Ray and Bob don't want me to cook anymore."
Mikey choked out a laugh as he and his brother returned Frank's one armed hugs.
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