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Ch. 5

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She froze, shaking with fear "pleease....Don't hurt sorry"

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Please note in this chapter i describe Frank's wife Jamia....I don't know what she looks like so this is purely my guess. Please don't bash me :)

After Party Poison, Kobra Kid and Jet Star left the room Fun Ghoul sat back to stare at Lilly. She looked so much like Jamia. Her eyes were that soft hazel and her hair was a dirty brown. She was so fair skinned and god....even her smile. Fun Ghoul reached his hand up to touch Lilly's face "Jamia.....You look just like your mother, you know that?" Lilly smiled "How do did you know?" Fun Ghoul tilted his head and pulled out a necklace that was hidden under his shirt "I gave your mother one once....I gave you and Cherry one too." Lilly looked down, and pulled on a chain that was around her neck. The pendant got caught on her shirt and she had to yank it a little to get it into view. "I never knew where I got it. Moma told me to get rid of it but i loved it. it made me smile so i kept it in secret." She looked down at the necklace in admiration. Fun Ghoul laughed "When i did it, i thought it was cheesy and Im glad i did" he hugged Lilly close as if she was going to be ripped out of his arms. "Tell me about mommie.....before she was all...bitchy" Fun Ghoul laughed "haha ok. lets see...before your mom was bitchy...she was an amazing woman. She had this way of making me laugh. I could be myself around her and not fear of saying something stupid. She used to wear her hair down long to her mid back. It was dyed black or she would have some random color in it. I never knew what I would come home to. because of my job, I was away from home so much." Lilly interrupted him with a question "What did you do?" he smiled "I was in a band. My Chemical Romance....we had so many fans. We wanted to change the world....We really thought we could too" He looked down at Lilly and smiled "Your mother was at one of our shows. I remember she was 24 at the time. Her friend Alicia made a bet with her that she couldn't sneak into our dressing room and take a towel. She didn't think we would be in the room. Ill never forget the look on her face. hahaha She was horrified!" Lilly had big eyes and was loving the story Fun Ghoul was telling her. "She couldn't speak, or move. I think she was afraid we were going to do something. We were just as shocked as she was. I thought she was beautiful. When the bouncers found her they tried to arrest her but I told them she was with me. Truth be told, i didn't even know her name....and thats how we met. Crazy hu?" Lilly nodded. she had the 'story time' look on her face. she was so into what Fun Ghoul was saying. He sighed and picked her up. "Now come on....we have a long day ahead of us. End of the world or still have a bed time and i think its way past it." She moaned in annoyance but complied. Fun Ghoul reached for a large shirt that had a marching band skeleton on it and the letters MCR on the back. "Here, you can sleep in these and we will get you better clothes tomorrow." She smiled and changed really quick before standing, waiting to see where Fun Ghoul went. "Daddy....can i sleep with you?" he smiled "Of coarse. come on." He walked into the back room where the rest of the Killjoys were passed out. He laid down and she curled up next to him and fell asleep. He smiled and looked at her one more time before drifting off himself.

Party Poison woke up with the sun shining in his eys from the cracks in the wooden walls. He tossed over but decided it was time to wake up. Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes and shook his head to wake up. He looked over at his sleeping companions and smiled at Fun Ghoul. He was on his back, one hand was under the covers and the other was placed on Lilly. She was on her stomach, sprawled out using Fun Ghoul as a pillow. He remembered what he had done yesterday and his heart could he have been so cruel. He should have never reacted like that. He shook his head to wash the thought out of his head. Standing up with his arms in the air he stretched before walking into the kitchen to find food. The kitchen was quiet and he liked that. Party Poison loved his fellow killjoys but sometimes he wished he was on his own. it was nice to have a time to relax. In this world, relaxing was a luxury he didn't get that often. The coffee pot made a ding telling him it was ready. The wood felt cold on his bare feet so he moved fast, walking on his heals. When he had finished making his coffee, he sat down in the booth and rested his head back. He remembered the days when life was simple. He loved the stage. He loved the way people would scream when he would grab himself or kiss Frank. The way he would grind on the mic stand and egg the crowd on. God he missed it. When they would scream back the songs that his own agony told him to write. He had felt so good. He thought he could change the He like the way the world was. He didn't want to change it. He wanted to save it. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a thud and a whimper following. He looked over to where the sound came from and saw Lilly on the floor holding her legs. They were still really bad but were starting to heal. Setting his coffee down, he walked over to help her up. When she saw him coming, she froze and tried to get away. "No....don't hurt sorry" He stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were huge and she was shaking with fear. His heart sank again. "Lilly....Im sorry. I shouldn't have done what I did yesterday. I don't know what made me do that.....Please don't be afraid" She looked at him with slight disbelief. He sat down on the floor next to her and lowered his head. "My fiancée was at a camp that was attacked 2 weeks ago. Right before they were attacked, they took in a group of injured kids. They were BLI plants....I thought that you were maybe a plant. I blamed you for what happened to Lyn-z and I shouldn't have.....Im sorry" A small tear had fallen and Party Poison looked up to see Lilly wiping it away. "Its ok....Im not mad." Party Poison smiled a weak smile. "Just like your father....." He stood up slowly and held his hands out to help her up "Hungry?" She nodded. "Yes. very" He picked her up and set her in to booth where he was previously sitting. He moved to the cabinets and opened them "We don't have much. Is noodles and coffee ok?" She nodded and he smiled "You do drink coffee right?" "yes....I love it" he smiled a big smile "And I love you! Im the only one that drinks coffee around here. Kobra Kid can't even stand the smell!" Lilly laughed and watched as Party Poison fixed the coffee and her noodles. When he was done, he sat down next to her and she shivered. "Cold?" She nodded. "Here." He reached for his blue jacket and wrapped her in it. "Better?" "Much....thank you" They sat there for the next 30 minutes or so in silence until Kobra Kid walked out of the room rubbing his eyes. He had on a beat up Anthrax t-shirt and a pair of black boxers. He made his way over to where the noodles were and grabbed him his breakfast. "Morning" He sat down across from Lilly and Party just eyeing the two. Party smiled "Morning. That thing still fits?" Kobra looked down and back up at his brother "Yep and it hasn't turned to fishnets either which is good." "Dude I haven't seen that since Revenge. what 2007?" Kobra shook his head "Nah man...that was The Black Parade. Revenge was 2004." Party Poison sat back and took in the memories that were flooding back. He didn't remember much because of the drugs that were in his system. He remembered his grandmother, Helen. She was so good to them. All of them. She loved him for all his flaws. His quirks...and he had alot of them. He still does. "Wow....was it really?" Kobra sat back and nodded " long ago"
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