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wow thats just wow

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so um whos going next melina says not really wanting to next . how bout you maria says with a smirk . HELL NO melina says how bout maria goes randy asks suddenly with a smirk .everybody aggrees cause since she has been annoying people even her boyfriend who is john morrison is getting fed up with her attitude .
Buried way beneath the sheets I think she's having a meltdown
Finding it hard to fall asleep she won't let anyone help her
The look on her face a waste of time she won't let go gonna roll the dice
Loosing her grace starts to cry I feel her pain when I look in her eyes
I want ta be I want everything, I want everything
Somewhere she is on the streets trying to make things better
Praying to God and breathing deep gotta break this long obsession
If I had everything would I still want to be alive or want to be high [2x]
Now and then she talks to me and sometimes writes me letters
Your eyes, never close your eyes open up your mind and you can have everything
{everything by buckcherry}
um thats nice jeff says tho it was completey off tune . wasnt me jillian says quickly yeah and for once you didnt sing christian says
imma be blunt it sucked randy said and everybody nods quily
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