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4:Conversations With A Doctor.

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“What if we don’t fuckin care how dangerous it is?”

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(Sun’s POV)
My whole being felt icky and grimy, liked I’d rolled in mud and sand. I was actually showing how upset I was, and it was my own fault that I’d driven Party away. My fault that I kissed Frank. My fault I didn’t knock him out when I had the chance. My fault I let myself do anything with Frank. My fault for chasing Party down. My fault he hit me. My fault for everything. And now, Poison was upset with me.

Why is that what matters right now? The voice in my head says. Shouldn’t you be remembering what he did to you? Yeah, I think to the voice. Treated me like a princess, gave me anything I even looked like I wanted that he could get for me, loved me, and took care of me. He did everything for me. And I’m the reason I just messed it all up.

And hit you. The voice says. And threw you down and called you all sorts of horrible things. You do know that at some point, you’ll have to tell him. It’s kind of something people would like to know.

No. I think to myself. I refuse to tell him. It’s my secret. He doesn’t deserve to know. Nobody gets to.

“Sunshine…” A voice says. I stayed curled up in my ball, staring at the wall in front of me. “Sunshine, it’s me.”

“Hey Doc.” I say dryly. No emotion in my voice, I was too busy using all that in my sobs.

“Sun!” I hear Party’s voice from the other room. “Sun I’m so sorry!” he screams.

I can barely stop sobbing long enough to scream back. “Go to hades!” I scream at him. That’s just the PG version. What I wanted to scream was much more graphic.

“Sunshine, you have to calm down. Party is out there flipping his shit because he just is realizing what he did to you.”

“Good. I hope he always remembers how it felt watching me cry. He probably will get off on that shit.” I spit the words out. I’d stopped sobbing, and the sadness had turned into pure anger. Nothing tingeing it, just rage, burning through me. My skin felt like it was on fire, and I could feel the wound in my head throbbing. The part of my lip that I’d gotten cut from biting it when I fell throbbed in time with the head wound. My wrists felt like they were going to drop off, and I felt bruises starting to form. “He can go and remember how it felt to beat me when he’s laying in bed tonight. Alone.”
“Sunshine, you know you don’t mean that.” Defying cautions me, moving closer. He gets close enough, and starts talking to me more seriously. “You can’t just let him go just like that can you?”

“I can. I will.” I say. Lie. Enormous, elephant sized lie.

“You can’t and you won’t tumbleweed. You know he loves you. You know he made a huge mistake out there.”

I look at Defying, pulling myself to sit on my butt, legs crossed like a preschoolers. “Huge is an understatement. Colossal, mammoth size. Those would fit. He hit me. And made me bleed. From my head!”

“Yes, he did. But you two were fighting.”

“That’s not an excuse.” I say gruffly. “This is my entire fault anyways.” I say, suddenly becoming sad again. “I should’ve just knocked Frank out when I got the chance.” It was safe to use real names around Death Defying. He knew us so well.

“No. You can’t blame yourself for what just happened.” He says to me. “You need to not blame anybody but him. And Frank maybe. Frank knew what he was doing. When you sleep here, we all hear you mumble his name in your sleep. Both KillJoy and real.” He says. If I wasn’t sobbing again, I’d be blushing bright red. It was true I had the occasional dream about Ghoul. I wasn’t able to lie to Death Defying. It was impossible. “Is there something you aren’t telling me?” Then again, I’d never tried prior to today.

“No.” I say to him. This has to be the first day I’ve ever lied to him. “Everything’s been told.”

“Sunshine. Do you still love him? Poison I mean.”

“That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?” I ask him with a weak laugh. “How can I love somebody that hurt me so bad? He knows I’m touchy about the slut thing.”

“You are pretty bad about letting people get to close to you. You will push people away when they try to figure out what’s wrong. It’s a wonder you haven’t pushed me away yet.”

“Yeah. Well, I dunno, I kinda just feel like you’re okay. You won’t judge me.”

“Do you want Party to come in?” Show Pony asks, head popping through the door. I shake my head.

“Not quite yet.” I say to him, and he leaves. I hear Party groan from the other room. Looking back to where Dr.Death Defying sits, I speak again. “I don’t want people getting close to me, because if I get taken again, they will kill you all. They will force me to watch as they execute you all.”

“They won’t get you again. They made a mistake in making you nearly superhuman. They gave you a weapon that they can’t control. Because they made you stronger than anything they’ve had before, they’ve created their own worst enemy.”

“Who is ruled by her emotions, not her head.”

“All men are ruled by their emotions, and it would follow women would to. It just makes sense.”

“Thanks for that explanation of why I’m messed up. I am ya know,” I say to him. “I’m majorly messed up.”

“Forget this!” I hear Party scream, and I hear footsteps. I hide under the thin blanket on the bed, scrambling to get there, ripping the morphine IV out of my arm as I do. “Sun, open up the god darn door!”

I whimper, in complete and total fear. If he came in here, he was going to hit me. That’s what my brain was telling me. He can’t hit me again. My body physically couldn’t take that.

“Sun open it up or I kick it down.” He says through the door, banging on it. Defying looks to me, my eyes peeking out of the blanket. I nod at him, taking a breath to steel myself. I hear the door creak open. My eyes squeeze shut when I hear Dr. D wheel out. I was alone with Party. I was hurt, and weak from morphing my body to look like him. I was tired, angry, and heartbroken. This was still all my fault.

“Sunnie. Hey.” Party says, sitting in a chair in front of me. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. A hand reaches to move the blanket from my face, and I yank it back over it. No way in hell was I letting Gerard see me this broken. No. Way. In. Hell.

“Sun. Let me look at you.” He says gently. I release my grip on the blanket, letting him pull it back. I’m curled into a ball, blood staining the side of my shirt, a nice boot print in the center of my stomach.

“Oh my god.” He says, lightly touching my head wound. I cringe at his touch, and the pain it brings. “I did that to you.”

“Party.” I growl out. “Don’t touch me. You lost that privilege.” I spit the words out at him. He’s just staring at me, and at his slightly bloodied fingers.

“I did that.” He says again.

“Thanks for repeating the obvious. I thought the magical fracking unicorns did it.” I growl out the words. He sits, still looking at his fingers.

“Sun. I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“Save it for somebody who actually believes you. You hurt me. Emotionally to.” And now, I start crying again.

“At least I’m not saying another man’s name in my dreams at night. How do you think that makes me feel?” He barks the words at me. “Like a piece of crud that can’t keep my girlfriend happy.”

“You are a piece of crud.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“You’re right; it’s the understatement of the century, and an insult to crap. You’re a bully who hurts girls. And you’re right, I don’t let anybody get to close to me, because if I get taken again, I don’t want them to have something to use against me. Getting close to me is dangerous.”

“What if we don’t actually care how dangerous it is?”

“You just don’t actually care at all. You don’t even give me a second thought.”

“That’s not true. Don’t pretend you know what I’m thinking. You aren’t me, you can’t know that.” He’s trying to be rational now.

“You probably just…” I stopped myself. No. My secret.

“What?” he asks me.

“Nothing.” I answer. “Go back to hurting me some more. You may as well tear down what little confidence I have left in myself while you’re here. Go on, I’m a big girl. I’ll even cry for you if you try hard enough. You’ll probably get off on knowing how much power you have on me.” I say glumly.

“You know that’s not what I’m here to do.”

I sigh, exasperated. “Then spit it out.”

“I’m sorry.” I’m analyzing his eyes. His movements. His body language is open and inviting, he’s making direct eye contact. He isn’t lying. The little part of me that holds all the hope I have in the world is fluttering. “I took things to far back there. I didn’t mean a word of what I said. You aren’t a whore. You’ve slept with two guys, and you usually don’t give in to my begging. You are by no means a whore. You are beautiful. You are loved.”

“You are right though.” I say and he raises an eyebrow at me. “I have no confidence in myself. Sure, I’m a superhuman fighting machine, but it makes me a freak. Ten years ago, I’d be put on television, had scientists begging for my DNA. I’m a freak. I spontaneously change my eye color.”

“You aren’t a freak. Scarlet,” He uses my real name, making the tiny hope bubble inside me get a bit bigger. “You know I love you right?”

“Yeah. I guess.” I say, feeling the hope bubble split into two smaller bubbles. One inflated, the other deflated. The deflated one was slowly releasing all hope I had for us, knowing that goodbye was coming.

“That’s why...” He starts to say.

“You’re breaking up with me.” I finish for him. “It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t trust myself around you, we’re too diffrent to be together, and I want to be just friends again…..” I fill in the blank for him.

“I want you to accept my apology.” He finishes. “But, if you want to break up, I can accept that. I’ll just ask that you not crawl all over Frank in front of me. I don’t think I could handle that.”

“Gee, baby.” I say. “I’d love for us to stay together. I need some time to think on it.” I say to him. My insides were screaming for me to cry, but I couldn’t stand to let myself get away from him in time. My heart is pounding, wounds throbbing. I close my eyes and feel Party place his lips on my cheek lightly. I warm at the feeling.

“I’ll let you take all the time you need. Ghoul is here, he wants to talk.” He whispers in my ear. “Remember, I love you. I always will.”

“I love you too Poison.” I whisper back to him as he walks out, and I hear Ghoul walking in.

“He did this to you?” he says after a moment of silence. I nod silently. “That idiot did that to you?”

“Don’t call him that Ghoul.”

“I will not put up with him beating you!” he yells, pacing the room from what I can hear. I open my eyes, sitting up in my bed. “Look at your head!” He sits on the bed next to me. It creaks quietly with our weight.

“It’s fine Frank.” I say shortly. “It’s fine. I’m going to be fine.”

“You aren’t fine. Not anywhere close to it. Your eyes are black. They’re tinged with grey near the pupil...” He trails. I summon a tiny bit of energy, remembering how perfect things were last night. They turn my eyes back to a purple kind of pink color. He sighs. “Even hurt and sobbing, you care about what I think of you.” He puts an arm around me, and I lie down, head in his lap, looking at the wall still.

“Sun. You gonna be okay?”

“I dunno.” I sniffle, and he picks me up, and just hugs me while I cry. “This is my entire fault. I never should’ve let you get the better of me; I never should’ve kissed you back.” Woops.

“You kissed back.” He says, repeating my obvious omission. “Because you still love me.”

“Bullcrap.” Lie.

“You do. You wouldn’t have kissed back if there wasn’t something there. Just give us one more chance.” He begs now.

“Tell me one good reason I should let you and I try again.”

“Because I never hit you and beat you.” He whispers into my ear. Our hug had been released several sentences ago, and I was sitting looking at him, facing the door, his back to it. “And I always loved you.”

“That’s why I found you in bed with some stripper right?” I ask him angrily. “You’d been cheating on me. I caught you in the act.”

“No. You caught me afterwards. And I regretted it for days. Months. Can you forgive me?”


“You forgive a man for beating you, but not for cheating on you?”

“Scars will heal. Emotional wounds are harder to fix up.”

“You’re so… confusing. Why can’t you just say what’s on your mind? Stop being so guarded; just tell me what you’re thinking.” I blurt the first thing my mind comes up with. Thanks to a heavy dosage of morphine, and my secret stash of pain killers, it doesn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to.

“Kiss me already!” I scream at him, and he quickly forces his mouth onto mine. I open my mouth any prompting from him, and our tongues are quickly fighting for dominance. His hands are yanking at my shirt, mine have slid under his. I find myself on my back, Ghoul poised over me. He’s hungrily kissing me, like it’s the last thing he’s ever going to feel. He’s straddling my waist now, biting at my already tender bottom lip.

We break apart suddenly, both panting heavily. “Wanna give us another try?” He asks me quietly. “Based on that kiss… I think there’s still something left.”

“But…. I promised Party….” I say, still breathing heavy. “I promised Party I’d consider getting back together with him. If we try again… I might lose him.”

“He’ll wait.” I hear Poison’s voice from the door. “He just saw everything. He heard it to. He sees that Sun is happy with Ghoul, for the time being. Party can wait.”

“Gee.” Ghoul starts to say. “This isn’t how I wanted this to happen.”

“I’m gonna go talk to Violet now. I need to talk to her.” He says, walking away. The door closes quietly.

“He just gave you permission.” Ghoul says. “Please, I promise not to ever hurt you.”

“I’m sure that’s exactly what Gerard told me a few months ago. Look at me now. I’m cut up.”

Ghoul huffs, still on top of me. “I want to make you feel better, but I can’t because you won’t let me.” I sigh, weighing the options in my hazy mind. I look at him. I sigh, knowing if I don’t do this, I lose them both. Frankly, and yes, I do see the pun there, I did want to try again with Ghoul.

“No strippers. Period. Not even a dance.” I say to him, and he nods eagerly.

“None. I promise.”

“Then yes. We can try us out again.” I say with a sigh.

I hope I don’t regret this.

(Fun Ghoul’s POV)

“Thank you for finally listening to me.” I say to Sun, kissing her again lightly. No tongue dancing, no bites, just a simple kiss.

“You mess it up like you did last time and it’s over for good.”

“I understand.” I say. She traces the tattoos on my arms. “You missed em haven’t you?” I ask her quietly, lying down next to her. Straddling her was just too much temptation for me. She continues lightly tracing the inked in shapes on my arms. Noticing she’s shivering, I take my vest off and hand it to her. Sure, it may not provide as much warmth as a jacket, but it looks pretty good. She tugs it on, looking at me.


“Sun?” I ask her quietly. “Whatcha need?”

“Can I sleep in my bed tonight? Or do I have to stay here? I need something to keep me warm, and this blanket isn’t gonna be doin it.” She says, scooting a tiny bit closer to me.

“I’m a something!” I move in close to her, and wrap my arms around her tightly. She snuggles into me, head pressed against my chest. “I shall keep you warm!” I say, acting all chivalrous.

“Or, you could just kiss me again.”

“It does get you all hot.” I drop the innuendo lightly.

“Yeah, cause when my hands touch your tattoos you don’t get excited.” She purrs into my ear. I gasp in faux shock.

“I do not!” I say to her. She touches my abdomen. Her hand lightly slips under my shirt. She traces the tattoo she knows so well, and looks down at me. I’m trying desperately to not get turned on by it. Just to mess with her a bit. Her hand, using a feather like touch, traces the word. All the blood rushes down my body, and I hear her chuckle.

“See? I’m always right.” She says to me, running her hands up the back of my shirt. Sun’s skin is warm, but she claims to be cold. Weird.

“Sunnie baby.” I say to her. “Remember when I used to drive you insane? When we’d jump each other every chance we got?”

“Remember how you lied to Gerard and said I took slutty pictures of myself for you?”

“I was drunk when I said that. And high.”

“Since when do you get high?” She asks incredulously.

I smile at her. “It’s recreational. Every now and then. When I need a pick-me-up.”

“Hand not doing you any good anymore?”

“No, it’s doing me fine.” I say to her with a small smile. “Only thing that is doing me.” I mutter under my breath. Sun catches it, and gives me a grin much like the Cheshire cat’s.

“The sexy Frank Iero isn’t getting any anymore?” She says in shock, hand covering her mouth.

“Nope. Haven’t since we broke up.”

“Six month dry spell…. That’s gotta be harsh. I can go six months without that, but you….well…I’m sure your hand is very tired of it.”

“Wanna give it some rest?” I ask her. She shakes her head slowly.

I look at her, her eyebrows furrowing together. “Not yet. I’m punishing you for the stripper.”

I cock my head to the side, a hard feat when you’re lying down. “What? Six months of having to see you practically undressing my best friend with your eyes every day wasn’t enough? What about all the times I had to listen to you and Party cause you guys couldn’t be bothered to turn your radios off? Or when he and I got drunk and all he could talk about was you?” I ask her, spilling a secret. “Even when you two weren’t having sex, all he could talk about was how he wanted to. It was sickening.”

“I’m sorry Ghoulie.” She baby talks to me. She puckers her lips, kissing me lightly. “Want me to make it better?”

“You’re the one that’s injured.” I lightly stand up, and she whimpers her protest at being cold again. “I’ll be right back.”

Walking out the door quietly, I bend down, grabbing the shirt and pants I brought her. Short shorts, a shirt that I’d seen her wear once or twice. It was a simple black cotton shirt, with a v neck on it. I’d also brought along her bomber jacket that she’d turned into a vest, having decided the sleeves were “annoying as hell” and cutting them off, she’d also added a few random pins. I’d also brought her bag of “extras” as she calls it. II look through it quietly, taking an inventory. A few pairs of fingerless gloves, in a variety of colors and materials. Three pairs of sunglasses, two aviators, one with silver frames the other with gold. A pair of ray bans, this pair rainbow framed with mirrored lenses. A collection of jewelry, because she liked shiny things. After cinching the drawstring bag, I run back into the room where she is, and she her standing. My vest is hanging off her frame, looking several sizes to large, though I’m smaller than her by about an inch and a half. I could see her hip bones jutting out. Her curves were still there, but just barely.

“Sun.” I say cautiously, throwing the clothes on the small bed. She turns to look at me, and I notice she’s in the middle of unzipping her shorts. Her necklace is glinting in the light, and I smile upon seeing it. It’s a dancer, obviously on pointe, being controlled by puppeteer strings. Another few hang below, one with scissor charms, another with paper crane’s made of a bronze looking material hanging from the chain. I see a few more necklaces, but what shocks me most is what she says next.

“I just wanted to see if they had a ton of blood on them.” She said quietly to me. “And I’m wearing my charm necklace. I like to look at the charms and remind myself of the memories that go with them.”

“It’s fine. But, why are you so skinny?” I ask. Please don’t answer what I think you are, I beg silently.

“I just am. Fast metabolism I guess.” She says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“Scarlet.” I whip out her real name. “You know how worried I get when you don’t eat. Don’t think I haven’t seen you skipping meals and running every single day. You train harder than anybody here, even though you don’t need to.”

“I do. Don’t you see the fat on me?” She says, looking in to the large mirror propped at an angle on one of her walls. She pinches her stomach, holding out imaginary fat.

“No. I see skin and bones and muscle. You can’t be more than 90 pounds.”

She scoffs “Yeah. I wish. Try 110.”

“That’s tiny. Especially for you.” I say seriously, walking over to her. “Sunnie, are you starving yourself again?”

“No.” She says, and her eyes slightly tinge with brown. She controls it enough to keep it to just a ring around her pupils, leaving the weird purple pink color from before. She’s lying to me. Her eyes always turn brown when she lies to me. She fights it, but can’t ever keep them from changing more than a tiny bit.

“You need to not do that again Sun. Remember how sick you got last time? You were barely 80 pounds, and looked like a skeleton. It isn’t healthy to do that to yourself.”

“I need to be skinnier. I’m fat.” She whines, looking at her reflection in the mirror. “That’s why I don’t eat. I’m trying to lose weight. I use to be 125. And I’m like, 5’6.”

“Yeah. That’s what’s healthy for a girl your height.” I say. I hand her the clothes, and she quickly whips my vest off, sending it flying at me. I stare at her.

“What? Enjoying the view?” She purrs to me, turning in a little circle. “It’s just a bra and underwear. I still don’t understand how that gets boy’s turned on.”

“It just does.” I say, looking at the black and green ensemble. She quickly picks up the shorts, tugging them on, and zipping them up. I stand, staring at her as she pulls on the shirt, and then tugs her vest on. Upon seeing the bag she keeps all her shiny things in, she beams. Quickly, her hands fly to the back of her neck, struggling to undo the clasps on her necklaces. “Need help?” I ask her, and she nods. I walk to her, moving my way to a spot behind her.

“Just unclasp them for me; my fingers can’t work without me being able to see.” She mutters. I take the necklaces in hand, quickly unclasping the first one. I lower my lips to her exposed neck, kissing it as I work on the second necklace’s clasp. Her breathing slows, and the playful nip I make at her neck makes her groan loudly. I finish unclasping it, handing her the necklaces, still attached to her neck.

“You like that?” I ask her, pausing for a moment. She turns to face me.

“Yes. Very much.” She purrs into the shell of my ear. She kisses down my neck quietly, and starts moving towards my chest. I help her get my shirt off, and she laughs throatily on to my skin. She plants quick kisses all over me, making me groan the closer she got to my waistband. She stops just above it, and turns back to her bag. “That’s all you get.” She says while withdrawing the silver framed sunglasses and a pair of socks from her bag. She unfolds the socks from the plastic bag they live in, stripping her pants off quickly in front of me. She looks me dead in the eye, quickly tugging on the black socks that looked like they had suspenders coming from the top of her thigh up to where they disappeared under her shorts, which she quickly re tugged on. She selects a pair of earrings from her bag, choosing a simple pair of black shiny stone studs. She smiles at me while she grabs her stashed makeup bag, dusting on all the stuff I’ve seen her do before, but dabbing on a liquid to her wounds, so as to cover them. She finishes getting ready, brushing her hair so that it covers the cut on her scalp. Slipping on the heels she keeps in this room, she smiles at me.

“I’m hungry.” I declare. “Let’s go find Infernal heartbreak and make her give us food.”

“Watching you two is slightly revolting.” A monotone voice says, and I see Sun perk up immediately. “How you doing Sun?”

“I’m…. I’ve been better.” She says.

She leans against the door way. “What happened to you and Party? All the kids with radios are buzzing about it.”

“We got into a pretty big fight, and it ended badly. He and I are kinda taking a break right now. I’m back with Ghoul. He’s been sweet to me recently, and cuddled me to near death while I sobbed.”

“You have blood on your face” she says, smiling a bit. That was rare for her. Quickly striding over to Sun, she wipes it off. Sun smiles her appreciation and hugs the girl.

“Hey E!” She says brightly. “You good?” she whispers.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“No incidents?” Sun asks her. Infernal Heartbreak shakes her head. “Good.”

“Wait.” Heartbreak says. “Have you heard him to?” I’m confused. Who are we supposed to be hearing? Sun nods her head, and Heartbreak looks at her. “This isn’t good. Not at all.”

“I agree. We’ll talk about this later.” Says Sun, giving Heartbreak a look.

“Sun are you?” Heartbreak says, and Sun shoots her a glare that shut’s her up.

“Later.” Sun says, and heartbreak leaves, but not before telling us the food is with Dr. Death Defying. I take Sun’s hand, and she pulls it back at first, looking terrified.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” I say to her, and she reaches out for my hand again. The combat boots I was in kept me hovering around her height, so she wasn’t a ton taller than me.

“Forget these shoes.” She says, whipping them off so she’s shorter than me again. She slips her converse back on. “I look sexy as heck without them.” She’s trying to convince herself, I can tell by the tone of her voice.

“You look sexy normally.” I say, trying to boost her confidence. She smiles at me, and I walk with her out to the main room. When she looks at me, I take both of her hands in mine. “Thanks for letting us try again. I promise to be the best boyfriend ever.”

“Just don’t mess it up again. No hitting me either please.” She says, and I feel the blood pumping through my veins, hot and angry at the mere mention of what my best friend did to her. Before I know what’s going on, Sun’s wrapped around my waist, legs holding onto me.

“What you doing?” I ask her, already knowing the answer.

“What I need to.” She says, right before forcefully slamming her mouth to mine. Her mouth opens without prompt, letting my tongue slither into her mouth. She dodges around it, licking my lips slowly. I moan into her mouth when she bites my bottom lip, tugging slowly. My hands go under her butt to keep her up and secure in her position. God I’d missed this so much, I think to myself while we continue kissing. I’ve got her going now; I think when I start biting her neck. She’s breathing heavil. I take that as an invitation to bite a bit harder. I always was a little rough with her.

“Get a room children!” I hear Defying yell at us with a chuckle. My mouth snaps from her neck, looking to the man in the wheel chair.

“Sorry Dr. D.” I mumble, still holding on to Neon Sun. She’s frozen in place. Looking mortified.

“Death! I’m sorry. We got carried away. I’m kinda with Ghoul now; Party decided that he and I should just take a break. We can’t be together in front of him, so we’re trying to get it out of our systems now.” Uh, yeah, Sun rambles sometimes when she’s nervous. It’s been known to happen.

“Understandable tumbleweed.” He says, turning to go back to broadcasting. “Carry on.” He shuts the door to his broadcasting room, and we hear him chuckling as he resumes his show. Sun furiously attacks my mouth again, the kisses going from deep and romantic, too fast and hungry.

“God I’ve missed that taste.” She says when we pull back. “Six months without it. Wow. I don’t know how we made it that long.”

“I kept plotting ways to get you back, right after we split. It was horrible, seeing you latch onto Party like that. Knowing you’d moved on. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day after you walked out of his Block, wearing his jacket and the same clothes you were wearing the night before, trying to sneak back into your Block without getting caught.” I get sad just thinking about it. Sun drops from my waist, and I smile at her, leading her out to the car. Violet and Party were sitting in the truck, and Vi was angrily talking to him. I couldn’t hear because the windows were rolled up, but I could see she was angry with him. He looked horrible. His head turns ever so slightly, and he saw Sun’s hand in mine. Grimacing, he turns away.

Sun lets my hand go. “Give me a moment. I need to do something.” She goes and knocks on the army truck’s window, on Party’s side. He lets her in without looking, thinking it’s me.

“Party. Turn around.”

“No.” I hear him say.

“Stop being so stubborn and turn around.”

“No.” He repeats.

“Fine. I came here to apologize, and you won’t let me do it properly. It’s fine, I’m the adult here, and I can apologize and mean it. I’m sorry for being snide and pretending to be you just to make you angry. I hope we can work again soon, because we have training together later. I love you. Bye Party. I’ll be over to get my stuff tonight. You can have your stuff from my Block to. I’ll bring it to you.” She starts to climb out, but he catches her by the back of her vest.

From the corner of my eye, I see him turn his head to face her, and quickly mash his mouth against hers. “We deserved a good bye kiss.” He says to her lightly as she walks away. He shut’s the door, and Violet starts the truck up. His head goes into his hands, the way he does when he’s thinking about something.

Sun holds up the keys to her car, snatched from beside Party at some point during the conversation.

“Well, that was goodbye, relationship wise.” She says, wiping at her eyes. “Darn this sand.” She says, sniffling and unlocking her car. “C’mon, we have to go teach. I need to go do fight with the older kids.”

Sun starts the car up, and I climb into the passenger seat. She pulls away from the diner, following the dust that the truck was kicking up.

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