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The mcr guys are soon goeing on their tour and sequal talk...

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I am thinking about that like im gonna do a sequel cause i have some stuff planned for this story that requires it to be a sequel. And i promise that these is gonna be a sequel so dont worry my wonderfull people!


''It it someone at this school?'' Zaria asked wide eyed, did not now if i should agree or deny.

''No but lets talk about something else, what bands do you like?'' I asked starting too feel desperate for a subject change before Zaria found out too much.

''Okay but i will find out who that guy is... So well i like Green day, Iron Maiden.... And well you know what? Theres too many to list them.'' I nodded in agreement and we continued the day.

Morgan POV

Today it is Saturday and it is today that i am gonna see the guys play live, i know how amazing they are when they practise so i can only imagine how good they will be. It was about 1.25 pm and im surprised not mom or dad or even my friends had come to wake me up. I did not bother to change clothes since i did not really have any plans for the day until later when Alicia whould be arriving in some hours. I got unpstairs and saw dad watch tv, it had been ages since i had seen him durring the day. I joined him on the couch where he was watching Seinfield.

''Hey kiddo, whats happening?'' Dad said turning his head thorwards me.

''Not much just me living, makeing friends and stuff.'' I said makeing sure not to slip up about Frankie.

''You know what, you should bring some of them home. I'd like to meet them.'' I nodded and we watched Seinfield and then the Simpsons went on and we watched that too.

''Well look here father and daughter watching cartoons.'' Mom said leaving against the wall smileing at us on the couch, dad got up and kissed mom and went to start on late lunch.

''So mom are we doeing anything later today?'' I actually had not asked for permission to go and see my chem play.

''Yeah Mrs.Goodwin and her husband is comeing over for dinner, ran into her at the grocery store and invited her over.'' I groaned, Mrs.Goodwin is the gossiper. She knows everything about everyone, she's like one of those ladies who stand and look out their windows behind their curtain thinking nobody can see them. Her husband is okay in a non creepy way...

''Really i mean i have nothing against her and her husband but i have other plans tonight.'' I lied hopeing it whould increase my chanses of beeing abel to go to that consert, my mom eyed me and i have no idea why but then spoke up.

''And what whould that be, it whould be nice to have you home tonight.'' I sighed i felt my odds shrink a bit.

''But mom was hopeing i could go and see my chemical romance play with Alicia.'' She got a confused look on her face and sighed.

''My chemical what?'' She asked, this stuff annoys me. I facepalmed and corrected her.

''Romance mom, romance... My chemical romance.'' She lifted her hands in some sort of surrender.

''So when is it? And where and you maybe will be abel to go.'' I did i mental hell yeah fist pump and smiled.

''Its at Maxwells in Hoboken, and it starts at 7.'' I said like it was the most obvious thing ever smileing.

''Thats not far, 20 minutes...'' My mom said suprised.

''Well yeah but come on mom i have been doeing good pleace let me go.'' I felt like i am balanceing on the thin line of begging and desprerate, I wanna see them live so bad even though i hear them rehearse often.

''Oh i dont know...'' My mom paused and sighed. ''Okay but stick with Alicia and answer youre phone so we can get a hold of you.'' I got up and did a small happy dance shouting 'yeaay' in a high pitched voice and mom laughed.

''Thank you so much, and Alicia is on her way over soon and will be here at like 5.30 or something.'' My mom smiled and it made me happy she did not complain about Alicia cause she is the most awesome girl i know among the few girls i know... We ate dinner and dad also agreed to me goeing to that consert we where eating my gradmas secret recepied soup called Acquacotta its this awesome vegatable soup and its italian cause my grandmom is italian and my other grandmother (my moms mother) is latina, colombian so it makes me Italian and latin. When i was done i went downstairs and started drawing on my scetch pad, i started drawing a girl who had her mouth stitched up and she was clutching her heart. I felt like this sort of describes me cause i cant speak of my love, My door opened and in walked Alicia with her bag and i put my scetch pad away and smiled at her as she plopped down on my bed.

''Hey Doll ready to get the show on the road?'' She asked and i laughed.

''Hell yeah im just gonna go and shower, put on some music will ya?'' I grabbed my underwear and got into my bathroom, under the knife by rise against started playing when i turned the watter on and stepped inside, the warm watter ran over my back and relaxed my skin. I cleaved myself off and got out of the shower and turned it of, I dried myself up and dressed myself in my underwear and walked out too my room. My eyes went wide as i saw my brother Toby stand there and he turned to me as i got out of the bathroom, I covered myself up with my hands as much as i could.

''What are you doeing in here, get out?!'' I shouted at Toby and he raised his hands in surender and backed out but before he could leave he turned to Alicia.

''Nice meeting you Alicia.'' I responded with a 'Eww' and Toby dissapeared up the stairs, Alicia spoke up when the door closed.

''Akwaaaaaard.'' She said in a high pitched voice and it made me laugh as i went to my closet to find something to wear. I grabbed my Batman logo striped raglan top and started digging for some jeans, i found my black ripped up and abused black jeans and i grabbed my silver studded belt and my black coverse chuck taylors the black ones with the white parts... I threw my stuff on and let Alicia fix my mop called hair so it looked somewhat tamed. She straightened it and sprayed some hairspray in there so it looked abit messy, I straighted Alicias hair and then she got dressed in mikeys Anthrax shirt and black skinnies and completely black converse. I have no idea how she got a hold of Mikeys Anthrax shirt but she has her ways with everything haha no pun intended! I did my makeup a dark eyeliner look and not much more but alittle black eye shadow and nude lips again. Alicia touched up on her all black eyeliner and eye shadow look The clock was now like 6 pm so i grabbed my cell and Alicia grabbed her bag and we where of, i grabbed my indigo blue leather biker beanie wich is black, fingerless skeleton gloves and a skitted scarf winter time is comeing arround it is november after all. Alicia had a black leather jacket and one of Mikeys beanies it was the red one so i think Mikey has either the grey or the black i snickered silently earning a confused look from Alicia and i shook my head. We got in her car and she started driving thorwards hoboken, we listened too Alicias Rise Against record and joked arround until we arrived. Alicia parked and we went in the back way so none of the queing people on the front whould see us, the guys where just finishing up rehearsal I sat down on the big purple couch backstage and Frankie joined me and put his arm arround me.

''Exited to play Black parade?'' I smiled as i asked him and it was like a glimpse of exitement from a kid on christmas flamed up in his eyes and he smiled.

''Hell yeah we have been working on the black parade for so long and theres some really exiting stuff.'' I smiled at his entusiasm. I hung out with the guys backstage, Alicia and I slipped out into the pit as it started to fill up, i was surprised when some fans walked up to Alicia and asked for her autograph. I gave her a confused look that she never answered, i turned arround and spotted a familiar red head so i dodged behind Alicia cause she would probarly get some more pieces to her puzzle of finding out who i was dateing if she saw me here and without telling her about it. And to add with it im here with Alicia... The stage started to light up and the opening band started playing i cant remember their name really it was nothing special. The crew was changeing set and lighting, when the light went out and everyone started pushing thorwards the stage squishing me in the middle of the crowd, Alicia plowed her way further to the front makeing a path for me wich i took fast before it filled up. We where now like 5th row infront of the stage so my short ass could see them., i thanked Alicia and the guys walked out on stage the crowd cheered so fucking loud i thought i was gonna be temorarilly deaf I joined in and cheered for them. Gerard was all attired in his new costume they had made for the band to wear this tour like a uniform for the black parade. Frank walked out and grabbed his guitar from the guitar stand and swung it over his head to get the strap on, he looked over the crowd and stopped at me and gave me a smile and looked quickly back to his guitar as Gerard talked about their new record and hos exited they where and thanking everyone for comeing out to kick this tour of. They started playing I'm not okay to get the crowd goeing. I started jumping and singin along, a couple songs later and this place was getting really hot inside and now they started playing This is how i dissapear and when Gerard screamed go everyone went nuts and was allover the place it was amazing! Frankie was jumping arround and headbanging and shredding it, I watched him in awe as he played his heart out. The consert ended after ther did the encore wich was disenchanted and i practicly dragged Alicia backstage too see Frankie, when we got back there we where just arriving too see the guys run backstage and highfive eachother all hyped up about the awesome gig they just played. Frank turned to me and i jumped into his open arms

''Frankie this consert was amazing!'' I said radiating my exitedness and happyness.

''It felt amazing the crowd went crazy when they heard our new songs.'' We kissed and then parted.

This is it but im gonna start writing on the next chapter as soon as i can cause now the exiting stuff is gonna happen i feel like this chapter was rushed and boring and im so sorry from the bottom of my black little heart hahaha see you arround!

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