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Chapter 5

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Surprise! I wrote another chapter to hold you off before I leave for vacation :) sorry for the shortness and i wrote it fast so idk how it is...

(Chris’s POV)

Oh god here we go again.
I was back to announce the winners of the contest, and I could bear to imagine getting back in front of those kids again. I took a deep breath and walked through the doorway, into the gym. The loud chatter stopped almost immediately as I once again grabbed the microphone from the podium and walked to the center of the room.

“Hey guys! How is everyone?” I said enthusiastically. My reply was a thousand bored faces. Crap.

“Anyway…as you all know, today is the day I announce the winners of our contest. These five created fantastic projects that won over the band and they will be rewarded with the summer of a lifetime. Are you ready to find out who it is?” More silence. “Alrighty then…Cole Harker for his work in light effects! Amber Black and Samantha Hawthorn for their fantastic music video! Blane Canton for his music mixing and sound tech! And Shelby Hemmingsworth-Westwood – that’s a mouthful – for her hair and makeup and vocal work! Congrats guys.”
All five walked down from the bleachers looking ecstatic, except for the redhead. Who was that? Samantha? Yeah that’s it; she looked crazy shocked Wonder what her deal is…

(Sam’s POV)

After that lovely meeting with Frank and Gerard, it was hard to return to class like nothing had happened. Even f my classmates would care, I couldn’t tell them I had won. Gerard had told me to keep it a secret until the assembly. And now that I was here, I could sit still. Chris began announcing the winners starting with WHAT?!? COLE was going? This is probably the only thing that could rain on my (black) parade.

author giggles here. I know, stupid joke ;)
No. I wouldn’t let this bring me down. Cole will do his job and I’ll do mine. It’ll be fine…I hope.

Three weeks later, after school ends…
(Cole’s POV)

“Honey! Did you remember socks?” my mom shouted form upstairs down to the basement.
“Yes mom.”
“What about shirts? Ya know, tshirts, polo shirts, long sleeved shirts, dress sh-”
“Yes mom I’ve got plenty of shirts.” I rolled my eyes.
“Soap? You’ll need soap honey that’s very import-”
Saved by the bell!

I walked over to the door, picking up my duffels on the way. Chris stood in front of me when I opened the door. We were on our way to meet the tour bus and the band. It was a couple hours away, and I was the last to be picked up.
“Have fun honey! And be careful and HEY! ANNABELL YOU CANNOT FEED THAT TO THE DOG!”

I sighed. Just another normal day in my house. I walked outside and loaded my bags into the waiting limo. As I opened the side door I saw Sam sitting on the end. I waited, looking at her expectantly.
“Well?” I tapped my foot.
“Well what?”
“Are you gonna move over?”
“Why would I move for you?” Oooo she was snarky today.
“Cuz either you move or I crawl over you.” I smirked as she huffed then got out, letting me slide past her. As she got back in I heard a voice yell,
“Cole! Did you remember underwear?” My mom’s bright red hair was visible sticking out of the second story window. I blushed and reached over Sam to slam to door shut. She looked at me, trying to hold back her laughter. My annoyed expressed must have only encouraged her because she burst out laughing. Then the rest of them started laughing too. I sank into the plush leather seats and reached into my pocket for my iPod and headphones. This was gonna be a long ride.

So? problems? questions? comments? concerns? anything? let me know :) btw audition for my new story! its a killjoys story and i need more killjoys!
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