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Coming Home

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Chapter 1 : Coming Home
- 5 years later-
-Moegi Gakuen-
Ayumi: *sighs
: ( i can do this! )
: *walks toward main building-
- Main building, office-
Ayumi: Um.. excuse me.
Ms. Suzumiya: Can i help you?
Ayumi: Im Ayumi Akashi
Ms Suzumiya: Wait for a second, dear.
-After a few minutes-
Ms. Suzumiya: Here you go
: *hands her an envelope
: Inside are a map and your schedule. Hope youll enjoy your day.
: *smiles
Ayumi: *smiles back
: Thank you
: * bows
-Classroom 1-A-
Sir Chatani: We have a new student. Her name is Ayumi Akashi.
Ayumi: Nice to meet you all
: *bows
Boys: (Kawaii!!)(meaning: cute)
Sir Chatani: Please take your seat next to Takeru
: *takes her seat
: Hi
Takeru: Hello
Ayumi: Your names Takeru, right?
Takeru: Nice to meet you.
Ayumi: Nice to meet you too
Takeru: *grins
- lunchbreak -
Takeru: Wanna have lunch together?
Ayumi: No thanks. I promised my cousin i would eat with him. maybe next time.
Takeru:Sure. See yah.
:*walks away
Christopher: Hey cuz
Ayumi: Hey, Christopher
Christopher: Lets go have lunch?
Ayumi: sure
- cafeteria-
Christopher: How's moving back in japan going?
Ayumi: We finished unpacking. It was so tiring.
: Too bad for you
Ayumi: *giggles
: Yeah, I agree
- bell rings -
Ayumi: See you later.
Christopher: See you
- Gym -
Coach Tsubaki: Here's your P.E. uniform, Ayumi.
: *hands it to her
Ayumi: Arigatou. (meaning: Thank you)
Coach Tsubaki: Well discuss the rules of badminton. Everyone pair up
Sae: hi, im Sae. Wanna be partners?
Ayumi: hello Sae, of course we can be partners.
Haruki: Sae!
Sae:oh yeah, Haruki. have you met Ayumi?
Haruki: Nope. im Haruki by the way.
Ayumi: nice to meet you.
Coach Tsubaki: Ladies, stop chatting and listen
All Three of them: Hai! (meaning: yes)
Ayumi:( this place is huge. )
: *humming
Takashi:*bumps into her
: Oh. im sorry
Ayumi: No worries.
Takashi: Hi im Takashi
Ayumi: Im Ayumi
Takashi: Don't you remember me?
Ayumi: Im not sure. You do look familiar.
Takashi:( Come on, remember)
Ayumi: Oh my gosh, Takashi its you.
Takashi: Yeah its me
Ayumi: I cant believe i didnt remember you.
Takashi: No Problem.
Ayumi: Friends no matter what?
Takashi: Friends no matter what.
Both: *pinky swear

-end of chapter-
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