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The Past Ain't Through With You

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Not everything is what it seems...

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Even though it's past midnight now, it's still technically Monday... Okay so it's Tuesday, but I could have waited until the morning to get this chapter up. I'm quite proud that I managed to finish this chapter; I'd have hated to have gone to bed with it only half-written.

Gerard's POV

"Gerard?" Someone cried. "Gerard? Please wake up, I'm scared." My eyes shot open revealing the tear strewn face of my brother.

"M-Mikey? What happened?" I asked.

"We were gassed. I tried to hold my breath like you told me to Gerard, but I just couldn't. If I didn't have fucking asthma I might have been able to stay conscious for long enou-"

"Mikey." I said, putting a stop to his rambling. "We all passed out. Maybe if I didn't smoke so much I would have been able to last longer too, but for how long? That gas was strong and there was nothing we could have done."

Mikey nodded, wiping his face with his shirt.

"Where are Ray and Bob?" I asked, looking around. "In fact, where are we?"

"I think we're in a basement; I keep hearing footsteps above my head. Ray and Bob woke up not long ago, they've gone to see if they can find a way out of this place."

There was a candle-style light in the corner, illuminating asmall fraction of the room. The area in which the light did not reach was pitch black.

I could suddenly here footsteps approaching. I pulled Mikey close as he sobbed into my shoulder.

"It's only us." I heard Ray say. "Oh Gerard, you're awake. Thank God for that, we were so worried."

The closer they came, the more I could see the tiredness and anxiety in their faces - even with Bob's emotionless persona.

"Did you find anything?" Mikey asked. They shook their heads.

"Nothing, we're completely trapped." Bob muttered. "I reckon there's a trapdoor above us somewhere, I'm guessing that's how they got us in here."

"Who do you think is behind all of this?" Ray asked.

"It's gotta be his Dad." I sighed. "Shit! Frank's all alone in the hospital, you don't think he's got to him too do you?"

I couldn't concentrate anymore. What if someone had hurt Frank? I should never have left him alone. Or what if he's woken up? He's probably terrified.

"Gerard?" Mikey was waving his hand frantically in front of my face. "You can't just zone out like that Gerard."

"We have to get out of here!" I screamed. "We have to get to Frank, if anything happens to him I'll-"

"Gerard!" Bob cut in. "Calm down."

"Yeah, Bob's right." Ray said. "Besides, they have security at the hospital, they don't let anyone in. You know how arsy they get when people visit during non-visiting times too." I nodded.

"But he is Frank's Father. Immediate family get more privileges than his mates."

"Stop fretting Gerard, the police are after his, the hospitals would have been notified."

I nodded defeated. I didn't like thinking like this, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.

"Anyway." Bob said, breaking the awkward silence. "We need to think about escaping."

Before any of us could mutter another word, a television screen started to lower from the ceiling.

"They're seriously giving us entertainment?" Bob asked jokingly.

The television screen flickered on.

If there were windows in this room, they would have shattered from the screen that emitted from my mouth. I was shaking hysterically, my knees collapsing beneath me.

I stayed knelt on the floor, staring at the screen above. My beloved Frankie was tied to a chair, cuts and bruises all over his beautiful face. His eyes were squinted closed, several tears escaping them. His Father sat uncomfortably on the floor. His face too filled with distress.

Hatred filled my veins. That man ruined my Frank's life. He deserved to rot.

I noticed another man standing above Frank, most likely one of his Father's accomplice. Yet he was looking at both Frank's Father with an evil smirk.

The man turned his attention to Frank.

"But you see" He said. "Killing you isn't enough. I want to torture you first. I want to watch the pain seer through your body. Then, and only then, will I kill you."

He took a revolver from the pocket in his jeans.

"No!" I screamed. "Don't hurt him."

"Gerard look away. Now." Ray said firmly. I cried even harder, tearing my face away from the horror on the screen.

The gun shot fired.

"Frank." I cried. "Not my Frankie, no, not Frankie."

The man spoke again. I tried my best to block his voice out of my head, but it was no use.

"You know, those drugs I fed your Father really did have a good effect on him. Who'd have thought I could manipulate him into ruining that bitches wake. As for the truck, well that was just too easy."

I cried even harder. This man who I'd never even met had taken away my whole life.

"So it was you?"

My head shot up to look back at the screen.


He was alive?

"Frank!" I shouted. Wishing he could hear me. "He's not dead! He's still okay!"

The other three still stayed silent.

"Guys! Frank's alive."

"Gerard, did you just hear what Frank said?" Bob asked cautiously.

I hadn't realised he was still talking over my new found happiness.

"That man, he drugged his Father. He turned him in to an alcoholic. That gunshot you just heard? Franks Dad is dead."

I stared back at the screen. Sure enough there was a corpse lying on the floor beneath Frank's chair.

The man began to speak again.

"Oh it's not over yet Frankie. We're going to play alittle game. You see those chairs over there?" The camera followed the man's hand gesture, revealing four chairs lined up on the opposite wall. "Well I want you to pick which one of those poor innocent souls will die first."

Frank's face filled with more panic.

"Wh-What? How can you- You can't just expect me to let you kill them. I don't even know who they are!"

"Oh but you do Frank. I especially like the one with the red hair. He's a real catch."

What the fuck was this man doing to him? Why was he torturing him like this?

"No! Gerard!" Frank screamed. "Gerard? Can you hear me?Gerard."

"Frank!" I yelled back. "Frank it's a trap! He's lying!" I screamed louder than ever before. "Frank!"

"So, which one will die first?" The man laughed. "Will it be your beloved boyfriend? Or one of the three miscreants found with him at his home?"

"Mikey! Ray, Bob! No! Please, you can't make me do this. Just kill me, please just let them go. You don't even know them! You don't fucking know them!"

"Let them go? Now where's the fun in that."

"Please... I'm begging you. Just kill me instead."

We were all shouting Frank's name. He would not die for that man.

I wouldn't let him die for me.

"All in good time. But seeing as though you can't decide which one to kill I may as well just kill them all."

Frank's eyes snapped shut as the gun fired. The sound of four shots rattled through my head.

"Now." The man said. "I think I'll leave you with your thoughts for a while."

Frank's eyes were still clamped shut.

"Here's a pen and some paper. Knock yourselves out. Maybe you can write yourself a suicide note?"

The man left the room laughing. Another man set down the camera, angling it to show the whole room, before too following the first out of the door.

Frank's POV

I was all alone.

I had nothing left.

That psycho had taken away all the good in my life.

So what's the point in life anymore?

I picked up the pad of paper and pen that was left for me.


I can't begin to tell you how scared I am. I don't want to be angry at you for cheating on Dad. But please, he's coming to you now -please don't hate him.

Gerard will be there too, up in heaven, outshining all the angels. Please look after him for me - the other guys too.

I wish I could see you again, but I'm not worthy of being there with you.

I'm not wanted up there. I must be hated if my life's turned out like this.

Just remember that I love you, and please don't be disappointed in me for this.


I tore the page out of the pad and folded it neatly. I placed it on the ground beside me before picking up the pen yet again.


We never really had the time to talk much. I'm so sorry Igot you in to this mess; all you wanted to do was help. I should never have come here - you would still be alive. People are going to miss you so much, everyone loves you. Thank you for being there the night my Mother died. I think I would have completely lost it without your presence.

I'm sorry.



The first thing I saw when I met you was your hair. I'm really going to miss that huge mess of brown curls. You were so talented, and now you'll never have the chance to show the world.
It's all my fault.

You were the one that kept everyone sane and happy. Always trying to keep the peace.

The world needed more people like you - instead you were just taken away.

Keep rocking that guitar up there,



You were like everyone's younger brother, not just Gerard's. I loved you like a little brother too. Your childish antics - you'd never believe you were a teenager.

You were only a teenager, a mere sixteen year old. So young.

You had your whole life ahead of you.

It's my fault Alicia is without a boyfriend now. You two were perfect together. I wouldn't blame her if she hated me. She should hate me.

Everybody should.

I'm really sorry that I've messed everything up.


I lay these letters beside my Mothers, and then took a deep breath.


I love you.

You will never know how much I love you.

I've never felt like this towards anyone before, and I now you're gone.

I ruined your life. And I know that if you were here you'd be reassuring me, but that's the thing. You're not here.

My life was a mess before I met you, you made everything better. You helped me forget about my past.

You made me feel alive.

But I suppose everyone's past catches up with them sooner or later. I just wish that you didn't have to get caught up in the crossfire. So many people will be grieving for you. You may not think that you were loved, but you were.

The day I met you was the happiest day of my life. But I wish it never happened. I wish I never moved here. I wish I never met you.

If I hadn't met you, you'd still be alive. Mikey, Ray and Bob too. I've torn all your families apart.

I'm sorry,

I love you so fucking much Gerard.


I looked at the letters in front of me. They were barely visible through the tear stains that blotched the ink.

Even though they'll never read them, the letters were my way of apologising for ruining their lives. They weren't really much considering I'd pretty much taken their lives away, but it's the best I can do.

Writing those letter's also made me realise how much I missed the memories that were still lost. I could remember more than I had earlier, yet I still felt guilty for not remember all the memories I'd shared with the one's I've lost.

I walked over to the chair that once held me. The rope was still wrapped around it.

I bent down and picked up the rope - there was plenty.

I carefully tied the hangman's noose; more tears falling from my eyes.

Once everything was set, I placed the rope down on the floor, looking around the room one last time.

My dead Father's body lay silently near. I walked over, kneeling at his side.

My hands found their way to the pocket in his jeans, reaching out his wallet.

It was the same wallet I'd brought him when I was five.

"Mommy, why would people want to buy any of this junk?"Frank asked loudly. The three Iero's had been invited to the table-top sale over at Frank's nursery.

"Shhh, you don't want your teacher to hear you saying things like that now would you Frank?" His Mother said.

"Besides Frank," His Father started. "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

Frank looked up at his Father confuse. Frank Senior just laughed.

"Linda, I'm just going to go and look at the fishing rods over there."

"Mommy, can I buy Daddy a present? He said that this is all treasure."

Linda Iero smiled at her son.

"Sure." She said, handing him a one dollar bill. "See what you can buy with this."

Frank walked away from his Mother, who secretly followed close behind. He soon found the stall he'd been looking for.

The table was covered in a collection of different bags, purses and wallets.

One particular wallet caught Frankie's eye. It was bright blue on one side, and red on the other. The seams and stitching on the wallet were yellow - it was perfect.

The wallet was old and falling apart, yet I couldn't help but smile when I saw it. I picked it up and held it upside down. A single piece of paper fell out.

A Photograph.

I picked it up, carefully examining the smiling family. I moved my hand over towards my Father's shirt, tearing it away from his skin. I stared at the tattoo that resembled the photograph in my hand.

You did care.

I placed the photograph on the pile of letters; walking back over to the rope which was neatly laid out.

Before I reached the rope, I looked over to the four corpses on the opposite side of the room. I'd never be able to forgive myself for what happened to them.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was already half way across the room.

I guess I just wanted to see Gerard's beautiful face.

My legs began to shake the closer I got.

I approached the first body, my hand gliding over the top of the mask.

I closed my eyes and removed the mask with one swift movement.

Slowly, I opened my eyes.

M heart started to race as I discovered a mannequin under the mask.

I hastily removed the other three masks, again revealing another three mannequins.

That sickening man made me believe that the boy I love was dead, along with the only friends I've ever had.

I could suddenly hear a thumping noise coming from beneath. As if something was hitting the floor I was standing on. I held my breath to concentrate better.

"Frank...okay... yourself... love...alive... evil...forget... sorry..." The voice was extremely muffled, but I could still make out whose it was.

I threw myself to the ground, screaming in the floorboards.


I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I was listening to Sing it for Japan when writing the little memory snippet - not a good combination...

Maybe things will start to get better from now on? Or maybe not?

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