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thanks for the coffee

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Gerard looked at Frank and didn’t notice how close their faces were. He could feel Frank’s breath on his face and his body took over.

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The office was cold and made Frank shiver. The pastor was sitting behind his desk, writing something in a black notebook. He looked up at Frank and nodded towards the seat. Frank sat down and waited to hear what the pastor was going to say about his actions.

“Frank, I have had it with your miss behavior. I warned you last time that if it happened again, you would be suspended. However, being as you have straight A’s and are an exceptional student on paper, I wish I could say the same about you off paper, You will be given the task of working in the church. I have spoken with your mother and she is willing to let you stay in the church halls with my son. You will share a room, and follow him around until we believe you have straightened your act. From this moment on, you are an Alter Boy.”

Frank sat back, in shock at what he had just been sentenced to. He hated being here for school, now he had to live here. His heart was beating and his stomach was churning. This place made him sick. Frank stood up and slammed his hands on the pastor’s desk.

“You can’t do that! I refuse to live here!”

The pastor looked up at Frank with a smug smile. “Your mother requested it. Think of it as a religious boot camp”

Frank’s eyes saw red and he growled. “Can I go now?”

The pastor nodded and waived a hand towards the door. Frank turned on his heal and threw the door open, storming out. Gerard was leaning against the wall, and stared at Frank as he passed him. He pushed off the wall and ran after Frank, wanting to know what was wrong.

“Frank! Hey! Wait! Frank!”

Once Frank was out of the school he slowed his pace, shoving his hands in his hoodie. He heard Gerard calling after him and slowed down once he caught up.

“Frank, what the fuck?”

Frank didn’t feel like talking so he just kept his head down and walked into the cold streets of New Jersey. He felt Gerard move and stand in front of him, placing his hands on his chest so to stop him. Frank looked up and glared


Gerard looked at him in shock and spoke slowly.

“Dude, what happened? Come on, talk to me.”

“Why? Why do you care so much?”

Gerard looked up at Frank and frowned. “You don’t have many friends do you?”

Frank’s anger was replace with sadness. “No. I don’t.”

“Well I like you well enough. Be mine”

Frank looked up at Gerard. He wanted to accept, to say yes but he was so afraid it would be fake. He didn’t want to end up alone, but he was afraid of being anything but. After a mental debate, Frank decided to go for it.

“yeah…I’d like that.”

Gerard smiled. “cool. So tell me what happened in there?”

Frank growled and looked up at the sky, trying to calm himself down so he didn’t end up screaming at Gerard the whole time.

“I have to bunk with his son, be apart of the church until I ‘get my act straight’. I hate that place….I just want to run.”

Gerard shifted in his place, debating with himself if he should tell Frank the truth or let him find out later. He looked up at Frank, knowing that if he waited, it could ruin the trust he had and Gerard didn’t want that. He liked Frank, more than he should. Gerard sighed and shifted his weight over again and again nervously.

“Frank….There is something I need to tell you”

Frank looked up in question, not sure what could make Gerard shift in his place like he is doing. Frank’s heart was beating fast, afraid what Gerard was going to say would be bad.

“I’m the pastor’s son.”

Frank stared at him in shock. He didn’t know what to say. For one, Gerard looked nothing like the pastor, he was tall and thin. The pastor was short and fat. Gerard at beautiful brown eyes and the pastor had dull green ones. Frank once again, found himself staring at Gerard and forced himself to tear his eyes away. He didn’t know what to say.

“That’s……I guess”

“Look, Frank I didn’t tell you because I knew how much you hate him. I didn’t want you to think I was the same.”

“Are you the same?”

Gerard shook his head “No! I can’t stand him. I hate being the son of a pastor.”

Frank nodded “So, I’ll be bunking with you then?”

Gerard smiled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He threw his arm around Frank, and started walking, not sure where they were going. Gerard smiled. Frank was warm and smelt like……he just smelt nice. Gerard was happy about Frank living with him, he just hoped his hormones wouldn’t get in the way. Frank looked down as he walked, his hoodie was pulled up over his head and his face was hidden by the large hood. Gerard studied Frank, taking notice of his thin eyeliner. Gerard had never been attracted to a guy before but he found that eyeliner looked hot on Frank. He shook his head, removing the thought before anything else would pop up.

Frank stopped in front of a large brick building made of several apartments. He turned to Gerard, who was removing his arm from Frank’s shoulder.

“Thanks….for everything.”

“This your home?”

Gerard looked up, admiring how old it looked. Frank followed Gerard’s gaze and nodded.

“Yep. I live on the 4th floor with my mom.”

He shoved his hands in his pocket and looked at Gerard.

“Hey, you wana stay for dinner?”

Gerard smiled and nodded. “Yeah. That’d be awesome.”

Frank grabbed Gerard’s hand and drug him inside with a huge grin on his face. When they walked into the apartment, Frank’s mom was standing at the sink, washing dishes. When she heard the door open she turned around and smiled.

“Frank dear, your home. Oh, who’s this?”

Frank knew his mother wouldn’t talk to him about the occurrences at school unless he brought it up. She knew he hated that place and most likely felt bad for making him live there. Frank smiled and walked over, taking a plate from his mom and rinsing it off.

“Mom, this is Gerard. He’s a friend from school”

His mom looked surprised but smiled, wiping her hands on a rag and walking over to greet Gerard. He smiled and extended his had.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Iero.”

“Nice to meet you too Gerard. Are you staying for dinner?”

“If that’s alright.”

Ms. Iero laughed. “Oh, honey of coarse its alright! Frank doesn’t have friends over that often, your welcome any time”

She pulled the food off the stove and placed it on the table. She made her way over to the plates, placing them on the table along with the silver wear. Frank pulled out a chair and sat down, motioning for Gerard to do the same. Ms. Iero sat down and smiled at Gerard.

“Dig in boys before it gets cold”

Frank reached over and did as he was told, Gerard soon following. They ate in silence for the most part, with a few conversations about events Ms. Iero had to attend to and what Frank needed to do before leaving. She didn’t talk about school, him ‘leaving’ being the only remote mention but that was quickly shut down by Frank. Soon they had finished dinner and Gerard stood up, taking his plate to the kitchen. He set it in the sink and followed Frank into his room, thanking Ms. Iero for the food.

Gerard walked into Frank’s room, smiling at all the clothes on the floor. Frank walked over, turned on his radio and fell onto the bed. His shirt rode up slightly, exposing his pale but well toned stomach. Gerard felt himself blush and try to focus on something else. Frank lifted his head, looking at Gerard.

“you can come closer ya know? I don’t bite”

He laughed and sat up, patting the spot on the bed next to him with a smile. Gerard laughed, trying to shove his emotions away and walked over and plopped next to Frank on the bed. Frank turned and looked at him with a smile.

“So what do ya think?”

Gerard looked confused. “About what?”

“About my house….my mom… room.”

Frank looked at him, really wanting to know what Gerard thought of his room, not really sure why. Frank slightly shivered, trying to push the images of what he wanted to do to Gerard on the bed they were both sitting on.

“I like it. Your mom is nice. You look just like her. Your room is amazing. I wish I had a room like this. Mine is lame though”

Gerard looked at Frank and didn’t notice how close their faces were. He could feel Frank’s breath on his face and his body took over. He leaned in, Frank unconsciously leaning in as well. Soon their lips met, sending a bolt through both Gerard and Frank. Frank lifted his hand and placed it in Gerard’s lap, leaning in to the kiss, Gerard doing the same. The kiss deepened and Gerard brought his hand up to Frank’s face, Frank opening his mouth to let Gerard’s tongue in. They were both brought back to reality when Ms. Iero knocked on the door. Frank’s eyes got wide and Gerard stood up, breaking the kiss. He forced a smile and walked to the door. Ms. Iero was standing there with a smile on her face that slightly faltered when she saw Gerard.

“Gerard dear, is everything alright?”

He smiled and walked past her.

“yeah. I just realized I have to be home in 10 minutes or my dad will kill me. Thanks again for the dinner Ms. Iero! It was wonderful”

Gerard waived goodbye and ran out the door, his lips still wet from Frank’s mouth.
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