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Did you eat catnip Shadow?

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Kind of a filler I guess, about Gerard/Shadow

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I see you guys like this story! Well here's another chapter! Sorry it might be a little sloppy but my insomnic body stayed up till 6 AM nd I finally fell asleep until 10:30 AM so apologies! BTW my other story Necromancer needs some lovin as well peeps

Gerard's POV
My mind was racing at the speed of light!!!! FRANK FUCKIN IERO LIKES ME AS WELL!!!!! In my head I did a little happy dance and purred louder. Frankie gave me a confused look before shrugging. Bob and Mikey finally came into view and took in my position on Frank's lap and the sound of my content purrs. "You and Shadaddy (A/N I've got a friend who's name is Shaddad and Natalie, Amelia nd I gave him tht nickname. Can't help but put it in there!) getting along?" Bob smirked, I gave him my best cat glare which made him chuckle.

"Shadow's awesome and Shadaddy?" asked Frank, his head cocked to one side in confusion. God he looked like a little kid... but that would make me a pedo wouldn't it....? Eww gross thoughts Gerard! Gross thoughts! "Couldn't resist, Shads is just that cute." Bob laughed whilst Mikey giggled. "Now if you would excuse us, we have some unfinished business Mr Bryar." Mikey purred and Bob picked him up bridal style. "Don't disturb and you might wanna crank up the volume." Bob warned and the happy couple rushed upstairs in a frenzy of kisses.

"Looks like we're going solo huh Shads?" Frank chuckled, looking at me. "Meo~w" I replied and he then cradled me in his arms. I twisted around so my forepaws was on his chest and rubbed my face against his cheeks. "I miss Gerard, he's the best. He was always there when I needed him. So why can't be here now?" Frank sobbed, holding me tighter. "I love him, I really do. I want to be with him, I'd end my days with him in a hail of fuckin bullets." Frank blubbered. I just stared at him in shock. When he finaly calmed down 5 mins later he just stared at me. "I just told a cat my deepest secrets. I'm turning to a crazy old cat lady." Frank groaned. Then moans and the headboard slamming against a wall was heard. Frankie and I stayed in silence for the whole time until we heard the biggest scream yet and finally silence. Frank started giggling and then blew into full out laughter. I gave a mrrow of kitty laughter as well. Minutes later the couple walked down with the very definition of sex hair. They gave us both confused looks. "Shadow did you eat catnip or something?" Mikey asked. I just blinked innocently and let out a small cat snicker at his hair. When I didn't answer he turned to Frank. "Frank did you give him catnip?" Mikey asked. "Nooo.... why?" Frank asked, puzzled. "Cuz Shads looks like a happy drunk right now" Mikey said and they all looked at me. I guess I was still in a daze after Frank's confession. Then all three of them laughed while a bared my fangs in a scowl

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