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Author Note

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Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't updated lately, I've been really busy. I have two more chapters ready for you guys. I'm kinda on an Internet ban for awhile, but I'm gonna try to let my parents have an exception so I can let you guys read them. It's killing me, I miss your reviews! I'm not even sure how many of you are reading this anymore, but for those of you who are....thanks!

There are gonna be a lot of nice little plot twists in upcoming chapters. Theses chapters are also gonna get longer once I hit around...chapter 10. Yeah, let's go with 10! If you still want to try and get your character in,email me with the details. Name,age, you know the drill that.

So, i'll try to update ASAP, and I promise a double update for whenever I do, as an apology for my dry spell I've been having. I love your reviews, and I REALLY need your rates. If you guys could bring this up to a five overall, that'd be AMAZING!

DeStroy somethING perfect to make it beautiful,


P.S doing a collab soon! I'd love to work on a few with people right now, if youve got any ideas, feel free to email me!
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