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Do you think I'm okay cuz I'm not

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How I think they met. Very funny place read rate and review.

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Mikeys pov

"Gerard wake up."I moaned."Well be in trouble if were late for the first day of school."I said in a very bad mood I had been up all night listening to my smashing pumpkins tape. I suddenly noticed my brother wasn't out of bed so I went up stairs just to here Gerard yelling at himself.

"NOBODY LIKES YOU!YOUVE GOTTON SO FAT OVER THE SUMMER!"Gerard yelled starting to cry. I opened the door very shy. I saw my brother in his underwear crying with his hands on his eyes hidding his face."Gerard are you okay?"I asked."No don't you get it my whole life i was not okay you fucking see me now. Huh do you mikey do you!"Gerard said yelling at his brother. I just told him to get ready for our first day of school. He said he herd.

As soon as we got there I went to my class he went to his. I saw so many new faces. And a guy named bob bryar came up to me he had scared me. He was taller and stronger probably."Hi my name is Bob Bryar my cats name is fuzz ball."Hi I'm mikey way!" I told him."How's about we be friends."He asked him."sure I said.

Gerards pov

When I got to my class I saw one familiar face it was a girl I known since kindergarten. Her name was Taylor. I went to talk to her but she didn't know who I was. I walked over to a guy with long black hair and his lip pierced."Hello my name is Frankie iero you can call me frank though. Everyone say I annoye them. Do you think im annoying. I don't think I'm annoying. Do you?He asked."My name is Gerard way. And yes I do think your annoying but we can still be friends right?"I asked."sure do you want to meet my friend ray. Ray get over here!"Frank called."Yeah frankie what do ya want now!"Raymond asked."Were all going to be friends now okay."frank said."Sure frank."said ray.

Then ray turned and looked at me."I don't even know who he is I just moved here."Ray told me."So did I pal and that's okay."Frank had told him."So do any of you want to come over after school?"I asked."Ohhooo pick me I wanna come I wanna come."Frank said hysterically over welmed.(Probably from sugar.)I thought. We were just in history when this old smelly guy came in with a brittish accent.

"Hello I'm Mr.Yellow-banana"He said. Then everyone burst into laughing. Especially frank he was rolling around on the floor laughing saying yellow banana. Then he pause as everyone stoped laughing."Frankie please take your seat or else your in detention."Mr.Yellow-banana said."Okay Mr.Yellow-penis."Frank said and I laughed and only me and frank were laughing.

"DETENTION TO YOU BOTH MY NAME IS MR.YELLOW-BANANA NOT MR.YELLOW-PENIS!"he yelled at us making people burst into laughing again."FRANK YOU GOT US IN FREAKEN TROUBLE!"I yelled making frank start shaking and then cry."Okay you two now it's extra large detention for not letting me start my class."The teacher said. Then Frank cried harder and louder."Hey ray,frank what class do you have now I have gym?"I asked."Me too!"They both said."gincks!"Frank shouted.

Mikeys pov

"So Bob what class do you have next?"I asked."Why are you trying to stalk me, then rape me!"he asked."No!"I said quickly."Oh I have gym."hd said."Me too pal."I told him. So as we walked to the gym we started talking about our lives so far.

When we got there we saw three teenagers standing there it was my brother and some dorks.

"Mikey and his friend I think hexboy! Come over here."he yelled accrossed the room."Sure!" I yelled back. As we got up there bob started gagging ray which got them in detention. Bob walked up to my brother."You call me hexboy again and see what Happens."He said.

As the day slowly faded we all became friends I new ray. Ray new me. I new frank. Frank new me. Bob met Gerard. Gerard met bob. It all ended happily until detention came.

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