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Run Away From Here

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Toxic's POV

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I don’t sleep. It’s just something I’ve never been comfortable with. When you sleep you’re vulnerable; people normally take advantage of those who give themselves up to the dream land. Instead I lie next to Frank, in between him and Party Poison, looking out the little cracked window at the starless sky outside our safe house.

I remember a time when I would lay out in the desert sand with my little brother, looking up at the sky as the sun set over Battery City. That was such a long time ago. He’s probably given up hope that I’m coming to rescue him.

“I’m still coming for you Static Detonator, I promise baby boy,” I whisper into the night, a single tear falling down my dirt streaked face. I wipe it away quickly. Crying is a sign of weakness.

“Why are you not asleep, Toxic?” a voice from my left questions pulling me away from the image my sandy haired brother with his forever young features.

“I don’t sleep much, go back to sleep Party, I’m alright,” I reply, voice barely audible.

“Are you sure?” questions Party, sitting up and wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I fight the urge to shrug it off. I’m not used to human contact and any form of it kinda freaks me out.

“Positive, you’re still weak, you need your rest, Party,” I persist, my voice still low. Why won’t he just leave me to my thoughts?

“Call me Gerard,” Party whispers before lying back down and closing his eyes.

Once again I’m left alone in the dark with nothing but the nearly silent breathing of Fun Ghoul and Party Poison. I should leave. I should get up, steal some Power Pup and run until I find my next hide out. Unfortunately, I need these guys; they are my only way of saving my little brother.

I growl and flop back onto the bed between Fun and Party. Well, this is not really how I wanted things to turn out but I guess it’s my only choice. I’ll become friends with these guys, convince them to help me get my brother back and then take Static Detonator and run as far as I can away from these guys.

I know, I know, its mean and deceitful and in truth it’ll make me no better than Korse and his army of Dracs but I’ve got to get my brother back and once I have him I have a feeling the fabulous Killjoys won’t want us both and maybe I won’t want them. I’m not used to people. The only one that’s ever been close to me is my little brother.

In truth I’m just scared. Trust isn’t easy for me and neither is letting people in. The scariest thing is that all these guys actually seem to care about me. I know what caring feels like and I know what its like to loose someone you care about. I wouldn’t put anyone through that kind of pain. It’s wrong. These guys care and if I get captured or killed they’ll hurt because of it and I couldn’t stand to know that.

Getting off the bed I sneak out into the main room only to be met by Kobra Kid who is up, getting himself a can of Power Pup. Well this screws up my plan of escaping.

“Well fuck,” I grumble, slumping into the booth, resting my head on the cold table top.

“Did I wake you?” questions Kobra carrying his Power Pup with him as he comes to sit next to me. The smell of the contents in the can almost makes me barf.

“No, you just screwed up my plan of escape,” I grumble sitting up so I can look at him.

His hair, which I’ve always seen slicked back, is sticking up all over the place, his eyes are sleepy and he’s not wearing a shirt. I don’t even care, it doesn’t take any effort not to look at him…the kid is a twig.

“You where gonna run away?” he questions, a kindness in his voice.

I nod, “Yeah. You guys care too much. I can’t have that.”

Why am I being so honest with him? I should be lying to him. Well, I’ve managed to dig myself a hole there’s no filling back in. I’m not going to be able to escape now because all of them will be watching me like hawks.

“People caring about you isn’t a bad thing, Toxic,” Kobra says before shoving a finger covered in Power Pup into his mouth.

“It is. I’ll explain why. You see when you care about someone and then they get taken away from you…well, you hurt. I couldn’t inflict that onto anyone. I’ve had it happen to me and it sucks. You feel like a piece of you is missing,” I communicate longing for something to eat but I won’t voice it. Power Pup isn’t really what I want.

“Who did you lose, Sunshine?” Kobra Kid asks, looking me right in the eyes.

No one but my brother has ever called me that. It’s not a name I’m used to and it brings on a flood of tears which I wipe away violently trying to hide from Kobra but he doesn’t let me. Instead he holds me, letting me cry on his sunburned shoulder.

“His name is Static Detonator…he's my little brother. He’s only ten. Korse took him. I’ve wanted to go rescue him but…but I’m not enough,” I blubber once Kobra lets me go.

“We can help. I’ll talk to the others and once Gee gets all his strength back I’m sure they’ll be willing to go and get him with you. You can’t let your loss effect how you react to other people. You’re one of us now…we’re here to help you and take care of you, okay?” Kobra says his hazel eyes kind.

I nod not really knowing what to say any. Can I really let them in? I like them enough to try. I’ll try…until they help me and if it hasn’t worked by then I’m running; running away with my scarf billowing out behind me.

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