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Gerard's dream...

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As I laid my head, down on a pillow, I was remembering today's events, but the problem was I only had one name, on person stuck in my mind. Frank. I'd known him what..9 hours? I'd never been this crazy about someone in my life..well, apart from Bert. Now Bert, I loved him, truely I did, but he hurt me, he hurt me bad.

When me and Bert met, well we fell inlove straight away, it was true love, not fake love, teenagers have nowadays because they just want sex. Bert did bad things, which fucked my life up. He brought drugs, alcohol and abuse into my life. When he was drunk and angry, he used to abuse me, when he didn't have any money for drugs he'd used to hit me. Until, one night I was brave enough to go tell my mom. I thought Bert was the one, I thought he was perfect in everyway, but then he cheated on me. I'd never spoken to him since.

But Frank, well he is perfect. He's perfect in everyway, how his hair is just perfect and can go into any hair style he puts it in, his russet green eyes are perfect. I'd actually die for eyes like him. I couldn't control myself when I was around him, I'll just have to cover it up. But the worst thing I thought was if he was straight, or he knew I liked him and he was freaked out.

I shoved those thoughts to the back of my head, with the thoughts about Bert. At this time in life, I just wanted to sleep. I got comfortable in bed, then closed my eyes, it took me a while to actually drop off and sleep, but after a few minutes, I was out like a light.

I was sitting next to Frank, we were alone, I was trying to pluck up the courage to tell him how I felt. We were eating our lunch, so Frank was too busy eating his roll to notice that I'd gone red.
'Look Frank, I really need to talk to you!' I bursted out. Frank looked up at me with big chucks of bread sticking out of his mouth.
Well, I like you okay?' I was hoping that was all I had to say, but it wasn't.
'Dude, I like you too' He carried on eating his roll, he wasn't getting the message.
NO! Frank, I love you! I've kept it from you long enough, it's been a year Frank, since I first saw you.' His roll fell from his grip.
'But, I know your bi and everything but, me?' I knew this would happen, I told him and he'd freak out.
'Yes, Frank you. I.Love.You!' Frank was scared, I could tell he was, that's when the most embarrassing thing happened in my life, Frank got up from the table, then ran away.

Sorry it was only a short one guys, I'll update again tomorrow :)
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