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I never finished this... shit.

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Um, anyway, new account... and I'm going to tell you how I intended this to end.

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I know I never finished this story... maybe I will, some day. I know how it ends, but should I tell you now or wait in case I decide to finish? I'll tell you, and I may post an epiloge someday.
So, where we left off, the Parade was hunting Plagues. They hunt the rest down, and the last Plague took on the appearance of Bob. They start getting their asses kicked, but then realize that it really isn't Bob, and kill it. Then they go off to face the Death, and Cassidy sacrifices herself to conjure magic strong enough to kill the Death. People start coming to the afterlife of the Black Parade again, and they rebuild. The epiloge is kind of a tear-jerker, it describes the rebuilding from Gerard's point-of-view and it describes how he's now married and his wife is pregnant with a girl they'll name after Cassidy. He goes on to describe how he still feels Cassidy around him, and sometimes, he can even see her soul, dressed in white light, flying and dancing through the Parade's marching.
On that note: I made a new account, it is called casual_weapons.
That's my name on like every site now, although there are a shit ton of variations of it.
And if you really want to follow me on twitter, you'll have to ask for that. I doubt anyone wants it anyway.
This all feels so slow. Starting over, I mean. I started most of these accounts when I was 14. I'm now 17. I'm going to be a senior in high school. I'm taking art, writing, and myself a lot more serious now. That doesn't mean I've lost my wit, though. I'm just more intelligent about it. Although I will say I feel like I've lost a smidge of my ability to make dick jokes. I still try, though xD
Anyway, feel free to continue following my adventure through my creative process in any of the places mentioned above.
Love,for the last time, I promise,
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