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So this is lillian's backstory.Based on my friend Jemma

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Lillian's Backstory.

Name:Lillian Malindalo


Occupation:Costume Designer for Gerards circus.


In a relationship with:Ray toro

Siblings:Indigo Malindalo (Deseased)


Born:December 8th 1923

Lillian's story.

Lillian lived a happy life,sure her family wasn't rich and she didn't have as many clothes as the other girls but she was happy.
Her parents were sweet and caring and would do anything for their little angels.
Her mother worked at the sweet shop on the corner,her father worked in the factory just up the road from her school,sure they dident bring in that much money but it was enough to keep them going.
When she was 10 her mother had her little sister Indigo,and Lillian loved her the minute she set eyes on her and swore to protect her.
But when Lillian was 13 and Indigo was 3 their mother died of teminal lung cancer.
Life in the Malindalo household suddenly changed.

The girls grandmother came to stay with them,while Mr Malindalo was at work.Their father never smiled any more,he never laughed and he wouldent even spend time with his children,life became miserable and the once loud ,happy house turned into a silent,miserable one,much like a mourge or a graveyard.
It was in 1938 when Lillian was 15 and Indigo was 5 that their father remarried.
Her name was Laura Joninson,she wasent pretty like their mother or sweet she was vicious and cruel.
Laura was sweet to them when their father was around and the girls were convinced she was nice.That was until 1941 when their father was called to the army to help fight against the Nazi's leaving them home with his new wife.
Laura soon turned out to be a horriable monster.She beat the children and starved them,keeping the food for herself which honestly wasn't needed as she was already overweight.With Lillian been 18 now she quickly moved out and got a job trying to get enough money to finally bring Indigo to live with her.
But it was already to late now ,Indigo died at the age of 8 ,she had been starved to death and beaten senseless.And to add to the girls heartbreak her father was killed in a push forward in france.Laura got everything,leaving Lillian with
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