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Chapter five

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Now in Phoenix at some random hotel, Gerard and Simone have come out with their feelings. But will their relationship make it?

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The next morning
Gerard's pov
I woke up early. With everyone else still asleep I thought I'd take a shower, get dressed, and make coffee.
After taking a quick shower, I threw on a pair of shreaded jeans and a one of my favorite tee's.
Not really caring to put a brush through my tangled mess, went into the kitchen, where I enjoyed some coffee.

Looking up from my mug I saw Simone come in.
Hey. I said giving a little wave with my free hand.
Simone: Hi. She said as she searched for a mug.
Finding one she poured her some, then sat down next to me.
Is it any good? I said referring to the coffee.
Simone: Yeah, it's pretty good. She said as she took another sip.
Yeah.....I said trailing off, mainly cause I'm a really bad conversationist.
So.....I said still unsure and hoping she'd hurry up and say something.
Simone: So... I was thinking, where'd you like to go for our date.
I was thinking maybe we could go for a ride, grab a bite, then sneak up to the roof top to finish our meal.
Plus we could take up an old radio of mine and listen to it.
There'll be a great view.
So, what'd you think? I said waiting for her to answer, and hoping she wouldn't think it was stupid.
Planing dates really wasn't my thing.
Simone: Sounds great. When would you wanna go?
How about tomorrow night?
Simone: That's fine.
Simone: What time though?
Let's say about eight. I replied.
Simone: Yeah. She said as she dumped her mug in the sink and headed for the shower.
(Sigh) I was so glad that was over.
I never really dated that much, I'm just glad the hard part is over.

Simone's pov
Taking a quick shower, I washed my hair and rinsed my off.
Already done I dried off with a towel and changed into some clothes I brought.
Then after brushing my hair and pulling it up, I left for the living room.
Seeing that everybody was awake and out of bed I went the kitchen.
Hi guys. I said with a small wave.
Frank: Hey! He said with an excited grin.
Frank: So I heard about your big plan's for tomorrow.
You did? Really? I said as I glared at Gerard from across the room.
Frank: Yeah, I bet it'll be great.
Ye...yeah I said as I sat down at the table.
I sat there looking around and seeing all of the pleading eyes, begging me to give away more details.
Frank was practically leaning on my shoulder, eyes big and desperate.
I just couldn't resist.
Well, Gerard and me plan to go out and grab something to eat, talk and get to know one another.
Frank: Really?
Yeah. I lied.
Frank: Oh, hell no! He said compleatly freaking out on me.
What?!? I asked.
Frank: There's got to be more than that.
There is, but it's pretty much long story cut short.
Frank: Come'on. Please tell me more or I'm gonna explode!
Nope that's it. I said smiling a devilsh smile.
Frank: You suck! You know that right? He said laughing a little then taking a sip of his coffee.
I know. I said very proudly.

(Later that same day)
It was already late in the day. We hadn't really done that much.
Other than Gerard, Frank, and Ray going to the store for some nasty, life stealing, cigerettes, that was about it.
At the moment I was looking in my suit case for something to were on our date.
I didn't know how dressed up I should get, so I dragged out my purple, strapless, knee length, dress.
I never worn it until now.
I didn't know if it would be too....fancy.
Cause normally I didn't were stuff like this.
Mikey: Whatch'a doing? He said as he came into the room.
Nothing. I said as I tried to hide the dress.
Mikey: Picking out your clothes for your date. He said as he moved the pillow.
How'd you know? I said surprised.
Mikey: I saw as I came in.
Oh, well I guess since it's not a secret you can take a look and tell me what you think.
Mikey: Okay.
Laying it out on the couch, I let him look it over.
After a few miutes he turned to me.
Mikey: I like it.
Really? I asked, hoping he really meant it.
Mikey: Yeah, I mean if I like it, Gerard will too.
Mikey: We have a lot in common, so I'm really sure he'll like it.
Great! I said as I gave him a quick hug.
But instead of being quick, Mikey held on to me.
With his head resting on my shoulder he whispered,
"Your amazing, and I'm glad your with him."
"Thank you so much."
Letting go he meant to walk off, but before he could I took a hold of his wrist.
Mikey, what happened to Gerard?
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