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Mikey is missing?! Sorry i know its short

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Hey everyone! I know that i haven't uploaded a lot recently. Its because of school work and stuff like that but now... SCHOOL IS OVER FOR 6 WEEKS! So im going to get up as much as i can ASAP. Emily :D

3 months later

Before we continue, I may as well bring you up to speed with Leila, Gerard and the gang over the past 3 months.

Leila and Gerard were now going out together and they never stopped loving each other. Gerard had to admit, she was so, in his mind, perfect for him. They hadn’t argued, they didn’t disagree on anything or even complain about things the other said. They were inseparable. Leila and Gerard spent most of their sweet loving time at Gerard’s home but never at Leila’s. “My parents don’t allow people over often” she said to Gerard when he asked her about it for the 4th time “but i promise i will get you over mine if it’s the last thing i do”. Leila was let out of the hospital after about a day, but each moment, Gerard was with her just in case anything happened. Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob had come to see her and brought a lot of chocolate. “Guys, really?” Leila said, slapping her hand to her forehead “I’m going to go hyper and bounce off the walls” Ray laughed “well, you may get better with a bit of sugar in you!” After a few days at home, Gerard called Leila from school since it was a Monday and told her that Ryan and most of his crew had been expelled for the incident on the stair case. He had also told her in a grave voice that Dennis had been killed, a broken neck. Gerard could hear the whimper in her voice as he told her this “hey, are you alright babe?” he whispered down the phone. He heard a sharp intake of breath and Leila’s voice came back to him “it’s horrible. I know he hurt me but he didn’t need to die”. Gerard wished her goodnight and hung up, and then he fell onto his bed in his basement room. Ever since Leila had walked into his life he felt more alive and not the lonely, emo kid like everyone at his previous school had called him. Then the problem occurred.

Back in the present time

Leila hopped out of bed, smiling. She was going back to school and since most of the bullies were gone and she had Gerard, Frank, Bob, Ray and Mikey, she felt a lot safer. Gerard met up with Leila outside her house to walk to school. “Hey Gee” said Leila looking straight into his eyes as they broke apart from an embrace “what’s up? You look worried”. Gerard hung his head low and spoke to the floor as they walked “I’m worried about Mikey” he said, his voice was shaky “he looks ill, pale, quieter than usual and he is barely eating. I asked him if he is ok and he said “I’m fine bro, school is stressful. He has barely said a word to me since then”. Leila put an arm around Gerard’s waist “Gee, don’t worry. He is probably going through a stage right now. But, I’m worried too; maybe you should keep an eye on him” Gerard nodded and kissed her head “where would i be without you?” He said and they continued walking, hoping to find Mikey.

But, when the first two lessons were over, they met up with Frank, Ray and Bob, but there was no sign of Mikey. “He wasn’t in class today” said Frank, putting his feet up on a bench he was sitting on “you sure he left the house Gee?” “Yeah, a few minuets before me” Gerard replied “i hope he is ok”. “Knowing Mikey,” said Bob “he is probably at the coffee shop down the high street. I think he will turn up later”

Lunchtime came and still no Mikey. Gerard was now frightened, Leila could see it in his eyes and facial expression. “Did you call him Gee?” asked Ray. He nodded “10 times already” he whispered. Leila stood beside him and held his head onto her chest “Gerard, he will be fine ok babe?” he looked up as her and he tapped the end of her nose “ok, my little angel”. She twitched her nose at the touch and giggled a little and even Gerard smiled. “Ok” said Ray, pulling out his phone “Misfits anyone?”

After school, it was crazy. Gerard and Leila wondered endlessly around the town searching for Gerard’s little brother. He was frantic and panic shot through him like a bolt of electricity every time he turned a corner. “Mikey!” he shouted, coming to a halt in the park “little brother, its Gee. Where are you?!” The wind whispered past and leafs slowly fell to the ground but no reply of “I’m here Gee!” or “Gerard! I’m by the lake!” There was just lonesome silence. Gerard sank onto a bench, holding his head in his hands, covering his face. Leila slid next to him, equally as scared. She didn’t know how she knew but she thought Gerard was crying silently for his brother. She moved next to him and pulled him into an embrace. She felt a single tear leak out of the green-hazel eyes and slide onto her shoulder. “Oh, Gee. Don’t cry” she said and held him tighter. “What if he’s hurt?” whispered Gerard, his voice cracked “or been kidnapped or raped or killed or...” Leila tilted his head up so he was looking her straight in the face “Gerard Arthur Way, Listen to me. He will be fine” He rubbed his eyes which were blood shot. “I’m so scared Lee” he croaked “he seemed to be the only family who cares about my existence and if anything happened to him...” he broke off, realising he had said too much “well, I’d be six feet under” Leila stood up and faced him again “Gee, come over to my house”. Gerard looked taken aback from this statement “ well, i don’t want you stuck home on your own worrying and if your parents don’t really ca...” she trailed off “ well i think you need some companionship” Gerard jumped up and flung himself onto Leila and hugged her so tightly she lost her breath “ Ger...ard!” Leila choked. He slackened his grip and whipped another stray tear from his eyes “Lee, I’d love to”

Yeah i know it kinda sucked... But it will get very interesting soon!
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