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For You, IMCR Day

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Happy Internatinal MCR day. a poem for you, for her, for him, for them, for us.

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For You, IMCR Day

for the kids with colored hair
for the kids with tattoos
for the kids with dreams
for the kids who dedicate themselves to music

for the misfits
for the lonley
for the business casual
for the moms
for the dads
for the brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles

for the ones who get harassed
for the ones that don't want to wear black forever
for the ones that bleed black and cry during classes
for the ones that write on their arms
for the ones that draw on thier math homework

for the chipmunck lovers
for the unicorn lover
for the dog lovers
for the cat lovers

for those with imagination
for those with humor
for those with crafty tendencises
for those who hurt
for those who don't

for those in divorce
for those in a broken home
for those in a prefect home

for the one stuck on the bottom bunk
for the one who won the top bunk
for the ones in summer school

for those who are gone
for those who mourn
for those who love
for those with out love

we gather in concert halls
and in the middle of malls
we hold our lighters aloft
we sing along to the radio
turned up all the way,

we welcome the Killjoys
and respect the ones who brought you their Love
we give Three Cheers and would march anywhere anytime
we share tapes and mix CDs

we listen to you in times of need
and in times of hope
in our closets, on our roofs, under our blankets
we understand the sweeping methephors

there is no you, me, them, he, she
there is only US
and in the us there is you, me, them, he, she
we are individual and unique
we are us and no one is us

from here to there to there to here
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