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Theres no sense in arguing

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Gerard is strong,smart,wealthy and beautiful.But he got kicked out of his oldschool for fights.Frank is shy,smart-ish,poor,and abused.His school is killing him.Then they meet.

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I watched as the wimpering boy squirmed against my firm hold.Andy here is twenty five thousand dallors in the hole with me. "G-Gerard Im s-sorry!I promis I-Ill get your m-money next week!"

he cried.I dont care,this is the fourth time he's asked for an extension of his deadline. "I dont want to fucking hear it Andy!" I scream,throwing a punch to his gut rather hardly.I looked

up to meet his painfilled gaze,but was side-tracted by the blood coming from his mouth.If I didnt stop soon,I would have murder charge to deal with.I let go of his shirt and he dropped to

the gorund,clenching his sides in pain.
He's truely pathetic. I thought and spat on his crumpled form. "Have my money by next Friday

or you'll have much more serious injuries to deal with." I said,sending a final kick to his head,knocking him out.I turned and started walking away.Your probally wondering how I can do

somthing like that and not even feel the slightest bit bad for it.Well,Ive done much worse than this.Ive even put a girl in a coma once. "Mr.Way!" a fuming principle was speed walking over to

Andy.I sighed irritatedly, "He's still alive,dont get you undies in a knot." I kept my walking pace,waiting for the familiar words to pour out of his mouth. "Go wait in my office Mr.Way!" I

rolled my eyes and kept walking as he dailed 911.I pushed throught the double doors to the school and watched as everyone (including teachers) frantically moved out of my way.It never

ceases to amuse me by how they all look so scared of me,when I'd only hurt them if I had reason to,im not a complete sycopath.I smirked as Emily dropped her notebook in her hurry to get out

of the way.I noticed it wasnt school issued,so I picked it up.She must not have know she dropped it,or she was just to scarred to turn back. "Emily!" I called out and she spun around

with petrified eyes,almost on the brink of tears. "Y-yes G-Gerard?" she asked,her bottem lip quivering.I smiled and held up her notebook, "You dropped this.".She closed her eyes and let

out a sigh of reliefe "Thank you Gerard." she said,slowly walking up to me,still holding hostility in her eyes.Just as she reached out for the book I snatched it back,she's not getting

it that easily. "I suggest a trade." I smirked,and all the lost fear came flooding back to her eyes. "Dont look so scared Emily,I only want your number." I winked at her and handed the book

back.A smile broke across her face as she dug for a pen and ripped out a sheet of paper.She frantically scribbled down some numbers and handed me the now folded paper.A few cheerleaders

stared in awe as I took the paper,everyone knows what it means when I ask for your number.If I ask for your number,that means you'll be in my bed soon.That goes for both girls and guys.She flashed

a smile and mumbled a 'thank you' before scurrieing off to a groupe of squealing girls.I shot a look at the groupe of cheerleaders who were most likely plotting her doom.Each one shot their

own icey glares at her and her friends. "Mr.Way,I thought I told you to get to my office!" growled the principle form behinde me.I narrowed my eyes and spun around to face him, "I was

just setting up this Saturday nights plans."and with that,I strutted off to the office without a backward glance.I slumped down into the brown leather chair,waiting for the principle.


The middle-aged man slamed the door and sat down at his desk.He lowered his head into his hands and breathed out a sigh as he rubbed his temples with his thumbs. "This is fourth time just

this month that you have sent a student to the hospital Mr.Way." I rolled my eyes. "Just tell me how many days of suspension I have already." I said,earning a death glare. "No Gerard,we are

not suspending you.I have talked to the principle of Belleville High and we have decided to transfer you.She feels that a change of scenery will ease cause pain to

others.You start Monday.Until then you are to stay away from all students here." he looked up to meet my angered stare.

I had complete controll of this school,everyone was at my will,and now im being told I have to

start over?! "But I dont want to go to Belleville High!" I screamed,standing up and banging my fists against his desk.He looked taken aback at my outburst and jumped in his seat.I smirked,I

even have the principle afraid of me.He managed to compose his face and put on a stern look. "If you do not leave willingly,we will have the cops escort you out." he said,shifting

uncomfortably.I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.Looks like I have no choice.


I sat under our tree flicking twigs into Rays afro.Ray Toro is my only real friend other than Madaline.She wont answer to that name though,we call her Maddie.Ray and I had just came out,to

skip maths.Then I missed one and hit his neck.Oops. "Ow!Dude what the fuck?" he said reaching for his neck,hitting his hair in the process,knocking some twigs out. "What have you done?" he

aked shaking his head violently to rid it of the twigs. "Ah!Ray watch where you swing that thing!" He turned round to face me and smirked.I re-thought what I had just said and relized

what it sounded like. "You wouldnt have said that if I was swinging somthing else,Iero!" he teased.Him and Maddie are always making little remarks to tease me about being gay.But they dont

do it to be mean,like the dickhead jocks do.I rolled my eyes and playfully slaped his arm.We both laughed untill we saw a flying Maddie.Someone was about to get glomped. "Aaah!" I laughed

and rolled out of the way as she landed on Ray. "Maddie!Watch the 'fro!" he shrieked through his own lauhter.She was lying on top of him,but sat up to where she was sitting on his

tummy.She smirked and fluffed his afro. "There you go,all flufy again!".It was plain to see they wanted each other.But they both refused to admit it,to each other that is.They both had told me

that they liked the other but made me pomise not to tell. "Well ima listen to my ipod.Have fun guys." I laughed and plugged into my music.I saw Ray shoot me a death glare but I just shook my

head as "Im a Barbie Girl" came through my ear phones.They both gave me a weird look,and I started singing along to it. "Come on Barbie lets go paty!Im a barbie girl,in a barbie world!"

Maddie just shook her head from atop Ray,who glanced up at her and back to me.It was all to easy to know just what he was silently trying to tell me.He flung his arms around her and

squished her in a hug.She laughed trying to wringle out of his grip but she couldnt move.I turned up the volume slightly just enough to block out all the rest of the world.I nodded my

head along to "Tonight,Tonight".When I looked back up I saw Randal and his gang walking over with smug grins plastered on their faces. "Shit." I cursed under my breath.I turned off my ipod

and stood to join Ray and Maddie. "Whats up faggots?!" Darren yelled getting an approving laugh from Randal and the rest. "Were minding our own buisness so why dont you mind your own?" Maddie

scowled at them. "Ooooh im sooo scared.Your really gunna let the girl fight for ya'?" Randal said,earning a growl from me and Ray.Ray pulled Maddie behinde him protectivly,when in

fact,Maddie was probally the toughest of us all.Her parents had got her Karate lessons just for this reason.She rolled her eyes and stepped infront of Ray. "Well this GIRL can take you all on

at once and kick all of your asses." she smiled politly at the end.They all bust out into laughter and walked closer.Maddie took a fighters stance and smirked,dareing them to come

closer.Thas when they lost some confidence.Randal took a couple steps back,his groupe mirroring his actions.Maddie took a step closer,and they took a step back.Then I decided two was better

than one.I walked up beside her and copied her stance,but I looked way more confident than I was.
"Fine!Have your little faggot-fest today,but we'll get you.One bye one by one." Randal said

pointing to each of us with every "one" he said.At this point I was terrified. "And we'll be waiting." Ray said smugly.I just kept quiet.Then the bell rang,telling all of us it was time

for our next class.The jocks wadered off and the three of us splitted ways.English.Great.At least it's Friday.


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