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My Corner Store Love.

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Ray meets a girl in the corner store. This girl has some sort of connection with the band, is Ray ever going to take it forward? I'm collabing with ShortyGirl!

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Ray POV.

I walked into the corner street store. I took my sunglasses off. I walked to the counter to see a pretty girl.

“One pack of cigs, light filter.” I said, pointing to a certain brand. She smiles.

“Can’t figure why these are so important!” She says in a happy voice, I notice the streak in her hair. The kind of white Gerard used for The Black Parade. She smiles at me as she hands them to me. I thought she recognized me, but she turned to the cash register.

“Four-seventy-five!” She say, I curse. There was phumor in her big green eyes.

“Five cents off, hold on,” I say looking for a nickel, she chuckles the most innocent laugh ever.

“I got it Hun.” She says and takes the money I have. I smile at her soft hands.

I grab my cigs and set them into my pocket. “Thanks” I said, she smiled.

“Sure. See you around?” She asked.

“Yup!” I said and flipped my sunglasses on.

When I got to Gerard’s, he seemed to know something was up.

“Okay, spill!” He says in a girlish voice..oh wait..that’s his voice.

“No!” I said. He pouts.

“Ple-“ He starts but I walk away, and into the kitchen.

Frank was holding a fork above the toaster. “Frank…” I said, he looked up.

“Mhhm?” He asked, Mikey walked in.

“HEY! That’s my thing!” He says and snatches the fork. Fran hufs and unplugs the toaster. He grabbed it and walked out.

“Okay?” Mikey says, he shrugs. I smile and grab a beer from the fridge. Mikey raises an eyebrow. I sit at the table and put my feet on it, crossing my legs. I click open the beer and was going to take a sip, when Mikey spoke up.

“Tell me!” He said. I knew I was doomed.

“No.” I said and ran out if the house.
I finally got home. I got in the shower and let the water scorn my body.

“Damnit!” I realized I didn’t get her name. I felt guilty a little.

I got out, combed my hair (Yes I do that, the fro is okay after I comb it!) and put some clothes on.

I opened my door and started down the street. I just wanted to see her again, when I was tackled. Frank was over me. I pushed him off and got up. He giggled.

“So, where are you going at 9 pm?” He asked, I smiled.

“I ran out of Red Bull, I’m getting a can.” I said, he smiled.

“Okay. But I’m going to smoke a fag outside while you’re in there.” He said and we kept walking until we were at the store. I went in and shuffled to get my Red Bull. I got it and walked up to the counter the same girl was there.

“Hello again!” She says, I smile.

She started humming sing, which is weird because she doesn’t know who I am.

“Who’s that by?” I asked, she smiled.

“I know who you are Toro, just didn’t want to give it away. Now, that will be 3.34 thank you!” She said while smiling. I pulled a five out of my pocket and handed it over.

“Keep the change.” I said and started walking out, when she called out my name.

“Yeah?” I asked, feeling sparkly inside.

“Have a nice night!” She said and smiled, her perfect teeth showing. I smiled back at her,

“You to!” I called back, walking outside to see a smirking Frank.

“What?” I asked confused/

“You forgot your drink. You’ve got it bad!!!” He said jumping around. I rolled my eyes.

“Toro’s in love!!” He said jumping around.

We walked to Gee’s in silence. Frank didn’t even smoke.

“Gerard?” Frank called out, I smaked my forehead.

“TORO’S IN LOVE! WITH A GIRL WHO WORKS AT THE CORNER STORE! HAHHAHHHHAHHAHAHAH!” He called out, Mikey walked in and smiled at ,me. Frank stands up straight.

“It is a she right?” He asked, I flipped him off.

“Of course!” Gee said walking in. “I saw her this morning!” He said and winked at me.

“Hands off!” I said, he chuckled.

“Of course Toro!” he said and called he was going to bed. Frank watched him go up, when he was out of view I lightly pushed him up.

“Wha-?” I cut him off.

“Go NOW!” I said. He smiled at me.

Mikey smiled at him “Yeah. Try Frank.” He said. Frank giggled and ran up after his princess. I smiled.
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