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I hate mondays

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The following day.

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I woke up by the sound of my alarm. UGH. School. I hate mondays they are the worst of all, because its the start of the week. I also hate today because one: I would have to see Brendon, two: Because I have to tell Gerard what happened and I know that he is going to look for a fight. Yesterday left me think about so many things I never thought of. For that one second that I kissed Brendon. It felt so right, and yet so wrong. Is this possible? Damn I'm just some weird teenager lost in this big world wondering what will happen.
I got up and started my morning routine. After I was changed and ready to go I grabbed my coat and I was out the door. I decided to walk this time because I needed some time to think about all the things that were going on in my strange life. As I walked I blasted the volume on my Ipod to full volume and drowned in my music.
I reached the hell that we call school and walked straight to my locker not bothering to look at Brendon as I walked by him. I sat on the other end of the classroom when I had the class with Brendon. I avoided him all day even after he tried to explain what had happened yesterday. I didn't want to deal with it at school, because I knew things would not be pretty.
Durring lunch I met up with Gerard and we decided to sit by the willow tree. We were alone for the first time since Friday. I took this as my only chance to tell him what had happened between me and Brendon.
" So Gee...." I began. "I have something to tell you and I know you won't like it, but I know that you will find out either way so I'm just gonna tell you." He nodded as a signal for me to continue.
" Yesterday I was hanging with Brendon and well..." I paused.
" And..." Gerard said trying to make me tell him what was going on.
" Well..... how do I say this? We well... we kissed." I let the words slide out of my mouth. He froze for a second and that freaked me out. " I pulled away because I have a boy friend, but then we kinda got into a fight." I quickly added.
" Wait so did he kiss you or did you kiss him?" He demanded.
" He kissed me." I said quitely. That was all he needed to hear. He got up and began to walk towards the spot where Brendon was sitting and eating. Shit. I knew this was going to happen. I tried to catch up to him, but he was already there and was yelling at Brendon.
" So you kissed my girl friend?!" He began. I could already feel everyone starring at what was about to go down. Brendon stood up and faced Gerard.
" Yeah I did and you know what? She loved it." And with that Gerard threw in the first punch, hitting Brendon in the nose. Brendon fell to the floor, but quickly got up. He lounged for Gerard and next thing I knew they were on the floor. Punches and kicking was all that I could see as they rolled around the floor. That's when I noticed that the principle was coming out to see what was going on. WHen he reached the scene Frank had already managed to pull Gerard off Brendon and Ryan was holding Brendon. Both Frank and Ryan were trying to stop the fight, but it wasn't until the Principle came that it all came to an end. They were both sent to the office and by the end of the day everyone knew that they had been fighting over me and why they had fought.
They were both suspended for the rest of the week and had detention for two weeks. Just as I had thought the day would end. When the final bell rang I was able to see Gerard. He wasn't alone, he was with his mother.
" Gee-" I started.
" You young lady are the cause of this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Making two boys fight over you." Mrs. Way said. SHe said the truth. I was the reason they got into the fight.
" Mom she didn't do anything." Gerard tried to defend me, but it was an epic fail.
" And you! You are in so much trouble when you father gets home." Mrs. Way dragged Gerard away from me, but Gee managed to mouth "call me."
Another reason why I hate mondays.
I am very proud of this chapter and happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys liked it as much as I did. :)
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