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Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye

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Another argument

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Okay this is my first attempt at writing fan fiction. I just suddenly had an idea on the train the other day so I decided I would write some of it and see what people think. So here you go :)

Mikey's POV

I woke up to the mumbled sounds of shouting behind the bathroom door. As soon as I heard the voices I knew it was Gerard and Frank. Again. What the hell was the problem this time? . Its like a fucking routine! Argue, ignore each other, talk, cry, make up and then you suddenly hear light moans in the middle of night coming from Gerard's bunk. They always seem to think up some reason to argue and this time from what I could hear It was about Lyndsey.

I should probably explain that about a year ago Gerard and Lyndsey had a complicated divorce. The complication being little Bandit Lee Way. She's such a sweet kid and never wants anything to be her fault, and to be fair it wasn't. But there was the decision of who would get custody over their daughter. Of course Lyndsey won that battle. Gerard didn't stand a chance with his history of drugs, alcohol and his slow self destruction. But without his daughter and someone close to him to rely on he became a wreck, sure not as bad as the drugs and depression era, but a wreck none the less. None of us could take seeing him in the state he was in but none of us knew what to do. It had been so long and we'd kind of forgotten how to deal with it all. Well, except Frank. He began to talk to Gerard more and more about the events that had just happened and was always Gerard's shoulder to cry on. He became the new Lyndsey. You would hear Gerard crying in Frank's arms at 2am and Frank reassuring him that everything would turn out for the better. I don't know what would've happened if Frank wasn't there and I never want to imagine it either.

A few months ago they started to become a couple and we all encouraged it as much as possible. They were so happy together and it was amazing to see Gerard's lips curl into a real smile whenever Frank was in sight. They were the sweetest pairing ever and inseperable through every situation imaginable. Until the arguements started.

Little things at first like Gee leaving the lid off the toothpaste but now everything was getting more and more serious. Like I said this time it was about Lyndsey, Gerard had starting to talk to her more trying to build up a bit of trust just so he could see his daughter again but frank wasn't having any of it:
"What the fuck Gerard?" Frank screamed after bursting through the bathroom door to the area where our bunks were,"Why are you talking to that bitch again? Do you remember what she did to you? She made you into a wreck!"
"Frank! All i'm doing is trying to put the past behind me and move on..." Gerard went silent and then with the quietest, sincere voice he said, " and see my daughter again."
It was at that point I could see Franks anger drop and was replaced with sympathy. His angered eyes filled with tears as he realised how upset his only love was. Gerard hadn't spoken about seeing his daughter in months, we all knew he thought about it, but he never said anything. I walked over to Gerard and Frank and engulfed them in a bone crushing warm embrace. They were both sobbing onto eachothers shoulders letting out soft whimpers as both thought about what Gerard had just said.

" Frankie?" I said. He looked up at me with questioning eyes. "Can I be alone with Gee for a bit? I just need to talk to him."
With that Frank got up, grabbed some clean clothes and a towel and went to go shower. Silence fell in our tour bus once more and was only broken by three words:
"Tell me everything."

R&R please? Like I said It's my first one so i'm sorry if it sucks. Sorry about how short it is too. I'll make the next chapter longer
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