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Frank's POV

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I hate dancing…I really do but my sister and her crazy ass friend has managed to find me talking to the quirky little Wiccan girl in my third period chemistry class. Well, she’s kinda in my chemistry class; most days she doesn’t show her face in school.

None the less I’ve got my hand locked in my sister’s and Jenna’s dancing to some shitty techno song blaring over the speakers. My sister smiles brightly at me as does Zayna. Jenna’s lips are twisted up at the edges so I guess she’s kind of smiling. Also I think the joker smiles emitted from Zayna and Amanda are a result of LSD. Jenna’s the normal one.

As the song ends I turn to my sister, trying to keep the subject light, “You high?”

“Nope,” she giggles and I know what’s wrong. “I’m fine.”

She’s had too much to drink and alcohol has the same effect on her as drunks. She can drink and drink for hours but the second she stops…bam she’s completely giggly and out of it for the next four, five hours. Sometimes its cute and funny when I’m also drunk but when I’m not normally I’m just scared for her. She’s newly sixteen…the effects all her drinking is gonna have on her later in life are gonna be catastrophic.

She pouts, “Frankie, it’s your birthday have fun.”

I nod, flailing my limps around some more in time to the music. I don’t hate dancing because I’m bad at it I just hate it cause well…I don’t really have a reason. I guess it’s cause I normally get left to dance on my own. Now with my little sister, Zayna and Jenna around I don’t feel lonely and am happy to dance and enjoy myself. It is my birthday after all.

Six years running I’d had the most kick ass Halloween birthday parties. This year is no different. Drinks are provided by my dearest friend Roxxi, music blasted by some kid who DJs everything in town and the rest, well, it just kinda falls into place, even the year we had the motor cycle crash through the houses large front windows out into the pool. Everything just kinda fit.

Another hour or two and I check my watch, three in the morning and no one looks tired and the outside area is still crowded with people. I probably don’t even know half of them but free alcohol tends to bring people out here. Doesn’t bother me, mostly I surround myself with friends and let the other people do what they want. They don’t bother me or spoil my night and I don’t fuck with them. I sound like a spoiled rich kid thinking this way. I laugh aloud at myself getting an odd look from Zayna.

Amanda yawns, waving goodbye to me and Jenna and Zayna as she spots Gerard, her ride home. She’ll be safe in his hands no matter what she is even though the booze seem to be slowly starting to wear off. Gerard cares about her too much to hurt her.

Sighing, I move away from Zayna and Jenna to go visit my very best friend in the world…Roxxi. Sure I’ve been kinda a douche to her lately but I can’t stand the fact she’s trying to break up my little sister and Gerard. It’s aggravating to have to listen to her talk about a guy I know is very in love with my sister. Oh well, I still enjoy the little firecrackers presence anyway.

Plopping down on a stool I watch as Roxxi spins around behind the bar clad in a pink one piece bathing suit thing with no straps that looks like it’s made of silk. She has white arm cuffs and a bow thing on her head; it looks like it’s made out of hair. I’m not up on the fashion. As she turns around I can see her face is chalked white and she's got a bow tie chocker on.

“Sexy zombie?” I question hoping I’m somewhere near target.

Roxxi shrugs, “I’m supposed to be a Playboy bunny zombie.”

I smile seeing it now. She looks cute even though I know she was trying to go for sexy. I’m always seen Roxxi as an adorable little girl, not sure why but I just have. As she hops up on the counter I take to beer she is offering me. Roxxi knows that her whole sexual act does nothing for me so she just sits normally, smiling.

“Did you enjoy your birthday, Frank?” she asks after a few seconds of quiet.

“I did, thank you for letting us have it here,” I pause, “Everything alright Roxxi?”

She shakes her head, looking rather up upset, “I talked to Gerard tonight. Don’t worry though his slutty girlfriend put me in my place by shoving her tongue down his throat. It was adorable.”

I laugh at her sarcasm. My smile quickly turning to a frown though when I remember everything Roxxi said. Roxxi calls my little sister a slut on a regular basis. Although I should be used to it by now it drives me fucking insane. I love Amanda and would do literally anything for her. I hate it when people call her a slut or something else equally terrible. Negative words towards my sister are what have landed my sorry ass in detention more than once this year.

“Amanda, who happens to be my little sister in case you forgot Rox, is not a slut or whatever other negative name you can come up with. Gerard loves her, hell he’s thinking about marring her. You just need to butt out and let them be.”

Roxxi’s red lips form a little red ‘O.’ I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone what Gerard had told me. I’ve now told the one person who will put this to her evil devises. Shit, Gerard is gonna fucking kill me when he figures out I let that slip.

“Don’t tell anyone I told you that…please Roxxi. If you’re really my friend and you really like Gerard you won’t,” I say praying that she’ll just forget it.

“What the hell?! He’s going to marry her?” Roxxi explodes getting a few odd looks from people on their way out. “She’s a sophomore and he’s a junior that’s just stupid!”

I grumble under my breath before turning my attention back to the dark haired girl freaking out in front of me, “Shut up and not this year. Now, Roxxi, please promise you won’t go around telling people that.”

She stares off into space for a few agonizing seconds thinking about it. Why can’t I keep my big mouth shut? I’m in such deep shit now. How the hell am I gonna keep Roxxi quiet if she doesn’t agree not to spread with around? Answer…I won’t be able to.

“Fine,” she says pulling me out of my thoughts. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you,” I answer letting out the breath I had been holding.

At least now Gerard won’t hate me forever for letting his secret slip. Roxxi continues to watch the few remaining people twirl around on the dance floor. We should have shut everything down an hour ago but didn’t. At least tomorrow is a Sunday and we won’t have to go to school. People will be able to sleep their hangovers off by Monday.

“Roxxi, what do you know about Jenna?” I ask referring to the little Wiccan who has intrigued me.

“The witch girl, right?” Roxxi asks innocently. “She seems nice enough. I don’t really know her. I mean Jenna’s either up a tree, has her nose in a book or isn’t anywhere to be seen.”

“Thanks Roxxi,” I answer telling she still has more to say.

“Do you like her?”

The words I was trying to avoid. I’ve been without a girlfriend since after I’d broken up with Jasmine Price back in 9th grade. For most people it seems like a long time but really I don’t mind. I just hadn’t found the right person yet and didn’t want to get the reputation that I dated around.

“I don’t know her that well but she’s nice,” I answer telling it disappoints Roxxi. She's been trying to set me up with people for a while now. It's sweet but none of the people she's chosen have spiked my intrest.

“Promise me if you start to like her I’ll be the first person you tell,” she says holding out her pinky for me to take.

Wrapping my little finger around hers I smile at my best friend, “Don’t I always?”

Author's Note: I love you guys too much to not update one more time tonight. I threw a couple shirt and a pair of shorts into my bag and that pleased my mom cause I'm 'making an effort' haha. So I wrote this whilst listening to Mania and it shows a little (not at all haha) Anyway pretty sure you don't wanna read all I hope you liked. Next chapter up by tomorrow afternoon.
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