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Chapter six: going to gringotts

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Chapter six

It was depressing to back at privet drive, Harry lay back on the uncomfortable bed, would tell Ron and Hermione if they became suspicious of him, but he didn't want everyone to know about him...he was less likely to die in this time anyway, he looked at the clock.
It was three minutes to eight in the morning. He decided on an early start and having checked in the mirror for any abnormal body parts before he went downstairs. He walked into the kitchen
"Harry potter, what has happened to your hair? You haven't been using you know what? Have you?"
"No aunt petunia I have no wish to be expelled from Hogwarts..."
"Don't say the name...put your self back to normal"
"How did I look last time you saw me then?"
"Can't you remember it was only last night...?"
"I came of age last night..."
"do not tell any other person on pain of a very painful death but I had to travel back in time so that I could learn to control my new powers, with out blowing you house up...for me it has been a year"
"Well fix you hair before Marge comes down"
Harry concentrated
"It that any better?"
"Aunt Petunia, I know you don't like being asked questions but when did your mother and father adopt lily?"
His aunt froze
"How did you know about that? Nobody from your world knew anything about her being adopted"
"I met some very interesting people over the past year..."
He would have spoken further had not Marge entered the room at that precise moment
"Morning petunia...runt,"
Harry rose from his seated position; he towered over his short aunt
"I am afraid that insult is no longer worth the air it takes to say it"
Marge's eyes almost popped out of their sockets
"How? What?..."
"Growth spurt Aunt Marge... a growth spurt"
"Don't mock me are not Harry that is the must be that stupid father of his"
"I am not stupid and my father is dead..."
"stop since you are Harry's father, I have a few things to say to you, you are a stupid drunken loon, why did you see fit to burden your wife's relatives with that mongrel Harry..." it seemed that Marge would have said more if she hadn't suddenly lost her voice
"good now listen aunt Marge and listen well, I am Harry James Potter, I have been through things that you in your worst nightmares could not imagine, may be you are more used to my appearance being like this," he changed into a younger version of himself, "but what if I was to tell you that...I am used to seeing this in the morning when I wake up?" Harry allowed himself to relax into his natural shape, Harry could have laughed at the looks of horror on his aunts faces, but he did not he merely took pictures, then left casting a memory charm wandless behind him.
He walked up to his bedroom to find a ministry owl resting on his bed, he read it
'Mr H. Potter,
You are now sixteen this means that you may use magic outside of school..."
Harry did not feel the need to read further he could have jumped for joy, of course he would not be able to use his magic until Marge left...if he didn't leave first...he was planning to try and find the elves and vampires these holidays...he grew his hair again and decided to try breakfast again...then again maybe not...
"Morning Petunia, Marge"
"Boy what do you think you look like? Your hair is horrible you should cut it all least you kept it hidden last night...yes you are definitely going to take after your father and end up a vagabond that school can surely be doing you no good what so ever...Petunia I really don't see why you bothered...if it was me I would have sent him away to stonewall high..."
"He was expelled from stonewall"
"As I suspected...good for nothing orphan"
"My parents couldn't help being murdered," said Harry quietly
"Murdered? They were murdered by themselves boy they got drunk and drove into a lamp post"
"That's funny, because I am certain that they did not drive"
"You know nothing of you parents boy..."
"I know more than you do...Petunia...may I go out for the day?"
"Where are you going?"
"And how do you expect to get there?"
"Did Lily tell you about the age of sixteen?"
Petunia's eyes widened then she nodded, Marge however was still curious
"Are you telling me Petunia that this boy has an illegal licence?"
" is not like that..." Petunia said in a faltering voice
"Marge, I have just come into my inheritance, I must settle matters...Petunia I will try to persuade Dumbledore that I don't need to come back to this house next summer...thinking of Dumbledore, I had better tell the order that I am going on holiday"
Harry pulled a piece of parchment out of his trunk and a quill
"Harry I forbid you to send that letter from this room"
"I'll obliviate her when I leave if you like, but this letter must be written within the premise"
Harry took a knife from his pocket and cut his finger, he heard his aunt shriek
"Petunia, don't worry, I just have to write in blood to ensure that they will not think that lord Moldywarts is forcing me to write to them"
Petunia nodded her understanding, but Marge was looking at him as though he was talking in a foreign langue.
"Why would they believe the letter if you wrote it in your own blood?"
"Because being the person I am I may not lie when writing in my own blood"
Harry concentrated on the letter once more
"Dumbledore, I have decided that there is no point in my staying here for the rest of the holidays, but I will return next summer if you wish me to, I plan to travel around Europe, but I will be on the Hogwarts express, the Dursleys are still treating me well, this is written in blood so that you will believe it and not fret about it
From Harry potter"
Harry healed his finger and cleaned his quill and returned it to his trunk, then went to the window and whistled for Hedwig
"Hallo, girl, can you take this to Dumbledore..." he got no further as Marge interrupted him
"Petunia the boy should be in a lunatic asylum...perhaps that is where your sister and husband are...I could understand if you didn't see fit to inform me of this..."
"my parents are not mad they are dead...I have a friend whose parents were tortured until they went mad...they don't even recognise him anymore...what Petunia and her husband forgot to mention to you was that I am not a normal person...and that is why my parents are dead, why I am here why I have just sent a letter with an owl...I was going to wipe your memory but I can not be not mention this to anybody..."
"Why shouldn't I?"
"Because if you even try, you will be locked in lunatic will only be able to speak gibberish...good day"
Harry walked out of the house with out having seriously hexed anyone, he headed towards the park to try and find a place where no one would notice him apparating from, he asked Tyndyrn to sit on his shoulder as he talked to her about where he should go, he was so caught up in this conversation that he did not notice that he was surrounded by Dudley's gang.
"What are you doing here?" asked piers to his right
"Boys...I do not have time for this get out of my way...Dudley" he turned to his cousin
"You can't do it outside of school you'll be expelled"
"Really then read this," he produced the note seemingly from thin air
Piers seemed to be amused, "that is a very cheap trick you know what is this thing you are not allowed to do?"
"I go to a martial arts school, until we are sixteen we are not allowed to use our techniques outside school"
Dudley, who had been looking as though Christmas had been cancelled now looked very puzzled, Piers spoke again
"You still couldn't beat all of us"
Harry looked around none of them looked used to fighting in fair circumstances
"Don't bet on polka dot Polkiss," hissed Harry, "I would happily beat you up but I am running late..." Harry noticed that the branch above his head was within reach, he could climb into the tree and then apparate. He climbed the tree then called
"Dudley, I'm not coming back this holiday and I am going to ask the headmaster not to force me return...but I suppose I must say Au Revoir...though I hope it will not be..." he then apparated but not before he had another glimpse of Dudley's stunned face.
He appeared in Diagon alley and made his way up the crooked street to Gringotts, once there he went up to the counter as he had done for the past five years and presented the key to his vault to one of the goblins,
"This seems to be in order" the goblin said in a thin reedy voice, then louder, "GRIPHOOK"
A memory stirred at the back of Harry's mind, Griphook was the goblin who had taken him down his vault for the first time.
"Would sir like to follow me" Harry heard the slightly familiar voice next to his elbow
"Hello again Griphook"
The goblin looked right around at him this time,
"Mr Potter..."
Griphook took him through the doors to the rough hewn passage ways that led to the vaults.
"Griphook, I was wondering what with Voldermort rising which side will the goblins go to if forced to join one or the other"
"The people with the most money."
"Which side is that?"
"The dark side"
"Does vault number four still exist?"
"yes but it has never been opened...the curse upon it is strange, the person wishing to enter the vault must die upon the door step to open the door but only they may enter it, but they must be alive, a person must have the dead yet strangely alive person's permission to enter the vault"
"It was the vault of the four founders was it not?"
"So it is rumoured"
They were silent for a while
"Could we go there Griphook?"
The goblin looked a little unhappy
"If I were to give you twenty galleons?"
"For an extra ten would you promise to stay there and protect me?"
Griphook nodded, and then prodded the cart with a long digit; it sped along on a level for a long time until it came to a stop outside an ancient stone door with a number four above it.
"Are you any good at fighting?" Harry asked Griphook who nodded slightly
"Swords?" Griphook nodded again
"to break this curse...I must die...typical of Godric to choose this really, he knows now much I hate people seeing me dead...would you mind fighting with me...killing me and waiting for me to wake up again...if you don't butcher me too much it should only take a few hours"
"Very well sir, if you are sure, we would not want to start another war..."
"Why do you think the curse is set up like this?"
The fight was very interesting and last for a long time even although Harry was using his left and slightly weaker hand to fight with but eventually Harry fell to the floor with a neat and precise cut across his throat.
Several hours later Harry woke up and saw that Griphook had gone away and brought back some friends, they were all slightly disturbed when what they had hitherto thought to be a corpse stood up and opened the vault door.
As he opened the door Harry had to try and deny what he saw before him, but he knew it to be true...he supposed that the founders had left it for him as they knew he was from the future, there were mountains of coins in this room, it was almost full even though it was the size of the great hall at Hogwarts, he looked over his shoulder and saw the goblins, waiting by the track.
"Do come in gentlemen" he called over his shoulder, they looked slightly wary of him but were too curious to know what was in this ancient vault, Harry watched their eyes grow large as they looked at the mountains of gold.
"Feel free to look around gentlemen"
"Why do you keep calling us gentlemen?" asked Griphook
"It is part of the curse on the vault I must call you gentlemen for you to be allowed to do anything in this vault...that would have been Rowena's doing"
Harry started to wander around, in one of the corners he found a few of the swords he had forged, elementally and physically. In another he found a letter addressed to him
"Dear Harry,
We decided that since Salazar is the only person to have a descendant we would leave this money to you, along with some things we think you may find useful and some property, only four castles, nothing else, why didn't you tell us that Salazar was a ghost at Hogwarts? We were hoping to spend our old age without him but he has become a poltergeist, we can't get rid of him.
When your parents come down to the underworld we will tell about themselves and you.
Love from
Helga, Godric, Rowena and Salazar"
Harry was startled and yet not too startled by the revelation that peeves was Salazar. He continued to look around, in one of the corners he found the box of Wealsy wizard wheezes, it looked ancient.
He walked over to a nearby mountain and took a hundred galleons from the side of it and put it in a bag, then he took about five or six handfuls of coins and placed them in a different bag.
He could come back another time he decided.
"Gentlemen," he called from the door, "its closing time"
The goblins all returned to the door once more
"This vault is truly amazing," said one goblin
"I think it is almost certain who we will support in the forth coming war"
"So how did you manage to break the curse? Even our top curse breaker, William Wealsy could not achieve this feat"
"Well...I have certain things to my advantage, as you all found out today..."
"You mean to say that you were actually dead?"
"I would appreciate it if you did not tell any body of this...I will tell them in my own time"
Harry passed the larger bag to Griphook
"I hope to come here more often in the future," he said cheerfully as they all loaded on to the carts, some of the goblins laughed others just smiled
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