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Reflection Of Me

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In order to date Gerard Way, Frank disguises himself as a boy named Billy Eye. Things work perfectly for a year until one night Frank catches Gerard kissing someone…kissing Billy.

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The sound of laughter and booming voices filled my ears. I tried to look interested in what my friends were saying but in all honesty, they were driving me insane.

"Dude, dude so how’s your relationship with Alexia going?" Daniel asked (or rather shouted) right into my ear. I leaned away slightly, wrinkling my nose in disgust at the flecks of spit that had ended up in my ear from his loud exclamation.

"I'm not dating Alexia" I replied. A grin spread across his face.

"Great to hear - so that means you won't be mad to know that I slept with her last Friday at Bert's party?"

I sighed and shook my head. Yeah, that was my 'best friend' Daniel Jonson. Wasn't I graced with such wonderful companions?

"Go ahead" I muttered, not really caring.

"Thanks! You’re a great buddy!" Daniel ruffled my hair playfully. He turned to the rest of our group. "I told you Frankie wouldn't care that I slept with his girl! We're best friends - we're meant to share things like that!"

"She's not my girl" I retorted. "And Daniel we do not share the people who we date."

That last statement was one hundred percent true though I don't think Daniel got it into his thick skull. His brain was divided into separate segments: the largest part was dedicated to his sports, the second largest to sex the third to partying, drinking and drugs and then the smallest part for whatever else mattered.

"Frankie needs a girl!" Alfie Jonson, Daniels younger brother said, cheerfully. "You can't be a proper man without a hot chick hanging of your arm!"

"Two hot chicks; one for either arm!" Ben Mannington corrected him.

"Yeah!" Alfie agreed. His grin, which already resembled a banana, grew even wider. If I hadn't known that this was how Alfie always looked, then I would have been concerned that his face would split.

"Frank should date that chick in our math’s class, what’s her name – Alison something? You know the one that got moved up a grade because the teachers reckoned she's smarter than the rest of us?" Gary, the last member of the group suggested. Gary was only really part of our group because he had an odd obsession with Alfie and had a habit of stalking him. Alfie had yet to notice so, for the time being Gary hung around.

"You’re talking about Alicia Simmons" Daniel told him. "No way dude, Frank can do way better than that gothic bitch!"

"She'd be an easy catch though" Ben said, thoughtfully. "I mean she's dating Mikey Way for Christ’s sake. The girl must be desperate."

There was the sound of a throat clearing from behind them. I peered over my shoulder and felt my heart beat faster. It was Gerard Way.

"Look, it’s the Little Lecturer. So Gay Way, what're you here to blabber on about now?" Daniel asked his voice cruel and mocking.

It took all my willpower not to reach over and break the assholes jaw. I knew that Gerard could stand up for himself.

"I just thought I'd tell you that Alicia and Mikey are very happy together no matter what you think. He loves her and she loves him -"

"And I'd love for you to shut up" Daniel interrupted. Gary, Ben and Alfie all burst into laughter. I didn't.

"Just leave my little brother alone, alright?" Gerard snapped.

"Hey Gay Way" Alfie said in a sing song voice. "Can't you go bore someone else to death?"

"You're words go in one ear and out the other!" Ben taunted.

"I think I'm falling asleep!" Gary added, and then fell over laughing as if he had just made the joke of the century. I almost shook my head in pity; if they thought any of their idiotic comments would bring Gerard down then they were dead wrong.

"...And Mikey is a better person than Frank Iero will ever be!"

That, however, brought me down. My eyes flicked back to where Daniel and Gerard had been arguing. Gerard was walking off now, his head held high. I knew his eyes would be shining with determination, just like they always did when he had fought for something he believed in. That was one of the many things I loved about him. Nothing anyone said could destroy Gerard's beliefs or bring him down.

"Frank, whatcha doing?"

I was gazing starry-eyed at Gerard’s back though I couldn't exactly tell them that. I turned my attention over to Alfie (who had spoken) and shrugged.


"I hate that guy" Ben spat, angrily. "Fucking Little Lecturer never shuts up about his fucking beliefs and shit. He thinks he always knows what’s right - I'd like to give him a good shiner, whadya think guys?"

"Don't be stupid" I snapped. When they turned to stare at me I silently cursed and quickly said; "The principal would be after your head!"

I couldn't let them know about my feelings for Gerard. Not because I cared about what they thought - I'd be more than happy to get rid of all of them and join Gerard's crew with his little brother Mikey, his best friends Bob and Ray and, the more recent edition, Alicia Simmons a.k.a Mikey’s girl.

I could dream on though. Gerard would never accept me as a friend or even associate with me. In his opinion, popular kids were the scum of the earth (a matter he was quite vocal about). Seeing how pretty much all popular kids at this school acted, I didn’t blame him.

"If we go after him when schools done then the principal can't do anything" Daniel stated, thoughtfully.

"The police can" I retorted.

"Fuck the police" he muttered. I rolled my eyes and got up, collecting my lunch tray.

"Where you going?" Gary asked.

"To throw this out" I replied, walking away from him. On my way there I passed Gerard who didn't even spare me a glance, too enthralled in whatever conversation he was having.


I literally froze. It was only after a moment that I gathered my wits and remembered where I was. Gerard still hadn't noticed me, which was good. I resumed my walk, tossed the contents of the tray into the bin and made my way back to the table. I inwardly cursed myself for reacting that way; however talk of 'Billy' always made me nervous.

What if Gerard found out? What if he learnt the truth? He would hate me - more so than he already did. I needed Gerard, I loved him. He loved me too; at least, he did when I stopped being Frank Iero.

When I became Billy Eye, that was when he loved me.
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