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Party snarled and looked at the yellow laser gun in his belt and closed his eyes, falling into a blissful sleep filled with a hundered scenarios of him torturing Haru.

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Party Poison rubbed a grimy hand down his face. He was leaned against the Death Machine, a banged up old Pontiac with weather worn paint, and centimetres of thick dust covering it like a blanket. He sighed and tipped his head back for a second before snatching his radio out of his lap again.

"Kobra? Kobra, its Party. Do you read me?"

It was the tenth time he had tried now, and the tenth time he had failed to get a reply. He threw the gadget to the floor with a discontent grunt and started patting his jacket down, dust billowing out of the material in clouds of bronze. A hand pressed lightly on his shoulder and he jumped, looking quickly up to see a grim Fun Ghoul standing over him, his face desipherable by the light of the torch he was carrying.

"Hey dude," He smiled softly, but it didn't reach his deep brown eyes. His tanned skin seemed to glow warmly and he hunkered down beside his friend, placing the torch between them. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. Party bit his lip as Fun inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly, the smoke coiling off into the night sky. He noticed his friend's expression and held the cigarette at arms length, away from Party,
"Nu-huh, you know you're not allowed to smoke anymore... What do we have here?" He asked, spotting a bulge in Party's pocket and reached over to dip a small hand in. Party tried to twist away but Fun was too fast, already delving in and withdrawing an empty packet of cancer sticks before he could be told to fuck off.

Fun frowned and shot a disapproving glare that Party merely shrugged at.
"Party... why?"
Party shrugged again. He wasn't supposed to smoke anymore after an incident not long back when he was shot by the mega bitch of the BLI crew- Haru. The laser blast had punctured a lung which Sabbath, an old friend had repaired using stolen hospital equipment from Battery City. He was advised against smoking for fear that the wound would open up and he'd possibly die from a massive amount of internal bleeding, catch a potentially deadly infection, or -his favourite - suffer a heart attack. All of these he had brushed off as stuff and nonsense, he was sure that Korse would catch up with him sooner or later and finish him off quicker than any of those possibilities.

Party didn't need to answer Fun's question so he remained silent.

Fun gave up and took a long drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out on the ground, ignoring Party's jealous stare that bore into his head. He shuffled closer and wriggled into his friend's side, the warmth pleasant as the coldness of the desert night began to settle in.
"Where's Jet?" He whispered, picking at a loose thread on Party's jeans that was annoying him.
"He's at Sabbath's place. A group of Dracs were after him. They would have caught up if he'd run to here."
"What about Kobra?"
"Not a word from his radio."

Fun rested his chin on the padded shoulder of Party's jacket, searching his friend's face. He only saw sadness and the glistening of tears he was fighting desperately against.
Party had given up on his brother.
Suddenly Party looked down,
"What you lookin' at, Fun? Is there something on my face?"
"Not the kind of something I'm looking for."
"Oh yeah?" Party frowned, "And just what are you lookin' for?"
"Hope." Fun whispered and turned his head away, but his body was still pressed firmly against his own.
"What do you mean?"
Fun peeled himself away from Party and yawned sleepily before settling down with the top half of his body draped across Party's lap.
"Don't give up on Kobra. Maybe he got lucky, maybe he's still alive." He slurred, his eyelids drooping shut, "Just think 'bout what I said, maybe Kobra is alive."

Party stroked Fun's nose gently, his friend's weak spot. Fun grinned sleepily and fell into a deep slumber. Party reached over him and took out the pack of cigarettes and lighter, quietly lighting one up and pressing it to his lips to take a well needed drag, he exhaled and stroked Fun's hair, twirling strands of it on his long fingers,
"Sure buddy, I'll think 'bout it."

But he knew in the bottom of his heart that all hope was lost. His brother was dead and nothing could bring him back. He knew it was Haru who did this and he could bet it was her who'd murdered him.
"I'm gonna get you, bitch. Whatever it takes..." Party snarled and looked at the yellow laser gun in his belt and closed his eyes, falling into a blissful sleep filled with a hundered scenarios of him torturing Haru.
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