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Back To Reality

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And that's how we got here....

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Apparently, last night, someone broke into every car in my court, including my mom's. Nothing was stolen from us, but the neighbors lost things like GPS's and cameras. And. I thought I lived in a nice neighborhood....
I'll try to update more, but I'm kinda busy today.

Gerard's POV
.... And that's how got here.
I pulled away from Frank. "There's a tattoo. On my arm. Of your name. I am so dead...."
He gave me a confused look. "By who? Who's gonna be 'so' angry?"
I looked at him. "Lindsay."
His face grew a different expression. "Oh. I'm guessing that makes Jamia mad at me as well?"
I nodded. "We're so screwed, Frankie."
"Yea," he mumbled. "But what if we don't let them know?"
"We could get them removed. Or just say we got drunk and randomly got them. They'll be fine with that. Just don't tell them about anything else."
I wasn't really okay with his idea. "I don't know, Frankie..."
"Well we still have over a week, what can go wrong?"
I nodded and stared up at the ceiling. What if she DID find out....?
My thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Frank kissing me.
"What the HELL?!" I said pushing him off of me. "I was in deep thought, man!" I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed, causing me to laugh as well. I loved his laugh. It was so cute.
But how in HELL would we get out of this situation?! I couldn't say for sure, knowing that the most random things could happen in our future.
My life's kinda like that.
I buried my face into the pillow, and stayed like that for several minutes. I looked back over to my side. Frank was gone.
"Boo." said a voice on the other side of me. I jumped. He started to laugh like crazy. He was in jeans in a tee shirt.
"Seriously?!" I asked. He just smiled as he walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.
What a weird way to start the day
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