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Detention Fun

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Frank's POV

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“Dude, you know she lowered the price cause she thinks we’re gay,” I say as Gerard dances through the parking lot towards my car.

Although I’d glad he’s happy and my little sister is gonna get the wedding ring she deserves I just feel weird getting it at a lower price cause the store clerk feels bad for us or something. It just doesn’t feel right.

“So,” Gerard shrugs as I pull the car back onto the main road heading for the school, “I’m getting your sister the ring that looks made for her, shouldn’t you be happy?”

Frowning I hit the button to signal I’m turning right. I get that Gerard wants to make my sister happy and all but what if she really isn’t ready for this…what if neither of them are ready for this? I hate to second guess Gerard, who, for the past six months, has been making plans for this but still. Amanda is my little sister and the one person I can count on to be there when I need her. Once she gets married she won’t be there anymore.

“Yeah,” I answer, pulling into a spot in the parking lot next to Amanda’s car. “So how you gonna propose.”

Gerard sighs. I know he doesn’t want to tell me but really I’m curious. He’s romantic I guess but proposing is a big thing.

“It’s a surprise Frank. Can we leave it at that?”

I chew on my lips ring not really wanting to take that as an answer but I’m sure I’ll be the first person Amanda tells once he’s asked her, I mean I am her brother, so I’ll settle and give him the money. I don’t really need a new guitar anyway. Gerard needs this money and I’m happy to give it to him especially if I know it’s going to something that will make my sister happy.

“Alright, keep your secrets. We’d better get inside the girls won’t be happy if we keep them waiting,” I smile before getting out of my car and running through the snow which is falling way too early for my liking.

Walking down the hall I can hear laughter and the sound of sponges hitting something. How in the world could Amanda be having fun with the school bully? Just as I round the corner a bright pink sponge is thrown past my head and a kiss is planted on my other cheek.

“Hey,” Leighton says with a smile. Last time I checked she didn’t have detention.

“What are all you doing here?” Gerard asks looking at Mikey, Autumn, Bob, Andrea, Ray, Zayna, Cynthia, Roxxi, Layla and Jenna along with the girl who started this mess, Frankie.

“We came to help. Friends help friends, remember Frank?” Layla says with a smile before taking a sponge and starting to scrub at a bit of graffiti.

Gerard hugs Amanda for a second before his hand moves down to her hip, “Did you do this?”

She smiles but shakes her head, “They all found out you had to serve detention and thought it was unfair.”

“We love you,” Andrea giggles as Bob presses a wet sponge to her shoulder.

Laughing, I pick up a sponge out of the semi warm water and begin to scrub. So maybe detention won’t be so bad. All our friends are here and because of that we’ll get more cleaned and have fun while doing it.

As I continue to clean I think back to Amanda and Gerard. They are cute together…always have been, this is displayed by Gerard giving her a piggy back ride down the school hall way as she cleans the upper parts of the lockers. I’m happy for them and so what if they aren’t exactly ready to get married. I mean, who ever really is? As long as Gerard makes my little sister happy I’m glad to help him in any way possible even if he is going to keep the proposal plans a secret.

“Boo,” Leighton says coming up behind me.

“Hello love,” I smile turning my head to kiss her cheek. “How are you?”

Leighton sighs, “Bored…how does Mr. Green come up with these stupid detentions anyway?”

“He’s got nothing else to do,” I answer as I notice my little sister and Roxxi pull their hair out of their pony tails, shaking, jackets hitting the floor to reveil skimpy cut off shirts hanging from their shoulders.

Gerard smirks as he begins to hum the start of Cherry Pie. Seriously, I guess this is fun but watching Amanda and Roxxi dance like strippers in the school hallway while Gerard sings, Ray playing air guitar…it’s weird.

Eventually the rest of the girls join in, dancing around as we all sing. Alright, it’s fun and detention doesn’t have to always be painful. It’s still a little strange though to see my sister dance like that.

“Swing it!” Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray shout at the same time laughing loudly.

Leighton flops down beside me, “Hiya.”

Smirking I kiss her, “I think we are allowed to leave now.”

Gerard and Amanda head out first, dancing down the hallway laughing loudly followed by Mikey and Autumn who I’m assuming are getting a ride home with my little sister.

Andrea is being carried bridal style by Bob the both of them making stupid faces as a few others follow them. Jenna has sat herself in a locker looking over at Leighton and me.

“You need a ride home Jenna?” I ask simply to be polite. I’m not going to leave someone stranded here at the school.

Jenna stands, walking towards us, her biker boots inches from my leg, “I’d like that as long as your girlfriend doesn’t mind.”

Leighton shakes her head as she gets to her feet jumping up a little before offering me her hand. Motioning for Jenna to follow us I start heading to the car trying to ignore the white, wet stuff falling from the grey sky.

Author's Note: Ahhh, it's fucking happy. So I leave for the concert at three thirty so this is probably the only chapter you'll get today. I'm gonna try and take pictures and put them up on my tumblr so I'll give you guys that link once I get them up there. Haha. HOpe you liked this chapter. And yes normally the song I'm listening to while typing ends up in the chapter lol.
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