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I blinked awake, slightly surprised. I hadn’t noticed falling asleep. I turned my eyes to Mandy, and noted sadly that her eyes were still red from crying. My heart broke all over again when I thought about what she’s said. It shocked me that she had carried the experience with her for so long, and still managed to stay functional and relatively happy. Well, I wasn’t complaining. All I wanted was her happiness.
I sleepily reached out for my cigarettes, and stuck one in my mouth with my eyes almost shut again. I was still exhausted, but, once I woke up, I stayed awake. I breathed in smoke, welcoming the heat. Mandy yawned, and opened her pretty blue eyes. Immediately they fixed on me, and she smiled. “You started without me?” I grinned, and held out my cigarette. She took a drag, and kissed my cheek. She leaned over and grabbed her own pack, slipping one out and lighting up. I glanced over to Frank, who was beginning to stir. He stretched, and I stared enviously at his effortless muscle. Despite the effort involved with clubbing corpses, I hadn’t put on any muscle, or at least, not visibly. I chanced a half glance at Mandy to see if she was admiring Frank too, and was pleased and a little embarrassed to see her watching me .
I grinned sheepishly, and she stretched up to whisper “I like slender guys.” I managed to repress a giggle. Slender? Try bony and unattractive. I accepted the compliment however, and kissed her. “You’re beautiful.” I said simply, meaning it with my whole being. She blushed, and buried her face in my shoulder. I chuckled, and cuddled her close. Frank ambled over, blinking in the light, fumbling for his own pack of cigarettes. He lit it with practiced ease, and slumped beside me on the stone. I grinned at him. “Alright dude?” He yawned and shrugged his answer. I looked at him. “I just- I wish I knew what happened to the others.” He mumbled, eyes turning suspiciously shiny. Instantly, I felt guilty. I hadn’t bothered to ask about Frank or his potential friends, I had just assumed he was alone. He saw my face and smiled, and began to explain.
“I was out camping with my friends when we were attacked. It was me and my girlfriend Roxanne, Ray and Christine, Connie and Mark, and Sam and Dean. I know that they all managed to get away, I acted as bait to give them a chance to run but beyond that… It’s not like we had weapons, see. I had my sword, but it was only luck that it arrived just as I was leaving- I couldn’t be bothered to unlock the house again, so I just chucked it in the car. It’s just sheer luck…” He stopped. “I know Dean brought an axe too, just for firewood, and someone brought a knife for cutting the bread, for sandwiches, but unless they stuck together that wouldn’t be enough to protect them…” He trailed off into silence, looking worried. I struggled to reassure him, because to be honest, I thought they were probably dead. However, I sympathised with him, knowing it would be fucking awful not to know what had happened to my friends. Somehow, without my own volition, the words were coming out- “We’ll help you look for them.” I felt like smacking myself in the face as soon as I said it. I couldn’t uproot us from the one safe spot we’d found… But it was too late. Frank’s whole face lit up, incandescent with hope. “You mean it?” I sighed. Damn. “Course I do Frank. I’d hate not knowing, one way or the other.” I said, and I meant it, despite how annoyed I was at myself for bringing new trouble to our lives. We had enough to worry about… but I just wasn’t jaded enough to let this poor guy suffer. I had to help. He leapt up as though he had springs in his feet, still beaming, saying “I’ll get some shit together!” I finally gave in to the urge, and smacked myself in the forehead as he bounded away. “Stupid, stupid…”
Mandy smiled understandingly. “It’s okay, it’s not like you could have done anything differently.” She whispered. “But what about your leg?” I asked, worried. She laughed. “Don’t worry. It barely even hurts anymore.” I was sceptical, but let it go. “Would you be able to walk? And fight?” She nodded. “Trust me, I can do it.” I gave her a hug. “Good.” Frank returned, carrying his bulging backpack. “Ready!” He chirped. I couldn’t help but be amused by his enthusiasm, it was very endearing. I made to get up, and then stopped. “Uh… Frank? Could you give us a minute?” I said awkwardly. His eyes grew wide with understanding, and he dashed away into the kitchen. I giggled, and pounced on a very naked Mandy. She squeaked in surprise as I kissed her, gripping her hip bones to prevent her squirming away. She kissed me back, equally as passionately, and it took a few moments before I could break the kiss. She blushed. “What?” I asked. “I haven’t brushed my teeth in days.” She grimaced. “Sorry about that.” I laughed. “Trust me, I don’t mind.” I said, and captured her lips again. I rolled onto my back, so that she was lying on me, the length of her body against mine. I sighed as she began to grind her hips into my groin. “What happened to getting dressed?” I asked, smirking. She answered with a breathless gasp and kept rocking her hips. It wasn’t long ‘til she let out the quiet moan that signalled her approaching orgasm, which in turn pushed me over the edge. I bucked my hips as I came, and lay, breathing heavily, as we both came down from our respective highs. “That was unexpected.” She panted in my ear. I exhaled heavily. “You started it” I said in protest, before realising I really didn’t give a fuck. I kissed her one more time, before we both leaned over to pull our clothes on. Frank was probably wondering what was taking so long.
I watched sadly as Mandy pulled on her T-shirt, hiding her boobs from view. I sighed, and stood up to go get Frank. She stood up too, and we made our way to the kitchen area together. It was empty save for bare cupboards and a stained sink. “Frankie!” I called, feeling guilty. He looked up, sensing our presence, and pulled his headphones out. I opened my mouth to say something- anything, but before I could get any words out he said “Hey- Don’t worry. I get it, you know, with all the danger that you want to be ‘together.’” He said, with air quotes. “Hell, that’s why we all took our girlfriend’s on the camping trip; it’s like, live each day like it’s your last, right?” I nodded guiltily. “Sorry.” Mandy said, looking as ashamed as I felt. He smiled. “No worries. So, can we go look for them?” I nodded emphatically. “Let’s go.” I said, walking out to pick up my stuffed backpack. Mandy grabbed her weapon, as did Frank and I. “Let’s go find your buddies.” Mandy smiled.

We walked for about two hours; in silence most of the way, looking out for danger, eyes darting around. We slowed down as we reached the edge of a large wood. “This is it?” I asked Frank. “This is it.” He said tiredly. We ventured in together. I made sure Mandy was in front, so I could protect her should anything nasty leap out behind me. It also had the added bonus that I could watch her walk, her short skirt inching its way up her thighs with every step. Since no bodies had appeared yet, I decided we could chance a small distraction, and I quickly reached out and slapped Mandy’s ass, really rather hard. She jumped and turned to give me the look I was learning to recognise as her ‘Fuck-me’ look. I smiled. “Just you wait ‘til we get back.” I muttered, and she quickly darted a look at Frank, who was completely oblivious, and turned, lifting her top to give me a quick look at those perfect boobs. My jaw nearly hit the ground, and she giggled, pulling her top back down. Well, she clearly had a kinky streak a mile wide. As she turned back around I was finding it hard to focus on the task at hand, my eyes preferring to stay on Mandy’s shapely ass rather than the path.
After about a minute, we reached a clearing, containing the remnants of both a fire and a few tents. There were clear signs of a struggle, and was that- was that blood? Frank clearly thought so. He let out a moan of fear, and dashed into the nearby woods. He let out a scream of horror, and we ran full tilt towards him, to see him cradling the fresh corpse of a girl; who judging by her face- six feet away from her body- was around our age. Frank sobbed openly, brokenly, and my heart ached for him. This body was his girlfriend Roxanne- it had to be. Frank rocked the body back and forth in his arms, unmindful of the blood that stained his skin. I put my hand on his shoulder, helpless. No words of comfort could be enough. “Will.” I looked over to Mandy, who was standing over the girl’s decapitated head. I patted Frank’s shoulder, and left him to mourn privately. I looked down on the head. She had clear beautiful eyes, regardless of the vacancy and blood that stained them. Her lips were open, slack, and reminded me of somebody asleep. Mandy looked unsure about what to do- Should we move her? I didn’t know either. In the end, I settled for crouching down to shut her eyes. It seemed like the right thing to do, despite the fact that a disembodied head could not look peaceful, at rest. As I stood, I noticed something white, although muddy and blood-stained, concealed beneath the wild blonde tangle of hair. I carefully eased it out, having to cup her cold cheek to stop her head from rolling. Mandy made a small noise of distress when her head tipped, spilling dark blood from her mouth, but held her ground. I stood up, piece of paper in hand, feeling pale and sweaty. I swallowed hard, and unfolded it.
“Dear Frank,” I read aloud. “If you come back here, we’re all so sorry. We tried to hold them off, but there were too many. We lost Ray and Roxanne. Ray was eaten alive, so much that there was nothing to come back. I know he would have wanted that- he wouldn’t want to come back. Roxy told us, after the bite, that she’d keep fighting, and she did for as long as she could. She asked one of us to kill her, Frank, when she changed- She didn’t want to become one of them. I was the one who did it- I did what had to be done, and all I can say, is we are all so sorry for your loss, and her last minutes fighting saved us all. If we never see you again, thank you for being our friend, for so long, and helping us through so much.
Love, Christine.”
I swallowed back the tears that threatened to overflow, and turned to Mandy. Tears were coursing down her face, and she had her hand pressed to her mouth. I hugged her, hard, and felt tears of my own begin to spill. I couldn’t even begin to understand how hard it was for Frank. By mutual silent consent, we walked over to where Frank cradled the body. His tears had progressed into a kind of confused helplessness, that was almost harder to watch than the tears. He didn’t seem able to put the headless body down. We both knelt by him, I lifted the body from his arms, while Mandy put her arms around him in a hug. He stared at his bloody hands, holding them out before him, as if unable to comprehend what the red liquid was. I placed the body down, and retrieved my pitchfork, and began to dig.
I dug with a kind of ferocity, determined to give this girl, Roxanne, the kind of burial she deserved. I had made the shape of a shallow rectangle in the earth, about a foot deep when Frank walked over. I stopped, a bead of sweat rolling down my face. “I want to do it.” He said brokenly. I nodded silently, and handed him the fork. I knew that for frank, every drop of sweat, every blister, every tear would go some way to coping with the pain of losing his girlfriend. He dug until he had made a shallow rectangular hole, around the height of my shoulders. Meanwhile, Mandy had taken a blanket out of her bag, and wrapped up the head and body together. The sight of the body, wrapped neatly in a white blanket, nearly brought me to tears again. I turned back to the grave marker I had created- a cross fashioned from the two straightest branches I could find. I tied a last piece of string around it, and carried it over to where Mandy was kneeling, clutching some hastily gathered wildflowers. She looked up, her face made delicate by sadness. I gently kissed her head, after making sure Frank was turned away. I would not make him hurt any more than he already was. I lay down the marker, and carefully picked up the limp body. Frank walked over, and mutely held out his arms. I gently placed her into them, and picked up the marker again. We began a kind of procession towards the grave, this impromptu funeral feeling more real than any other I had attended, more heartfelt.
Frank carefully put her down, and we both pulled him out together. He collapsed into our open arms, and began to cry softly. He turned back, and said softly, “I love you, Roxanne Turner. I always did, and I always will, sweetheart.” Just the simple sentence was enough to force me back into tears, tears that I felt no need to hide. I looked to Frank, and he nodded. I rose up, leaving Mandy to hold him close, and threw in the first shovelful of earth. Half an hour later, we stood hand in hand and looked at the fresh earth, topped by a cross and decorated with flowers. We had all fallen into that space past crying, where there are no tears left, and the only thing to do was try not to fall apart. After a minute or so, as a group we turned to leave. Between Mandy and me, Frank allowed himself to be led away, his hands cold and shaking. “We’ll come back, I promise.” I whispered in his ear, and he nodded silently. We began to walk, just heading anywhere the road decided to lead us.

Okay, so that was my first attempt at writing anything even slightly sexually explicit. I am convinced I did a horrible job, but there it is. I know not a great deal happens, but hey, I'm writing again, and it's a start :) Please R&R if you can be bothered, I welcome criticism as long as it is helpful not just "YOU SUCK!" And I'm always open to suggestions :) Thanks -Sam XO
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