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The party

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Anna slammed the door with such force one of the framed pictures fell to the ground, the glass shattering.

“Sugar, calm down.” Gerard said softly as he moved to take her into his arms. “It’s gonna be okay.”

“No, this is wrong.” Anna said shaking her head. “Damn Marcus.”

Gerard had been expecting this reaction since he’d learned Casey was going to be involved in the party they were hosting for Jonathan. “I heard what happened, Anna. It’s not his fault. Casey insisted on this.”

“She does not know what she will face.” Anna said leaning her head against his chest. She tried to let go of her anger but it was proving to be impossible. “Had he not brought her here this would not be happening.”

He stroked her hair soothingly. “Casey has made her choice. She wants to be a part of the Healer world.”

Anna pushed away from him. “Do you honestly believe this is what is best for her?"

He knew she would not like his answer but he wouldn’t lie. “I don’t think it’s up to me or you to decide this, only Casey. She and Marcus are already blood bound. What she will witness tonight is something that’s gonna happen eventually.” He hoped what he would say next would help her feelings on the matter. “But Marcus told me before we came up here that he won’t share her with Jonathan.”

Anna clinched her fists in anger. “How thoughtful of him.” She spat.

“It’s always been thoughtful that he doesn’t share you or me with another Pure.” Gerard said softly. “And we both know he could if he wanted to.”

“Really what difference does that make, Gee.” Anna said walking across the room. “So he does not share us but still we are forced to play the part of true Healers. We still are forced to have sex with blood bounds while they watch.”

“Yeah, but we are in control, Anna. You and I both know if he gave us to a Pure we would pretty much be at their command. Whatever they wanted we would have to do.”

Anna started to undress still so angry she was shaking. “It has been so nice here, just you and me. We did not have to be a part of their parties. Now that has changed. Tonight it starts all over again.” Suddenly she turned to him and he saw her eyes were full of tears. “I hate seeing you with another. It kills me inside.”

“Sugar, you know it means nothing. It’s what we have to do to survive in the Healer world.” Gerard said sadly. “But don’t think for one fuckin’ moment that I like to see you with someone else. I want to rip their fuckin’ heads off when they touch you. But I know I can’t. I can’t show that emotion because I love you. I can’t because I want us to be together forever.”

“Oh Gee.” The tears fell down her cheeks. “I hate this so much.”

He crossed the room to take her in his arms. “We decided long ago this is how it has to be and we accepted it.” He reminded her gently. “You are my soul mate, my life.”

“And now Christa’s daughter is being brought into this life.” Anna whispered. “If only I’d never bonded with her…”

“It you hadn’t we wouldn’t be together now.” Gerard reminded her. “Christa helped Marcus save us.”


Casey opened her bedroom door to find Marcus standing there waiting. She glanced down at the sundress. “Uh, this is the most revealing thing I own.”

His eyes moved up and down her body slowly. “It is fine.” He lowered his voice. “They are already gathering downstairs. I need to know you understand the importance of tonight. You are about to truly enter our world. You must abide by our rules if you are to stay bound to me.”

“I understand.” Casey said looking into his eyes. “I will act the part of a blood bound.”

His eyes flashed with anger. “This isn’t an act on your part. You are my blood bound and as so you will behave like one. Just because I can not control your mind does not mean I will treat you any differently than any of my other blood bounds. If at any time I decide you are not worthy to be bound to me, I will release you.”

While his words were harsh they did not find their mark. Casey could hear the confusion in his mind, she could feel the conflict going on inside him. He was purposely putting her in his place because the Pure blood demanded he do so. She lowered her eyes, “I understand, Marcus.”

The fact that she said she understood only proved to fan his anger. A part of him deep inside had hoped she’d tell him no, that she would not be treated like this. “You will sit at my side and say nothing. Understood?”

She nodded without looking up.

He roughly grabbed her arm leading her down the steps.


“Marcus I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed your parties.” Jonathan said as soon as the Pure walked in. Casey followed along behind him, her head lowered.

“Shall I have our drinks served now?” Anna asked from her chair across the room.

Marcus smiled, “Annabelle thank you for being my hostess tonight. Yes, have the drinks served."

Casey lifted her head slightly to glance around the room. What she saw shocked her. Anna was sitting in a large chair wearing a short satin robe. Across from her Gerard too sat in a chair wearing nothing but a satin robe. However Jonathan was on one of the sofas completely nude. As she watched Anna rang a small bell on the table beside her and several woman walked in. All were naked.

“I do miss how you used to insist your guests dressed for your parties.” Jonathan said as one of the blood bounds bowed slightly so he could remove a tall glass filled with a dark red drink from the tray she was holding. As he lifted the offered drink from the tray his other hand ran up her leg.

Marcus grinned, “Yeah, well this is an impromptu party. Had I known you were coming I would have planned something more elaborate.”

Jonathan laughed, “I’m sure you would have.” His eyes went to Casey. “I must admit I’d love to see that one in leather.”

Marcus nodded for Casey to have a seat on the sofa next to him. His hand reached out to caress her breast through the light material of her dress. “Yes, she would no doubt look stunning.”

Jonathan nodded, “Just as Annabelle always looks stunning in leather.” His gaze turned to the woman in question. “So are you still not sharing?”

Casey’s heart broke when she saw Anna’s eyes. They looked completely devoid of life.

“No, Gerard and Annabelle are still quite special to me.”

Jonathan made an impatient sound. “Too bad. And that one?” Again he was looking at Casey.”

Marcus smiled, “This one is my newest.”

“Oh well I can understand not sharing your newest toy.” Jonathan laughed.

Casey bit the inside of her lip reminding herself to appear unaffected by his words.

Marcus stood then lifted his glass. “Enjoy my friends.” He drank deeply and when the last drop was gone he placed the empty glass on the table beside him.

Casey watched in shock as Anna, Gerard and Jonathan each drank. As soon as they lowered their glasses their eyes were topaz.

Beside her Marcus was still standing. While he was not facing her she new his eyes too had changed. He nodded to one of the woman standing nearby. She immediately walked over and began to undress him.

Casey sat motionless watching the scene unfold. Gerard had stood and the young blood bound woman by him had helped him remove his robe. He sat back down then nodded to her. She crossed over to Anna and helped her remove her robe.

Marcus sat back down, his eyes watching Anna and Gerard. He knew from experience what would happen next. Gerard would see to it that Anna fed first. While Gerard had never admitted why he did this, Marcus understood. Once Anna fed from a blood bound her Healer blood would take over making what was to happen tolerable for her.

Gerard smiled revealing his fangs as he nodded to the girl who’d helped him undress. The girl who had been with them for years understood. She moved across the room to stand before Anna. Kneeling down before her she turned her head.

Anna reached out to gently caress her cheek then leaned forward. Casey glanced away when she saw Anna’s fangs sink into the girl’s neck.

Jonathan who was watching the scene voiced his surprise. “Marcus don’t tell me Annabelle is only going to feed.”

Marcus’s eyes flashed with anger he hid. “Of course not. But Annabelle always enjoys a small taste first.”

Gerard knew it was essential nothing he an Anna did seemed unusual to the visiting Pure. He was about to act when Anna pulled away from the girl to sit back up. She licked the blood off her lips and smiled. “Jonathan tell me why you are not enjoying yourself instead of watching me?”

Jonathan laughed, “Annabelle I have always enjoyed watching you. Since Marcus will not share it is the only thing I can do.”

Gerard was trying desperately to control his blood lust while staying in control of the situation. He looked deeply into Anna’s eyes hoping she was now ready.

Anna smiled at him then stood as soon as the girls moved. She crossed the room to her husband’s chair. Gerard’s hands were gripping the arms tightly. Still smiling Anna reached out to the girl who had also followed her. She leaned forward, whispered something to her then took a step back.

The girl fell to her knees in front of Gerard, immediately leaned over, and began to labor over Gerard’s stiff member. Anna’s eyes flashed as she watched, her fingers moved to her breasts to caress them.

Gerard’s eyes were on Anna. He reached out to pull her closer to his chair. Slowly his hand moved down her stomach to the soft curls hiding her heat. When he slipped one finger inside she threw back her head and moaned loudly.

Jonathan leaned forward watching them closely. The whole scene was making Casey feel slightly sick. She was shocked when Marcus spoke.

“Jonathan I have someone who I am sure will be to your liking.” He too was growing annoyed by the Pures intense interest in watching Anna and Gerard.

“Really?” Jonathan tore his eyes away from the couple.

Marcus nodded. He turned to another of the blood bounds who until this moment had stood silently by the door. She smiled at Marcus then walked over towards Jonathan.

“Lovely." Jonathan said running his eyes and hands over her body.

Casey watched in shock as he suddenly pulled the girl down on her knees turning her body to face away from him. He caressed her back then without warning his nails scratched deep lines into her skin. The girl screamed in pain but a moment later when he leaned down and licked away the blood her skin immediately healed. Again and again he did the same thing.

“Pain and pleasure.” Marcus said softly so only Casey could hear. “As soon as his tongue touches her skin it heals.”

“That is pleasure?” Casey whispered. It was then that she saw Jonathan had one hand under the girl. He was thrusting his finger into her hole as he licked her skin.

'See what we are.'

Casey heard Marcus’s words in her head. She meant to ignore them but he reached over and turned her head so that she was looking once again at Gerard and Anna.

Anna was now on the floor on her hand and knees. Behind her Gerard was thrusting into her with fast, frenzied movements while he fed from the neck of the girl beside him.

Casey tried to look away but Marcus’s command rang in her head.

'Watch. See the truth.'

When he released her head she remained still. It wasn’t until she felt Marcus move beside her that she looked away. As she turned back around she saw that Jonathan now had the girl seated on his lap, riding him as he drank deeply from her.

Casey closed her eyes a moment then turned completely around to look at Marcus. His topaz eyes bore into hers. He smiled revealing his fangs. The Pure could endure watching his guest no more. He lifted his hand to wave over the blood bound who was waiting to serve him.

Before the girl could cross the room Casey stood.


Marcus’s words were so loud in her head she flinched but it didn’t stop her. Reaching up she untied the straps of her dress and if fell revealing her breasts.

Marcus growled in anger that she was defying him.

Casey reached behind her to lower the zipper. As soon as the dress fell to the ground she kicked it aside. Leaning over she started to whisper something to Marcus but his hands painfully grabbed her breasts. Casey ignored the pain. “I belong to you.”

Marcus dropped his hands then leaned back against the cushions. The blood lust could not be denied. Casey kneeled before him he grabbed her head intertwining his fingers in her hair.

When her mouth opened to take him in he lost control. Roughly he pushed his throbbing dick in and out of her hot mouth until he was to the breaking point. Then he pushed her back. Before her body could hit the floor he was on her. Anger at the emotions she was causing him to feel erupted. He called out to the other girl he’d originally wanted and she joined them on the floor. He refused to let Casey believe she meant more to him than any other. He could not let himself believe it. He grabbed Casey and turned her over on her stomach. He could not look into her eyes. Pushing her legs apart he thrust into her while he kissed the other blood bound. He trust into Casey while he fondled the other woman breasts.

Casey closed her eyes tightly willing herself not to think. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in pain as he continued to thrust harder and harder.

Marcus threw back his head and laughed.

The sound tore at Casey’s heart. She knew he was now feeding from the woman as he continued to pump in and out of her body.

Marcus tore his fangs from the woman’s neck just a he was about to explode. Pulling out his dick he grasped it in his hands and squirted the warm cum over Casey’s ass. She was nothing to him.

Casey continued to lay on the floor. Around her she could still hear the sex sounds of the others. When she felt a movement on the floor she opened her eyes just enough to see that Marcus had collapsed beside her. His lips were covered with blood his eyes closed. It was at that moment; the moment the blood lust had begun to fade she could hear his thoughts.

Marcus had stopped cursing Casey and was now cursing himself for brutalizing her. He slowly opened his eyes to see Casey was looking at him.

Casey understood his actions. He wanted to hate her but he couldn’t.

Praying she could hear his thoughts, that she would listen he pleaded.

'This can’t be. I can’t feel this.'

Mindful that Jonathan could be watching Casey slowly molded her body to Marcus’s then slid up so that she could whisper in his ear. “You now belong to me.”
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