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Chapter 2

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Pattie ends up leaving George, who then becomes desperate.

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George was usually on time for work. Sometimes, he was even there before anyone else. But today was not one of those days. Today, George was running late, which was annoying Brian very much.
“Where is he?” he grumbled. “He’s never this late!”
“Maybe there was traffic on the interstate,” Paul suggested.
“Nope- I ran back to get one of me songs from me house and everything was fine,” John said.
“He could be sick,” Ringo said.
“Nope,” Paul said, “He would’ve called in by now. Him or Pattie.”
Brian mumbled something under his breath right before George walked in.
“Sorry I’m late,” he grumbled, yawning. “I guess I overslept.”
Brian scolded him for being late. But even with Brian’s yelling, George found it hard to stay awake. Paul noticed this and looked at him confused. That doesn’t make any sense he thought. He looks like he hasn’t slept at all!
Like the day before, George overreacted to his mistakes. The only difference was how he overreacted. Something about his tone… Paul thought. Yesterday, there was anger, but today, there seems to be… sadness?
The most peculiar part of the day was lunch- George said he wasn’t hungry. Before, the other three were oblivious to George’s attitude, but now, they realized that something was up. George, the guy who always seemed to be hungry, who always pigged out at restaurants but somehow managed have room for desert, who had to be warned not to eat all of the food at a party, wasn’t hungry? Something had to be wrong. Very wrong.
“Why don’t you guys go head off to lunch- I’ll talk to Geo,” Paul said to the others. They agreed and left. Then, Paul went up to George.
“You alright there, George?” he asked.
“Mm fine,” George said, “just not hungry.”
“That’s what I’m worried about,” Paul said. He then pointed out his other odd gestures of the day. George’s face grew red. “George,” Paul said, “I can tell something’s wrong. What is it?” George hesitated before answering him.
“Pattie left me,” George barely whispered. He looked up at Paul to see what he would say. Now it was Paul’s turn to hesitate.
“Wh-what?” Paul stuttered. “Why? What happened?” George sighed.
“It was about the night before. I was being a real jerk to her,” George said. “I told her that I didn’t need her.” He sighed. “I didn’t realize how wrong I was.”
“What are you going to do?” Paul asked.
“I don’t know,” George said, “but I have to figure something out. I really need her back!” Paul sighed.
“Do you know where she is?” Paul asked.
“She’s at her sister, Jenny’s,” George answered. “Why?”
“You could call her.”
“I tried that, but Jenny said she wouldn’t speak to me.”
“How about writing to her?”
“I don’t know what I would say…”
“Just write a song in the letter! She’ll read it and know you really want her back!”
“You really think so?” George asked.
“Yeah, I do!”
“Ok, I’ll try.”
“Atta boy, George!” said Paul with a teasing punch on George’s arm. “Well, I’m going off to lunch- wanna join?”
“No thanks- I’m still not hungry.”
“Ok, suit yourself!” So Paul left, and George got started on his first letter to Pattie.
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