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Time and Death

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"Listen up George..." Brendon began.
"Ryan." Ryan interrupted. Ryan flashed Brendon a toothy smile. Brendon rolled his eyes and looked away.
"Okay, listen up Ryan. I am not Brendon. I am not the boy who just died so leave me alone." Brendon kept walking.
"But you are. You have the same glasses. Red frames." Ryan pointed to the red glasses resting on the bridge of Brendon's nose. Brendon stopped dead in his tracks. He had forgotten that his frames were one of a kind. Last pair made that way.
"Listen kid. Whether I am or not just leave me alone. This isn't your problem." Brendon started walking again.
"I'm older." Ryan plainly stated as he continued to follow Brendon.
"What?" Brendon asked looking at the brown haired boy next to him.
"You called me kid, I am a year older then you." Ryan said without looking at Brendon.
"Your 19 then okay." Brendon kept walking hoping that Ryan would just leave.
"Your wondering why your not in your coffin. Why your not fully dead. I am right aren't I?" Ryan asked.
"But... How did you...? Never mind. Goodbye Ryan." Brendon said walking away from the older boy. Ryan stopped and thought for a sometime then ran to catch up with Brendon.
"I know how to answer your questions. Well I know someone who can answer your questions." Ryan said as he caught up with Brendon.
"Listen. I don't need your help so just go home." Brendon patted Ryan's shoulder and kept walking. He didn't know where he was going, just, away. Brendon suddenly felt a click and something tight around his wrist. He looked down to see that Ryan had handcuffed them together.
"Your a lunatic!" Brendon yelled trying to get away.
"I will take you to him. So he can answer your questions. Oh, and fighting me just makes it harder. I could always tranquilize you." Ryan said giving Brendon a stern look. Making Brendon shut up instantly. Brendon followed silently, not wanting to get hurt. Ryan approached a purple pinstriped house.
"Come in." An echoing voice said, Brendon looked around in search of the person behind the voice. Ryan pulled Brendon to the front door. It seem to wiggle. Like rubber. The door flung open with no one behind it. Ryan walked into the house and no one was to be seen.
"Close your eyes. And follow me. Don't try to touch anything. I won't lead you into any wall and such." Ryan sad pulling Brendon along. Brendon did as told and closed his eyes. He put his hand over them so no matter how tempted he was he wouldn't see anything. Ryan opened a door and walking inside. There was a couch and a poker table. That's it. Except for the large black office chair that was turned around.
"You can open your eyes now." Ryan told Brendon. Brendon removed his hand and opened his eyes to a plain room. Ryan shut and locked the door to the room. He unlocked the handcuffs and pushed Brendon onto the couch.
"Don't move unless told." Ryan demanded Brendon. Ryan walked over to the office chair and whispered something. Someone was sitting in it but it was backwards so Brendon couldn't see who.
"Really? How intriguing." The man said. He had a very thick Irish accent. The chair turned around to reveal a man. He was wearing a suit jacket that was black, dark blue, and dark purple. With galaxies and stars and it looked like the night sky. His top hat was a deep purple velvet with a zipper in the shape of a smile. He had all white pants except for the rim of the right leg. It was the same as his jacket. His white bangs swept down and covered his left eye. His right eye was white. The place where there was supposed to be colored was white. With a pupil in the middle. He gave Brendon a crooked smile.
"Your dead. You died the other day. I saw it." The man said. He stood and walked over to Brendon.
"Time." He stretched his hand out for Brendon to shake.
"Oh. It's 4:12." Brendon answered looking up at the man. He pushed his bangs back it did no use because they fell back down.
"Wrong." The man took out a pocket watch.
"How was I wrong. My watch is on time. Maybe you need to fix your." Brendon demanded. The man showed Brendon the watch. It had no numbers on it. Only two hands. But the hands were placed at 4:12, if the watch had numbers.
"How do you know I am wrong when your clock has no numbers!" Brendon yelled crossing his arms. The man laughed.
"You have an internal fire. May it never burn out. Even after death it burns with a fierce passion. But that's not what I meant. Time is my name. Last name is unknown. Not unknown like that's my last name. Unknown like I don't know it. I'm the king of sight." The man laughed. He seemed very friendly. Or at least that's what Brendon thought.
"So you knew he was dead?" Ryan asked Time.
"Of course I knew. What don't I know? Ryan you should know that I know almost everything. About almost everyone. Except one mysterious person. Even with her in my life I lack knowledge about her. I try to learn more about her everyday but she is mysterious." Time sighed as he looked over at the door. A tall slender woman walked through. She was wearing a dress. It was dragging on the floor behind her because of it's length. Up both of her arms were vines. Of what it seemed ivy. But it was black. It had ivy leaves on the vine, but they were black too. Her eyes were all black. Not even the part that was supposed to be white was white. It was black. Her hair went clear to her knees. And was all black except for one streak of white that went down the middle of her head, and hair. She was tan and had plump lips with black lipstick on them.
"This is my lovely wife. Death. My mystery. My muse. She is blind, but can see everything that matters. Souls, feelings, minds, life and death. The important stuff you know." Time smiled at Death and she smiled back. I guess it was just a feeling, she knew what was going on.
"Who else is in the room with us? There is you, Ryan, and a new person. With a wish, that's why he is back. He has died recently. This is the boy you were telling me about Time. This is Mister Urie. He has died in vain. That's why he is back you know. Maybe because he wants to be back. To find him. Or because Nightmare has been snooping around in coffins again." Death let out a light laugh.
"No. He doesn't know why he is back? He doesn't know if he chose to be or if he was brought back by something else. He seeks you help. That's why I brought him hear Time. So you can send him on whatever mission he needs to find out why he is back. I will help with anything." Ryan said to Time. Time scratched his chin as he thought about what Ryan had just said.
"Anything. Good because he needs to go find why he is here, with the living, when he is in fact not. I need you to go with him. To protect him. He will need you. He is not aware of the strange things that you will come to encounter. You are. But you don't have the weaponry. Reverie! Nightmare! Get in here! We need your toys!" Time gave Brendon a crooked smile and a sinister laugh.
"Toys?" Brendon asked looking at Ryan. Ryan had the same look as Time did on his face. What did Time mean by toys?
patdfan01 : Thanks for helping me want to keep writing. I hope you like how it ends up.

corinnasorrentino : Good. I hope you keep reading it. :)
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