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It's almost as if everyone is like me

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Silence. Silence just squeezes its way between me and Gerard on the flimsy bus seat, i look down the small single decker bus out the drivers window, watching as the beautiful senary drifts it's way past us. The pirturesque backdrop of the south downs, green with life with perfectly placed trees that almost look like they have been shaved into place. The easily spotted land mark, the accidental circle of trees that pop up on the first curve of the hill now as chanctonberry ring. Long gaping fields lap at the foot of the small hill. Simple farmlife. The bus goes past the dirt track roads hidden in the hedges under the cover of the trees that act like mother natures roof. Slowly we emarge from the dark winding road back into populated areas, the first stop of this bus is Washington, thoughtfully of any bus service there is only one bus service to ashington that actually goes no where useful so we are going to have to treck the rest of the way back home. Oh joy.
I poke gerard making him jolt upright obviously snapping him out of his day dreams.
"huh," he looks towards me confused on why I would interrupt his thoughts,
"we need to get of now gee otherwise we will have a even longer treck home" I stand up just as the bus pulls into the very tiny sleepy village of Washington, I don't think I'll ever understand why it has every bus service possible when it doesn't even have a shop, just a primary school and some houses. I look at Gerard who hasn't even tried to get up and shout "COME ON GEE" reward in lots of disapproving looks from the few other passengers. Gerard jolts up again
And joins in me in the isle.
"sorry, day dreaming" I nudge him playfully forward toward the now open bus doors. I jump of the bus on to the pavement as Gerard says thank you to the bus driver and gets of politely from the bus.
"that's a bit rude, your ment to thank bus drivers" Gerard jokes as we walk down the road and crossing the busy junction.
"For what? They are only doing their job, if they didn't want to be a bus driver then they should quit, I mean no one thanks me for all the days I go to school, or when they hit me, or pick on me so why should I thank the bus drive?"
Gerards looks at me confused before grinning
"you actually have a good point frank" he stop on the footpath before announcing triamphantly "I will never thank I bus driver again!" of course this makes me and Gerard erupt in laughter making us almost forget about how long the walk home is, about everything that had happened today, it almost made me feel normal, like everyone is like me, like everyone is dead.

august 4th 2010
Vampires don't exist, they are only in storys, the blood sucking beasts that earn a stake through their heart for biting the girl with the big boobs, they sleep in creepy castles in creepy coffins, they drink blood, they have pushed back black hair. Why is everything pointing to that, I cannot be a vampire.
I've never sucked blood out of anything nor have I even considered drinking blood.
I don't live in a creepy castle, mansion or graveyard.
I don't have a pushed back hair style
I don't sleep in a coffin I sleep in a bed.
I've never bitten someone.
I know everything is pointing toward the fact that I'm a apparent vampire and the main one is that I seem to not have any blood or a pulse but there must be something else, something beleiveable. Maybe just maybe I'm already dead? I'm just a ghost that no one can see? A memory, a spirit trapped in this sorry world.

Heyy this update seems a lot longer than what I usually write, and surprisingly I really like this chapter, thank you for all the lovely reviews and there has been nearly 800 views on my story :O
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