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Chapter 2

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“You’re one of us now, Frankie,” he whispered. One of who? Why was he acting like this? I had a thousand questions to ask him.

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I stared down at the tent, and saw all my family moving around inside it. For some reason, I could smell them, as if they were right next to me. But, they smelt like bacon, and I wanted to eat them. Odd, considering I was a vegetarian.

There was whispering, coming from the snow covered tent. How I could hear, I did not have any idea. They were talking about me, wondering where I’d gotten to. I’d left a note, saying I was taking a walk, was that not good enough? The zip was being undone, and out of the grey tent came my grandfather. He was tall, and of course old. Fuck knows why I was so short, I blamed my mother.

As he stroked his grey moustache, he looked around in the trees, possibly for me, or for breakfast –dirty carnivores. His facial expression was almost as if he’d eat a slice of lemon, it was that sour; bottom lip cowering under the front lip, both of them being sucked in as far as possible, with his eyes squinting like crazy.

Not long after, my mother crawled out, with her hand in line with her brow, to shield her eyes. She was looking for me, I pretended I didn’t notice they were there, but still kept looking, out the corner of my eye.

After a couple more minutes, of scouting the trees for me, my mother pointed at me, yelling something, which I didn’t quite hear. I was too busy staring at the cave and trying to relive what had happened in there. It was breath taking to think that it really did happen; how he nibbled at my neck, licked my cuts clean and the best part of all, when he sucked me so hard, I thought my dick was going to come off, right there in his mouth. I sighed, hoping for another night like that, where he’d sweep me off my feet and we’d fly away together, metaphorically of course. It’d be a bit weird if we could fly.

There was that want for bacon, again. My eyes widened, as the smell of blood tickled my nostrils. My grandfather was cutting up the fresh steaks we’d brought with us, and stored in the cooler, we took to every camping trip. Not that we needed it, the forest was cold enough. My mother called me again; I ignored her, but still did as she wanted me to, only for my own reasons.

I jumped down, from the top of the tree, and hit the ground hard. It didn’t hurt, and even if it did, the want for blood was too strong for me to feel anything. I crept up towards my grandfather, and peered over his shoulder.

“Are those steaks fresh?” I asked, like a crazed homeless person, as if it was the only meal I’d eaten in forever. My eyes were twitching, and I found my hands rubbing together, uncontrollably. The smell danced around my nose, my lust for blood increased, dramatically.

“Aren’t you vegetarian, Frank?” he reminded me, with a confused look on his face. To change my mind now would be a waste of the last 2 years, so I needed to think of a different way to fulfil my needs. Immediately, I snapped out of my new weird mood.

“Yeah, I was just wondering. Don’t want you guys to get food poisoning, or anything,” I smiled, innocently. It was a lie, of course. I didn’t want to be like this, I didn’t know why I wanted to drink the blood of my family, eat their flesh and leave an clean pile of bones, for a dog to find.

Still, the want for blood was killing me. There was only one way to do it.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping, not that anyone noticed. They barely spoke to me anyway, what was the fucking point in me coming on this trip? All that happened was I was yelled at for coming out as who I was. I didn’t see why that was such a crime in the first place, I was still attracted to girls, so I could still have children.

When I was sure that everyone was asleep, I snuck out the tent again. This time, I wasn’t going to the cave, I was looking for some way to get rid of this blood crave, without hurting anyone or anything. Especially my family, even though they hated me.

The forest was even colder that night, but I couldn’t feel it pinching at my skin, like before. The thorns on the trees seemed blunt, compared to the last time, too. The world was still the same, but it was so different at the same time.

Wondering whether the Earth was just as amazing from the moon, I was entirely absorbed in it. The moon was so beautiful from this view, I felt something inside me change, as I snapped away from it. This was getting too weird. I had no idea what was going on, but it was freaky and I didn’t know if I loved it, or hated it. Marmite situation, lovely.

Out of nowhere, the young man sprang from the trees in front of me. His arms were in the air, his hands in the shape of claws, his knees were bent and his teeth were bared, leaving his face scary. When he realised who it was, he stood up, and left his scary stance. My heart beat slowed down, after that.

“Oh, it’s you,” he smiled, warmly. “Weird we keep bumping into each other, isn’t it?” I giggled at his question. The second time, in two nights, was a little weird. But considering we were in a forest, which was almost entirely empty, I didn’t think so.

“Well, this is a forest, and there’s no one else here…” I stated, intelligently. His smiled dropped, so did mine. “Sorry, yeah, it is kinda weird, but seriously, there is no one else here. And who else would come out at night?” I giggled, trying to lighten the mood.

“Ah, I guess you’re right, c’mon. There’s something I need to show you,” he grabbed my hand, and ran, sprinted even!

He dragged me all the way through the forest, jumping over all the roots, and dodging all the trees and bushes. His reflexes were incredibly fast and his stamina was so high! Imagine sex with this guy. Oh, Frank, you idiot. Why did you have to think that? Ugh.

Thinking with my dick was quite possibly the worst thing I could have done, and before I knew it, it was “Hello hard-on, why are you looking at me like that?” I wished he’d never notice, I hoped so much that we wouldn’t sit down. My jeans were tight when I wasn’t standing, so it would have been no unbelievably noticeable.

Eventually, when he’d actually lost his breath, we stopped. We were bent over, panting, like dogs. He was looking at me and smiling, I could feel it. I stared at the floor, trying to get my thoughts together. He was giving off these weird signs, flirtatious ones. Did he want to do something, like we’d done the night before? I didn’t know, I knew I did, but not him.

“So, what’s your name?” he asked, smiling. Tonight, he was more words than action. Again, another Marmite situation.

“Frankie,” I grinned, as I sat down on the nearest broken down tree. “Yours?”

“Gerard,” he said, mimicking my actions. In the moon light, he looked even more perfect. His skin was paler, and it almost sparkled. Not in the Twilight way, because that would have been weird. Imagine if he was actually a vampire and had turned me into one!?

I giggled, out loud at my thoughts, a bit too loud for Gerard’s interest to handle. He was on me like a fly on fly paper.

“Whattya giggling at?” he asked, casually, slightly reminding me of Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. Not that I watched that, or anything…

“Oh, just a thought,” I said, emotionlessly, turning my head to look at the moon, again. I felt like a cat, and the moon was cat nip. I just wanted to stare and stare at it, almost like checking it was still there. He spoke again, and grabbed my attention.

“What was it?” his mouth widened and formed the perfect smile. I didn’t know if I should have told him, or made up something. The truth, it’s always best, I told myself.

“Like if you were a vampire, because the moonlight makes you sparkle,” I laughed again, “It’s like someone poured glitter all over you!” His face turned angry.

“Don’t joke about that, Frank,” he spat, his eyes turned dark. The ground was shaking, as I sat that scared, helpless and hoping this was just a dream. “Because, you know what’d be really funny?” I shook my head, not wanting to know what was going to happen. “If you found out the truth,” he said, coldly.

“Gerard, you’re scaring me… What do you mean the truth?” I shivering, he smirked at me. Not sexily, either, he had an evil look in his eyes.

“You’re one of us now, Frankie,” he whispered. One of who? Why was he acting like this? I had a thousand questions to ask him.

“What do you mean? I’m so confused…” I was in my own horror movie, one that I didn’t create, just lived in. And I was actually scared, normally I’d be sceaming “RUN” at the TV, but I couldn’t move. I was stuck on the spot, now I knew why they didn’t run in movies. Because they couldn’t.

“What do you mean, Frankie? You’re what you always wanted to be. That lust for blood, smelling human as different meats, enhanced senses and that strange attraction to the moon. What do you think it means?” he gave me all the clues I needed, and I still didn’t get it. He chuckled, and handed me a mirror, from his pocket. “Here, look at your neck,”

I did as I was told, scared of what could happen if I refused. I tucked my hair, behind my ear, and position the mirror so I could see what he was talking about. There was nothing there, so I checked under my hair. There, under my ear, was the word “Vampire”.

My eyes widened, I dropped the mirror. What? How? He hadn’t bitten me that hard, had he? I began to stutter. He laughed at me, as I fell to the floor.

“Why me?” I whined. There was that menacing laugh again. “WHY ME!?” I yelled, at the top of my voice.

“Because, Frankie,” as he paused, he walked over and leaned in to my ear. “I want you,” he whispered, in a dirty voice.

All the fear left my body, as I kissed him, hard and passionately. Ever since last night, this was one of the only things I wanted to do. I played with his hair, roughly, as he moaned in my mouth. Aside the fact he was a vampire, and had turned me into one, he so freaking hot!

Suddenly, he stopped.

“Do you not want to know the rules and consequences?” he asked.

“They can wait. Fuck me. Now,” I literally yelled at him. He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no. He simply just ripped our clothes off, in a very barbaric manner – I wasn’t complaining though, it anything, it turned me on more.

This time, the foreplay wasn’t important. I didn’t need it, and from the way he was going about things, neither did Gerard. A thought entered my mind. We didn’t have any lube.

“Gee?” I said, breaking our kiss.

“Mhmm?” He moaned, breathlessly.

“We have no lube,” I stated, bluntly. His expression read “shit”.

“I’ll have to do it without then,” he purred. My eyes widened, I’d never done anything like this. It was all new to me, I didn’t know about Gerard.

I got on my hands and knees, facing away from him. He entered me slowly, so not to hurt me. It still did, I could feel things I’d never felt before, pain included, but the pleasure was so much more. His hair brushed my back, as he kissed all over my skin and thrusted harder as he went.

The feeling was incredible, I began moaning, his name, loudly. I heard it echo, in the distance. He began breathing deeper, as he went. There was one final blow, more powerful than the others and he groaned, just as I had done before. He leant over and whispered “I love you, so much” in my ear, as he pulled out, and came all over my back.

That’s when the wind hit me, it was sharp. I began shivering. Gerard held me close, and kissed my forehead. We used our shredded clothes to clean each other off. That’s when Gerard handed me a new set of clothes from the bag he had with him. They were dirty, but I didn’t care, not in this weather.

He led down, in the frosted grass, and I rested my head on his chest. It wasn’t long before we fell asleep, under the stars.
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